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another bad case of bad judgement in running (Read 329 times)

Anne Dan

    Hey all,

    once again i am seeking advice from this blog, because let´s face it, there is a lot of credibilty with sara and bill when it comes to knowledge in running.  so my friend brady is running an ultramarathon in november.  hes ran about 250 miles last month.  last week his shins started to hurt.  he said they began to hurt after he ran back-to-back 15 milers in two days.  he says he tries to run on grass and dirt but the long runs are all on pavement.


    he was telling me this, wincing on the treadmill in the process.  

    are treadmills bad for your shins?


    i told him how to do the sin splint exercises with the weights and tap his toes when he is sitting in class.  he is sort of like Lauren....loves running and pushing himslef so much he'll run right into a stress fracture.  he said he takes the weekends off, "when he can afford to" and does do some cross training.


    right now his shins just hurt, on both the inside and the outside in larger areas, not like a stress fracture (yet). 

    what should he do to avoid hurting his shins worse?  i told him to stop running for a bit...of course that didnt work


    hopefull asking these questions is not "abuse of the system" by asking for all this advice Smile



      Look at the suggestions I just gave to Megan.  They'll work if he really wants to solve the problem.  If he doesn't, he won't do anything, and he'll be too hurt to run the ultra.  Maybe he's looking for a way out?  Injury is a stoic reason for stopping.


      Maybe try calling him a wimp for not being smart about trying more to stay healthy.  It's easy to get hurt, but it takes effort to stay healthy.



      Anne Dan

        Hahaa,  I actually have called him some names, trying to make him feel guilty of his injurious running routine.  He actually took a week off, and his shins do not hurt anymore.


        I also taught him the shins exercise that Sara taught me, (sit down and tap) and also, pulling a 2.5 lb weight with his toes has worked too...