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    Hey Bill,


    So I am desperately in need of a new pair of shoes but everywhere here has their Asics priced at over $200.  I'm debating between ordering some shoes online, having them delivered home (Amazon doesn't deliver to New Zealand) and then shipped here or having my parents stop by Sportsman and pick some up to send me.  Are there any Nimbuses or Kayanos on sale right now?  If not, how much are they retail?  I wear an 8.5.



      Hm... You might have better luck just emailing him.  I get the feeling that we're pretty much the only ones who still check this thing.

        Huh.  Yeah.  That's sad.  Do you know his email?

          You can still count on me looking here, as well.  Let me look and see what I can find on sale.  Size 8.5, Asics.



            Thanks Bill!
            Anne Dan

              Hellllllooooo!!!!!! If i hadn't been struggling so much with academic these past few years (particularly right now, i'm failing this to technological engneering class that everyone has to take ugh) i would be running more and chillin out on this sweet site...


              I too remember this wonderful sight, and i run from time to time (mostly biking, some hill cirucuits, and a LOT of stairs).  ive only logged about a 3rd of the runs ive done in the past year and a half...boo now its too hard to remember which run was which. 


              BTW Jacob i am in the city almost every other weekend, often only minutes away from your abode... however i am there to have fun and go crazy not study so thats why i never got in touch with you b/c i figured you were just too busy.  in fact i have recently run across the brooklyn bridge... Ian mallams and i almost came to visit you about a month ago.... but we were too preoccupied with the club scene! sorry! NEXT time i am in the city we ARE meeting up and i am taking you out to dinnerSmile



              I will be physically in the MT/WY region from June 16 to July 17 (Im interning with a 2LT pilot in Japan prior, and getting some academic credit for "culture immersion" aka partying in Ecuador hehee in jul-aug)


              One day, we will have a fun little reunion and maybe even get a loop in at Pig Farm with the two best coaches anywhere: Bill and Sara!


              Also Janna I am running in the new kayano model and of course loving it, but when was the last time aasics had a bad model out anyway eh?



                Here's what I found out.  The Nimbus is hot right now.  It won't be going on sale until 2012 when the world explodes.  However,  I do have a couple of 8.5's in the store right now.  I may be able to round up a pair for you at a reduced rate. (about $100, which is about $25. off the reg price.) 


                Let me know.




                It's nice to see a post.  It sounds like you are busy, and having fun at the same time.  Keep in touch.




                  You should definitely let me know when you're in the city.  I have finals until May 12, so I probably won't be able to do much until then.  I think that I'll be here for about a week after that, so if you're  around between the 12-20 (give or take a few days) give me a call.  I'll also be back in WF for all of June, so we should all meet up then.


                    Oooh $100 is great for a Nimbus!  I am definitely going to consider that.  Do you happen to know if there are any 2150's in stock?  I tried some on the other day at a running store here and really liked them.  And I also think they might run a bit cheaper?  Thank you so much for looking for me, by the way.  I tried to explain to this woman in the shoe store the other day that running shoes here are WAY more expensive than they are in the states and she didn't believe me.  How can people pay close to $300 NZD ($240 US) for shoes?  It's insanity!


                    I've taken a break from running this week due to some health issues.  I've been sick on and off (mostly on) all semester, and finally my body broke way down and I've felt weak and achy and feverish for the last week or so.  I went to the doctor who checked my iron stores which apparently are low.  I'm not sure if they're to the point where I'm technically anemic but I'm hoping the supplement she prescribed me along with some more spinach and steak in my diet will get me feeling better.  I think I'll try to start running a little again in the next day or two, just to see how my body reacts.  Yucky stuff!


                    Also, Bill was there a specific New Zealand running book you wanted me to look for while I'm here?  I know you mentioned that at some point, and I would be more than happy to look around for whatever you may want. 


                    Anne and Jacob, I will be home the last week of June and hopefully through July so we should definitely try to arrange some sort of gathering/ running times. 



                      I'll look into the 2150's in your size.


                      Iron stores don't have to be at an anemic level to have a drastic effect in distance running.  Supplimentation is the key.  Make sure you eat something before you take them, or you'll feel quite sickly.


                      In regards to running books, anything published in the 1960's or earlier.  Maybe even 1970's.  So, it would be older, out of print stuff.  Only the books that you may find in an out of print, Used book type store. 


                      I'd be willing to swap shoe value for book value if you find the really good ones.