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    seattle-that is great the weather is looking good where you'll be. Is there a lot of work on the house to be done? are you moving in with him next month?

    snowed-EMT sounds like an adrenaline rush, I'm sure you'll be great and learn quickly. I'd be a little freaked out too!

    RR: 4 easy painfree miles and then elliptical. I am still keeping my volume at 10 miles, just some of them are elliptical. hoping for an easy transition back to regular miles. will build up slowly though.

    NRR: more rain. and now it looks liek the entire weekend will be cold and rainy. that is kind of a bummer. it will still be fun, just indoor fun now i suppose.

    FR: still doing well here. been in a groove of not oversnacking after dinner these days. it is making my workouts better.




      ER: Yoga tonight!! I haven't been since Saturday so I'm really looking forward to it.


      NRR: Lots of thunderstorms today - so sick of this weather! After yoga I'll be hanging with the boys and doing laundry before we head off to the lake tomorrow. I'm so ready for a few days off!


      FR: Leftover night! No cooking for this mama.



      sjp - Building slow sounds like a good plan. I'm so impressed by how smart you've been through this injury. I bet you've saved yourself from something more serious in the long-run.


        Good morning!


        RR - Had a great 5 mi run yesterday, and a short climbing session (DBF forgot his climbing shoes, so I climbed while he lifted weights). Today will be a rest day, tomorrow 4, and Saturday 10.

        NRR - Nice relaxing night w/DBF yesterday. We got back from the climbing gym and I cooked dinner, and then we just hung out and talked and went to sleep early. It's still been pretty busy at work but I am not quite as overwhelmed as I was last week so that's good! Tonight grabbing happy hour with Mom and Grandma Smile DBF and I are going camping in eastern WA over Memorial Day, where it will be sunnier and warmer than in Seattle!

        FR - Pan fried pork chops w/parmesan asparagus and red potatoes last night, turned out pretty good. Tonight will be chicken/veggies/rice stir fry of some sort. I have been drinking a lot of beer lately so need to cut back on that as well!


        Back for shouts in a bit!



          SJP: You seem to have fun whenever you are with your family.  That is awesome.  Will the guys still fish in the rain?  So glad your workouts have been pain free.  Also it is so true how much better workouts feel when I've eaten properly the day before, I should think about that when I'm snacking.


          RR: Never got out for a run yesterday, bad me.  I got busy and then it was raining really hard and just couldn't get motivated.


          NRR:  I only have a couple of papers left to write today for class and to go to the discussion board and participate.  I have until Sunday at midnight to finish those things.  Tomorrow is DBF's birthday and he decided to take the day off.  He is coming here tonight and I made reservations for us at a wine dinner at a little Italian restaurant nearby.  I'm going to go pay early so it's not awkward at check time.  I had no idea what to get him, so hopefully he'll enjoy this.


          FR: Not going to eat much today because I'm guessing tonight will be lots of food and wine.




            Java: I really hope the awful weather stops soon for you all.  You've had enough.  How is your back feeling?  I LOVE leftovers.


            Seattle: Sounds like a really nice night.  YOu have a great balance going on - time with mom, grandma, BF, work, play, etc.  I think you've figured it out - how to get the most out of life.  Good for you.



              Good morning!


              RR:  This didn't happen yesterday and I'm not sure it will happen today.  I have a dentist appointment that I was going to run to and from, but now its supposed to thunderstorm this afternoon, so we'll see.  I did do a bunch of arm exercises yesterday.  DF taught me which ones to do, so now I plan on doing them every other day until the wedding.  I've never been a weights person, but I'm actually looking forward to this routine.


              NRR:  We didn't go look at houses last night because the realtor had a conflict, so we're going tonight.  Hopefully we find something we like.  Our lease is up at the end of August and we don't have the option to go month to month, so I really just want to be able to move into a house and not into some crappy month to month rental.  Today is a busy day with work, dentist appointment and house hunting.


              FR:  The usual.



              SJP:  Are you going to add a mile to your runs each week until you're back up to ten?  Boo for rain, hopefully you'll be able to have outside fun soon.


