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Finally Fridailies!!! (Read 9 times)

    Vacation starts today!!!!  4 hours of work then I'm gone!

    sjp: totally vain is no big deal at all!  I am really loving the back and arm muscles I have now!!! I don't look like a running blob anymore!!!  I think the temp difference from the base to the peak last time was 50*, nuts!  Really hard to dress/ pack for.  I missed a few weeks in here - is this your sisters wedding?


    mia: I just never work well without grains, even if I can have some wheat bread or quinoa or something I am just a happier person!  I have already switched my breakfast to the egg/ sausage type of breakfast and it is amazing how well that works.  I will definitely have to lean on you for strength when I get back!  Wow double major in music and biochem!!! My roommate in college was biochem - she studies non stop.  and all my music friends were always practicing so I can only imagine how busy her life is!  What will she do with the music and what does she play?  Would be cool if she had a spot in the local symphony or something!


    seattle: we have a local indoor rockwall climbing facility so it is probably like a smaller version of that.  The gym with the changing wall would probably be cool though as well - and nice to add the pool and weights to it.


    rr: fought the urge to run last night - heat helped that out.  Day one of rest down!


    nrr: forgot to bypass the backdoor with the alarm last night so when I went to let dog out at 2am the alarm went off.  ugggg!  tweaked my back running over to turn it off so I couldn't get comfortable when I tried going back to sleep - that and getting up early is killing me!  Hello coffee!  Leaving work at 11 today (got in early) and heading out to southern CO.  Its about 9 hours there, then tomorrow will be another 5 or so hours.  So excited!!!!


    fr: started vacation eating around 4 yesterday. Someone delivered Klondike bars to the office - had to have one, didn't want to be rude... then pizza for dinner last night (flat breads from Pizza Hut are awesome BTW), then picked up donuts this morning...oops.  funny thing is, that will probably be the worst eating I do for the next week!  I'm usually pretty healthy on vacations like this.


      Good Morning and Happy Friday!

      RR: I was a bad girl and skipped cross fit last night because DBF came here for the night.  I'll run this morning with my friend.  Planning to get in a long run (16 hopefully) this weekend.

      NRR: Still waiting to hear from the job interview, UGH!  They said within 2 weeks so I could be waiting all next week also.  I hope not though.  After my run and eating something ( eggs with veggies) I'll head up to get DD.  It takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to get there.  And then turn around and come home.  Planning to spend time with DD this weekend, hoping that is her plan also and that it's not going to be all about her friends, although I will understand that.  Older DD has been in Nor Cal with her BF and he is heading to Miami for his job, she is heading back to Portland today.  She'll be home within the next 2 weeks for a while

      FR: Very good day yesterday.  Had lingcod and veggies for dinner.  Was craving something sweet after but had nothing in the house, so we just didn't have anything.  DBF was funny and said he had a run in with pineapple popsicles the other night.


      OU: Have a safe drive and ENJOY YOUR VACATION!!  Lots of pics!!



        Good morning!


        RR – 3 mi tempo run over lunch, then climbing at the gym after work.  It’s been staying cloudy in the mornings and getting warm in the afternoon/evening so we’ll see if that pattern continues.  Planning on running 8 mi tomorrow and then resting up on Sunday!


        NRR – Work actually went pretty smoothly yesterday, got lots of stuff done and my problem property didn’t seem to have any major issues getting ready for month end, which is a relief after last month.  Just trying to stay caught up/ahead as much as possible with both work and school!  Not sure of weekend plans, but this crazy (and awesome) stretch of sunny and high 70s/low 80s is supposed to continue so hopefully some outdoor stuff.


        FR – I’ve been treating myself to Amy’s frozen pizza on Friday nights – it satisfies my pizza cravings (so I don’t eat an entire takeout pizza by myself, which, ahem, would not be the first time….) and is portion controlled and fits into my calories too.  Yet another reason to enjoy Friday!




          RR- No run yesterday. DBF and I had a great time on the boat instead! I'm bringing my running clothes, but I really don't know how much running I'll get in. I hate the treadmill and the temps in TX are insane. But I'm hoping for a few good shorter runs.


          NRR- I leave in a few hours and I'm just realizing I have a lot to do before I go. I also I don't have a car right now because DBF drove me home last night after I had 2.5 beers. This girl is a light weight!


          FR- I'm going to be eating out for dinner every night of my trip. And I know I'm going to get some good food. You have to when you live in a town and all the food comes on a barge from the same company. Everything tastes the same. But, hopefully I've learned moderation!


          OU- Have an awesome vacation!!


          Mia- Hope you hear from the job interview soon! My mom text me last night and told me she's "joining the cult" because her trainer has turned cross fit so she's following him. I hope she likes it!


          seattle- Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that pizza!