Whitefish High School


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          New Updates: Race results from the 2005 and 2004 XC seasons have been posted. http://www.whitefishxc.com/results.html
              Nice job to everyone in Libby! Will we have full results soon?
                Good job everyone! Girls, you look like you'll be amazing again this year! I wish I could be there!
                  Website updated with all recent track results: http://www.whitefishxc.com/results.html

                    HTML version of the spring newsletter added - http://www.whitefishxc.com/newsletter2.html (PDF version was added last week, and is still available, if you want it.).


                    Looking forward to seeing the results soon... only about a month until the first meet.  Seems like XC just ended.

                      Results from the Columbia Falls Invitational have been posted: