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Well I did it - I ran a marathon! I did the San Antonio marathon on Sunday. Not the time I wanted (4:19), but, had a few unplanned issues so I was just glad to finish. Started out a little too good the first ½ in @ 1:52, kind of went downhill after tha (Read 178 times)


      I do not know how to post obviously!

        Nice job with the marathon.... and the posting....

          You are so funny! I don't know how to do this obviously!

            Good job Sara...  that's still a good time, even if you had issues. Now you'll just have to do another one to beat it Smile.

              jacob - now that I know what it is like I will run another.  It really wasn't too bad except I had some real bad stomach cramps @ mile 10.  The first 2 porta potties I went to I stood in line only to find no TP!  After 2 more stops I was okay, then my toes next to my big toe on each foot were hitting the end of my shoes and each step from @ mile 20 I was kind of trying not to figure out how to run so they didn't hurt, each toe had a nice blister I thought i would lose the toenail, but I took care of them so they healed in a few days.  I was so sore the next couple of days, but, ran each day and by the end of the week was feeling back to normal.  I am glad I did it, it was fun and I got to spend some time with my relatives in TX.  Next weekend Bill and I are going to Las Vegas.  He is going to run the marathon and I am going to do the half-marathon.  Should be fun.  When are you going to be home? I hope everything is going well for you.Smile  Sara