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Anne Dan

    Hello friends,

    Bill and Sara congradulations on the cross country season! I meant to write back much sooner, but alas, I failed.  Don't look at my running log until I update it from my journal, It is embarrasing without a few more runs put on the calendar...

    I will be running over xmas break in my favorite place in the world, MT so please let me know if you want a partner!  I will be home from Dec 19-31...break cut short by some ski training in Lake Placid from Jan 2-6 but I will still run on top of that.


    Janna or Jacob you planning on running?  Also, I am definitely hosting one or two old "Captains Meetings" at my house as soon as I get back! Just for fun and old times and to catch up.  And we should pay a visit to Bill and Sara...


    Almost Christmas! Cheers to all, see you soon.

      I actually won't be back this Christmas... I'll be staying in NYC over the break.  My mom will be coming out to visit me here (like she did last year).


      How's school and stuff?

        We would love to see you Anne, but, we will not be here for the holiday season - we do not even have a tree up!  It has been a very difficult year+ for me since my mother passed away, we were looking to do something different for the holidays since this is the worst time without her, so, this summer when Bob and Pat (from camp) invited us to go to Hawaii with them we decided to give it a try.  We will be leaving on the 21st and not back until late in the day on the 1st.  The kids suggested not having a tree since we would not be here, so we do have a few decorations up.


        I have had a ton of work as usual and will be working non-stop until we leave to make sure I get all may xmas deadlines finished.   

          Jacob! It is very sad you are not coming home because I was promising myself that we would actually hang out since we always say we will and it never seems to happen.  Anyway, Anne, Sara, Bill, etc., I will be home for quite a long time, actually, and would love to see all of you.  I'll be home the 19th and should be around on and off until February 2nd when I will be leaving for a semester in New Zealand!  I'm looking into potentially running cross country there (because the seasons are opposite and it will be fall!) so I will probably need a running buddy or three as to not make a food of myself in front of the Kiwis...

          Sara, the trip to Hawaii sounds great!  Enjoy for me and if I don't see you and Bill before you leave, Merry Christmas!  and I will definitely see you when you get back Smile

          Anne, can't wait to see you in less than two weeks!  It's been way too long... maybe since last Christmas break?  Okay.  Back to studying. 

            It is the 19th today, that means that Anne may be back in the Valley.  If so, It's nice to have you back......


            If you are going to be here until Feb, then we should definately try to get some running in.  I'm just starting to get rolling with my own running, so after the new year there should be opportunities to get a group together to do some running.  I know that there are runners from the high school team that would love to get going.


            Maybe we could even get Janna into the action.  I was very impressed that she competed with her cross country team this past fall.  Who knows with a consistant year of training what might she do next season. hmmmmmm?


            The thought of running in New Zealand sounds like fun.  They have had a tremendous history of distance running greatness, with the great Arthur Lydiard and super stars from the past.  What an opportunity.  You should definately try to run with a team there.


            Jacob, have fun in the city during the holiday season.