Whitefish High School


Hey Jacob, Michael Harrison ran with the Group today!!! (Read 180 times)

    It was kind of like the old days.  The only thing that was missing was you!!!!  Haskill Basin truely missed you today.

      That would have been great...  I ran around brooklyn today, and it really wasn't the same.  How is Michael doing?  I don't think that I've talked to him for years.  (Certain people would say that's why I need to get Facebook again... I know, I know...)

        I ran into Michael a few weeks ago while helping out the Whitefish Lake Institute with some stuff.  I tried to convince him to run cross with me at Whitman but he didn't go for it.  But I guess he did listen to my suggestion to come out for some summer runs! AND I found out that he's going to be a geology major with me which is exciting.


        Jacob, I won't harass you about Facebook, but I would be one of those people... Smile