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Running in NZ, I'm so jealous!!!! (Read 189 times)



    I wish I was running though the gardens, exploring new trals.


    At least I've been running on the trail along Flathead River, but it's not sea level.


    Keep it fun!!!  And have fun.



      Haha I think being a sea level only really makes a difference if you were in shape at elevation first.  But yes! Running in New Zealand has been pretty exciting.  It's always nice to have a new place to explore.  If I get a chance later this week (after I turn in this massive geology project that has been hogging my time) I want to try to drive up and find some trails just outside of town.  The biggest problem I'm having now is finding anywhere relatively flat to run.  It's so hilly here! Ah!


      So track must be starting soon, yeah?  It will be exciting to start seeing results.  Would it be possible for you to send me some of the workouts that you guys will be doing?  I want to try to do some stuff on the track once I'm in a little better shape.  My flatmate here is a sprinter so maybe I can convince her to do something over there with me.


      I hear the weather is getting nice in the Flathead!  I'm kind of jealous... It was nice to come here and have it be summer but now it's getting colder every day!  Ah well, it will be summer before we know it!