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Time Trial Results (Read 188 times)

    Thought I'd share some results from our 3K time trial that was held on the track this past weekend:





      unfortunately, I don't seem to have permission to view it...

        hmmmm... let me see if I can figure out another way to post it

          There you go!



          Gilbert Emilie 11:14.8
          Ballinger Kristen 11:24.7
          Levy Sara 11:25.3
          Mendelson Lori 11:26.3
          Gilbert Katri 11:28.0
          Peterson Kira 11:45.5
          Kiely Christiine 11:47.1
          Vistica Eliza 11:47.8
          Davis Lauren 11:48.2
          Huisinga Mollee 11:48.5
          Pauly Skye 11:49.3
          Paustian Kari 11:50.0
          Banks Ellen 11:50.3
          Baron Claire 11:51.1
          Wilson Allie 11:52.4
          Rozar Janna 11:52.7
          Chory Kayla 11:56.3
          Hess-Maple Madeline 11:59.0
          McCarty Shannon 12:00.1
          Goard Alyssa 12:00.8
          Fowler Natalie 12:23.4
          Jensen Kelly 12:24.8
          Waters Annie 12:30.9
          Last Meesha 12:45.3
          Breetwor Alyssa 13:28.0
          Falk Hayley 14:13.4
          Ohaus Hanne 14:20.2

            I see... Good job!



              Did you get outsprinted on the track?????


              Nice job.  That's about a 12:32 for 3200 meters.  (a distance that we're all familiar with).  That's not too shabby for a non-track runner.  I'm assuming that this trial was a track race.  I think the extra race distance will help you out in regard to moving up in the field.  That's a lot of girls out for the team.  Not quite as many boys out, (from what I read on the Whitman XC Website.)  Has Michael attempted to run with the group?  He had a bit of a foot thing going on.  Hopefully that cleared up and he's ready to run.

                Me? Outsprinted? Never!  Haha well maybe just by a few people...

                Yes the race was on the track.  I was actually suprised that I ran about 18 seconds faster than I did during the time trial my freshman year, when I had sort of just come out of track season.  Granted it was really hot that year, and this year we ran in the delightful 7:00 AM coolness, but still exciting.  I do hope that the longer distances will give me a chance to move up in that group a bit.  We had a workout on Tuesday that made me feel farily confident about my ability to do that, so we'll see.


                I ran into Michael today kind of lingering near where we start practice, and sent him in the right direction to find out coach, but he just sent me an email saying that apparently the coach doesn't want to take any more runners this season.  I have no idea if that's because of numbers or that we're already a couple weeks into the season or what, but I think I'll ask him about it tomorrow and see if I can persuade him to let Mike join the team.


                Looking forward to Libby results tomorrow!