Whitefish High School


Keaton has joined the group. (Read 126 times)

    Okay Janna, Jacob and Anne.  Let's welcome one of our new runners to the group.  He's a freshman boy that has run 3 miles in 17:21, which ties him for number 4 all-time for freshman.  And more importantly, he found his way here. 

      Hi Keaton... Nice to see someone new join the group!  Now all you have to do is get your friends to join too Smile


      Have you been using the running log feature of the website?  If not, it's pretty easy to get started, and I always found that it was one of the best ways to keep me motivated.  It's also nice to be able to look back and see how you were doing in the past.  It's also kind of cool to be able to see what other people are doing, and compare that to your own log.  


      Anyway... Good luck with your running.  It looks like you already got a great start this cross country season... getting to run at the state meet as a freshman (and doing as well as you did) is pretty exciting!




        When are you going to be back at x-mas? 

          Jacob - when are you going to be home at all??? We miss youSmile

            Right now the plan is to come home on christmas eve and stay through the new year....  Not exactly sure when I'll leave yet.  I think I'll be driving, since I want to pick up some of my stuff that I left at home and bring it back here. The last time i was home was in the summer, and I was really only there for a day or two before I came to california, so i'm looking forward to coming back.

              Excellent.  We should try to get together.  Maybe go for one of the winter runs, just after the new year.  Keep me posted.