Whitefish High School


Jacob!!!!! (Read 19 times)

    I see that you are a running machine.  I had to put mileage in from my regular log.  I've been negligent in keeping up with this runningahead log.  It's a new year, however.  Time to get going.



      Hi Bill...  Yeah, I'm trying to get back into running a little more consistently, but things are pretty slow.  I'm hoping to get back into shape, and running a little faster (and farther).


      How's Sara, Nicole and Jordan?



        They're doing well.  They are in Whitefish right now.  Nicole will come back next week for school.   I'll go there this weekend.  How's the CA thing working out.  You're still there that must say something?

          California is still pretty good.  I'm working in San Jose but living (mostly) in Santa Barbara, which is about 300 miles away, so I do a lot of driving.  I'd rather be back in school, which was the original plan, but that didn't really work out, so I'm just sticking with this job for a while until I figure out what I'm going to do.  I certainly can't complain about the weather though...  I get to run outdoors rear round, so that's pretty nice.  No snow or ice to worry about...

            300 miles?  Did I read that correctlly?  How often do you tackle that drive?

              Generally once a week...  I often drive to San Jose on a Tuesday morning, and come back on Thursday night.  On Monday and Friday I can work from home.

                That's about the distance from Great Falls to Whitefish, which I've been doing on most weekends.