              Java:  Have fun at the lake!  You definitely deserve a relaxing weekend away!


              Seatte:  Your camping trip sounds so fun!  Will you be near a lake or up in the mountains?


              MIA:  How are you liking your classes?  They sound intense!  Your date night with DBF for his birthday sounds perfect!


              Have a great day!




                RR- 9 miles on the road and in the sun yesterday. First time since beginning of September I ran in only shoes, shorts and a t-shirt! No gloves, no bandanna over the ears, no laying, how wonderful! A bit weird actually having a wet forehead from sweat and not rain, but I'll take it! I have a dentist appointment today and hoping to get a run in after that, or possibly a hike.


                NRR- The FD had fire training last night on how to use a chain saw. At the house fire a month or so back I went to get a chain saw to get into a corner wall and had no clue how to operate it. We ended up cutting up an old alder tree for someones wood stove stock pile.


                FR- New Belgium beer has finally made its way to Alaska and Fat Tire was on tap last night. Went and had a beer with DBF. Yummy!


                sjp- It is an adrenaline rush! Same as the fire side. Every volunteer has a pager that they tone out the calls through and I guarantee my heart rate does a quick spike when the initial tone goes off. I notice a huge difference in my workouts too depending on what I eat or do not eat. So much of a difference that you think I'd have it together by now, but its a work in progress. Glad you are healing, even if slowly.


                Java- I've been really considering starting yoga. I did it once while I was home and realized how tight my hips are, and how much other muscles in my body are lacking from lack of use.


                Seattle- I'm a volunteer with the fire dept so I still have my full time job. It's something that could be a potential job in the future(few years) and I really really enjoy it so I'm fairly dedicated, but in return I've been handed many opportunities. So it's something that's easy to work really hard at and if it turns into a career at some point that's awesome.


                Mia- That sounds like a great birthday present! I'm sure he'll really enjoy spending time with you verses receiving an object. Have a great time and enjoy your wine!


                rtr- Hope you can get a run in. I have a dentist appointment too to take care of some cavities. Not sure I want to run with s numb mouth.


                  just finished my school work for the week, although I am planning to make up some flash cards this weekend and still participate in the discussion board some.  Yay!  Now for a run and a couple of job apps and some cleaning.


                  RTR: The classes are very intense, I guess more than I was expecting, but no complaints.  It actually feels good to use my brain again and also try to get good grades.  I always love a challenge.


                  Snow: It's the small things that make us happy, like beer. ; )  I sure hope DBF likes the dinner.  I bet it's going to be a lot of food so I'm going to not feel badly about leaving stuff on my plate.  I don't want to leave overly stuffed and feeling icky.



                    Hi all,


                    RR: Raining here but going to get out for 3 easy miles at some point. Back still feeling better every day. Will get a chiro adjustment tonight, which is always a plus.


                    NRR: 2 graduation parties coming up this weekend but hoping to get out for a hike or maybe even a kayak run on the Poudre. I haven't kayaked for a long time, but I'm thinking about getting back into it. The water is up!


                    SJP: Yay for pain-free miles! You are being so patient with the recovery. It is amazing how much food intake, and the timing of that, affects my runs.


                    Java: Enjoy yoga! Yes, I can imagine you're sick of thunderstorms. They would make me constantly worry under the circumstances.


                    Seattle: Enjoy your running rest day. Happy hour with Mom/grandma sounds really fun. I haven't had a 1:1 with my mom in a while; I need to do that. It's weird, I think I went for a year or two only drinking wine but I've been drinking more beer lately. Living in the microbrew capital, it's hard to resist. I've become very fond of the Belgian quad beers -- they're kind of high-octane but you end up just sipping them. They are so good. But I've probably been drinking too much beer lately.


                    Mia: What a great evening you have planned with DBF! Good for you to bust out your papers already. When do you hear back from your last job interview?


                    RTR: Hope the house hunting goes really well!


                    Snow: Hooray for sun! I wish I knew how to run a chain saw. I really need to work on all those kinds of things because DH is a reluctant house repair person. I have become very good at cleaning out P traps under the sink! :-)