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    Good morning!


    RR:  I made it out for a run yesterday and it turns out I was still stiff from the race on Sunday!  I had felt fine since Monday, but apparently I still had soreness to shake out on a run.  I ran 4.2 miles and was quite happy with that because of how I felt.  Today is a swim day, which I haven't done in forever!  I'm planning on 1600 yards.


    NRR:  Friday!  I have work, followed by a swim and then I'm not sure what. Tomorrow we have a few wedding appointments.  We're meeting with the florist, the wedding planner where we're having the ceremony and I need to go to DSW warehouse to buy shoes for the wedding so I can have them for my fitting.  I don't have any plans for Sunday, except I need to get some grading done.


    FR:  I'm cooking spaghetti and caprese salad tonight.  My specialty.



    Java:  How often do you do yoga?  I felt like I could use a yoga class after my run last night, since my legs were pretty stiff.


    Seattle:  Your night out near the beach sounds fantastic!  I suppose living in Seattle you really appreciate the sun when it’s out.


    OU:  Your wedding plans sound lovely!  The main reason I didn’t want a destination wedding (besides the glaring point that DF didn’t want one at all) is that I want to be able to celebrate with our family and friends, then leave everyone and go on a honeymoon just the two of us.  We’re going to Tahiti and I’m super psyched!


    SJP:  Yes, I have a few boxes of oatmeal with just my least favorite types left over, then I discovered the box of entirely apple and cinnamon packets!  That’s awesome that you and DBF are loving your new place!  It’s probably really nice to not have your former roommate making a ton of noise all the time.


      Good morning!


      RR: Went out for about 3 miles with Winston this morning. We were both a bit tired, but we made it through


      NRR: Fun weekend planned! I'm going to a yoga workshop tomorrow morning focusing on handstands with my mom. Then we are taking the boys to the grandparents' house and DH and I are going to a baseball game (college - bedlam) with a big group of people. After the game we are going to hang out downtown and got a hotel room so we don't have to worry about driving Evil. Then we are going to pick up the boys early Sunday morning and bring them back to the hotel to swim before Mother's Day brunch. Don't think I'll get much done, but it should be fun! Today we are taking the boys to get their passports for Mexico - not fun.


      FR: made a huge fruit salad last night with grapes, bananas, strawberries, an apple, and a really yummy pink navel orange. I mixed in some Greek yogurt and honey - SO GOOD!



      B: smoothie made with the leftover fruit salad, spinach, rolled oats, and chai seeds, coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

      S: quinoa energy bites, tea

      L; Amy's veggie soup

      D: ?? TBD probably go out after getting the boys' passports



      rtr - I usually do yoga 3 days a week. Right now I have a lot of classes to use from a gift certificate my mom gave me. Once those are gone I'll only take class 2 days a week (yoga is expensive), but will still do some at home on the third day. Seems like it's been a while since you mentioned swimming - hope you enjoy it!

        Morning all - I love Fridays!!!

        seattle: while my legs feel good they definitely were not ready to run yet.  Ended up walking a bit and stoping for more red lights then I normally would.  enjoy the sun while it lasts!


        java: handstand work shop sounds fun - and so do all your weekend plans!!! Definitely need to find a race, maybe a summer one? I haven't picked what I am doing this summer yet, probably just some fun ones here and there!


        rr: well I "ran" 3 miles last night.  My legs were still sore and my joints (knees and hips) still really felt the movement.  I ended up walking and stretching here and there and stopping at lots of red lights.  Here is a link to my race pictures - not sure if the link works so I will have to try it out in a minute.  http://www.marathonfoto.com/Marathon/Cincinnati-Flying-Pig-Marathon--2013/offering/myMarathonfotos/RaceOID/26362013S1/Language/en


        nrr: short day at work, then visiting my nephew for awhile.  After that we are going to see Iron Man 3 tonight.


        fr: stayed away from the ice cream last night - did have some girl scout cookies however...



          rtr-you are exactly right about our new place and the prior roommate noise level. ooh i love love love shoes. all my friends made fun of me when we moved bc of how many boxes of shoes i had...

          java-enjoy your night out in town. that'll be so much fun.

          ou-agree, fridays are awesome. aw, i bet your nephew is growing fast. its great you get to see him a lot!

          RR: same story. heel is feeling better so just trying to keep that going! trying to do calf raises to strengthen as well.

          NRR: friday! we have no plans so that is great. tomorrow is supposed to rain, so thinking, sleep in, gym, watch a movie then making dinner with dbf. we also want to organize the desk/spare room a little bit.

          FR: ate a little later last night, and stomach is paying for it now...


            Good morning!  I feel like I barely slept at all last night for some reason... glad it's Friday!


            RR- Was going to try climbing tonight but may push it back to tomorrow to give my blisters one more day... climbing involves a lot of putting all your weight on your toes/using your feet in random positions/etc and my blister is still ouchy if I step on it the wrong way.  So, rest day today, and a 3-4 mi run plus possibly climbing tomorrow.


            NRR - DBF is going home for the weekend for Mother's Day and my family is doing stuff here, so I probably won't see him until Sunday night or Monday.  Boo!  I feel like we've had a bunch of weekends lately where we've sort of been doing our own thing and haven't gotten to do our usual Saturday night date or camping/hiking/whatnot.  Hopefully things will settle down now that the marathon is over, and the weather is getting nicer and such!  It should be a pretty relaxing weekend so I am looking forward to that.


            FR- chicken cordon bleu w/roasted red potatoes and broccoli.


            Back in a bit for shouts!