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Pig Farm (Read 245 times)

    Jacob! I noticed that you have run at Pig Farm a few times this week?  Does this mean you are home for the summer?  I am pretty jealous.  It is now winter here.  And May.  WHAT IS THIS PLACE!? WHY AM I HERE?

    Just kidding.

    Maybe see you in a few weeks?

      Yeah, I've been at home for a couple of days...  Pig farm is nice right now. Not too many people are out there, and it doesn't seem like they've started logging yet.  I'll be here until June 25th...  when are you getting back?

        Hahaha I get there June 25th. Of course.  Well, maybe someday in our long lives we'll meet again?

          Jacob's home and running at the Pig Farm?????


          What the heck????

            Bill! You're alive.  I thought the track monsters had eaten you. How;d the end of the season wrap up?  Any thoughts on that book i mentioned? (see topic "books") Also, I'm considering running the WF Lake Run but am hesitant since I don't get home until the early morning of the 25th and the race is the 26th (and I hear jet lag is a real thing) and I've been running at sea level for 5 months... think my body can handle the shock?  If not, a nice pig farm run will have to suffice!
              I was home, then I left, now I'm home again (last minute decision to go see my brother in Seattle for a long weekend).  I'm running, but it's pretty wimpy at the moment.  I haven't run for a while, and I'm out of shape. 

                I've decided, that after my last couple of runs, that you are no more out of running shape than myself. 


                It turns out that if I go over 3 miles, I die.....


                I think it's time to get going again.

                  I noticed that last week the three of us had essentially identical mileage totals.  Crazy!

                  Also, I'm now planning to spend the summer at home, which means I'll need running buddies starting the 25th.  Bill, I assume summer runs will continue as normal?  I'll feel old, but is it still cool if I join you all?



                    Summer runs begin on June 28th.  We will meet at The city Beach at 7:30PM.  And will do so each evening M-T.  I'll also be running at Bowdish at 7:30 AM.


                    You know that you're always welcome.



                      Yes! I'm so excited!  We'll see if I ever get out of San Francisco.  I'm hoping I do because I'm registered for the WF Lake Run on Saturday morning... and I retired my running shoes in New Zealand.  Oh geez.


                        Did you make it back in time for the wf lake run?

                          No.  I ended up being stuck in the San Francisco airport for over 24 hours which meant I didn't get into Spokane until the morning of the race.  Ah well.  Next year, I suppose.

                          Why aren't you here, Jacob!  Couldn't you have waited another week so you could have hung out with us? Sheesh.

                            This is just to show that I do look on here Janna!  It was fun running with you and Anne last nite.

                              Yeah, it's too bad that I wasn't able to stick around for another week.  I originally thought that I would be able to, but then they changed the dates of the internship, so I had to leave a week earlier than I planned.  Now that I'm here, I kind of wish that I was back in WF.  If nothing else, it wouldn't be so terribly hot and uncomfortable...

                                Sara - I believe you now!  And it was lovely running with you too!  I look forward to doing it again tonight? 


                                Jacob - I didn't realize you were doing an internship.  What kind of internship is it?  Sorry to hear that the weather over there isn't the best... You should just come back here!