Whitefish High School


Turkey Trot 2011 (Read 112 times)

    Yes, I did run in the Whitefish Turkey Trot.  So did about 200 others.  Actually, it was a pretty fun event.  I didn't run competitively, but once I started I kind of wanted to.  I ran 8 munte pace for the 5 km.  The footing was a bit slippery, but not that bad.  Nicole ran 21:09 to be the first female across the line, although chip timing put another young lady in front of her.   Amazingly enough, that lady was the wife of Camas Key, a runner I used to coach at FVCC.  They live in Bozeman and were home visiting relatives.  It was good to see them.  Sara won her age group.  I was 12th in mine.  We ran together.  Keaton was 4th overall, which was a pretty good run.  Nabozny from Frenchtown was second.  We'll see him for the next few years, as Frenchtown just joined our conference this past year.  Maya Gordon ran 22:38 for 4th in her age group.  In another week Nicole and Maya will be heading to CA to run in the FootLocker Regional race in Walnut.

    Keaton G

      Ugh I hate Nabozney, I thought that he was a 40 year old man for the whole race.  Isn't that weird?