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Farewell Til February 22nd (Read 139 times)

Keaton G

    I just wanted you all to know (and by that I mean Bill, since he is pretty much the only person to check this page anymore) that over the last few days I have been doing some running.  I am going to run in the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and then I will have to stop running and start my basketball season.  Obviously it is hard to get a good run in when you have hours of practice after school everyday.  But our last game is February 22nd, and I will be sure to get a running start on the track and cross country season.  I know that February seems ages away, but I think that it will be here right before we know it.  So I guess this is my early goodbye to you all for a few months, but it will be great to get back into the groove of running once basketball is over.             -Keaton

      Hey - I am still alive - not that anyone cares!!! I check this - it is the only way to find out what Jacob is up to!  Keaton - seems you could still get a little running in on Sunday Smile just letting you know...enjoy basketball.

        Of course we care! 


        I'll be back around Christmas time for about a week... maybe I can stop by and say hi or something.

          Don't they run in Basketball?  I think that you'll have plenty of running until track season.  Endurance is a good thing in Basketball.  Have fun playing.  Basketball is just another way to have fun with running.  Just like DB Speedplay.  We use a ball in that game also.