Whitefish High School


Who is Delete? (Read 343 times)


      I'm not sure, but they aren't running in the Flathead Valley since they ran where it was humid and raining, which is not here.


      .... and they joined today at 3:22 PM their time (Sunday).


      Okay, time for everyone to start guessing.


        surprise! its me, megan shaver. it should be a little easier to identify me after i changed my user name from Delete to megan.  im in vermont, so that should explain the rain and humidity.  besides the weather, the running here is pretty good, so i decided to come back on to runningahead to keep track of my miles and here about news from whitefish.

          Was there something wrong with your original name MegN?
            yay Megan!
              Hi Megan.....

                i guess so.  I haven't used it in a while so i think it deleted my past setup? and gave me a new one? im not really sure...

                anyway, bill, I haven't ever really had a problem with my shins, but I've started to notice them mainly because of the extensive running on pavement.  do you have any suggestions on how to fix that?

                  A couple of items.


                  First, try the resistance to the front of the leg, like we did in xc.  You could suspend weight from the end of the toe, and lift up, if you were sitting on a table with just the foot hanging of the end.


                  Be sure to stretch your calf muscles.  Also be sure to not over use your calf muscles.  Finally, make sure your shoes are not worn out.  Maybe look for softer surfaces to run every now and then.


                  Good Luck!!!!


                    Thanks Bill. I actually joined crew team, so hopefully that will help; I also took a few days off, and found a really good trail near campus that doesn't have much pavement.  my legs are feeling a lot better!