Whitefish High School


Running Camp, I'm tired! (Read 127 times)

    We've been going for three days and the trails are winning this battle.  I just got up and ran, and now I'm ready for a nap.

      Sorry I couldn't help with the setup this year... how is camp this year?

        Awwww camp!  Don't worry, Bill, it would be kicking my butt too if I were there!  Hope everything is going smoothly.  I've been running on some new trails in California that are pretty great (but also kicking my butt)!

          We had three sessions for the first time.  They all went well.  135 the first session with most of the Whitefish boys team and several from the girls team, 155 the second session with those boys that missed the first camp and a couple more girls.  The third camp had 90 campers with a couple of whitefish girls.  Weather tended to be colder and wet, as compared to the past.  Lot's of teams and coaches from the Northwest, and other states.  Kind of like all the camps you guys went to.  It was still a lot of fun.