Whitefish High School


Congrats! (Read 257 times)

    Just wanted to congratulate both teams on their excellent performances this weekend.  I don't think any of them actually read this, but if you could pass the message on...

    Also, congratulations Bill and Sara and Cassie for surviving another season! You're great people Smile

      Where is everyone?!

      Sara has only logged 4 miles this week... what's wrong?

        Sara is having internet problems... or at least she was on Friday night...
          Haha. Did she call you to ask for help?
            Of course I did - who else would I call.  It did end up being the modem Jacob, Century tel came and checked it out today - they also set up the new modem - whew!
              Haha that is awesome that you still call Jacob.  And I'm glad you got that fixed up!  How is everything in the Flathead?  Any snow yet?  I'm hoping for a snow-free Thanksgiving so that I can get out to Pig Farm once or twice...