Weight Loss Dailies


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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on running after work, maybe 4-6 miles.


    NRR:  The usual.  Work, running, hanging out with DF.  8 workdays left until Christmas break and I am stoked!  I'm going home to South Dakota.  I haven't been back since last Christmas, so needless to say, I cannot wait!


    FR/WR:  Two people yesterday told me they noticed I had lost weight, which was nice to hear. 


    I will make it back for shouts later!  Have a great day!


      Morning rtr.  Will DF be going to SD with you?


      rr.  I did 4.25 last night on the TM.  I did 4 sets of Yasso's 800's.  Ouch.  Felt good but I'm glad I only have speedwork one time per week!


      nrr.  I feel like I have a bunch of stuff to do this weekend and I'm not sure where to start!  I've got several lists started but can't wrap my head around it all.  I think my stumbling block is that I'll have M with me for the better part of the weekend.  DH will be out of town Saturday and Sunday, and it seems impossible to get things done with her sometimes.


      fr.  I don't even know what I ate for dinner last night.


      Happy day all!


        Morning all!

        RR: That has been non existent with all the stuff going on with me lately.  Need to get my life somewhat scheduled and make sure that running or another exercise is on that schedule.


        NRR: I START MY NEW JOB JANUARY 2ND!!!!!  EEEEEEK!  Sent in my notice yesterday so I will get the holidays off, I'd already found some subs but now it will be not my problem.  I won't have to work on New Years Day and I will get to spend time with my kiddos!  Pay was where I wanted and it will be reviewed in 3 months to make sure I like my  job, they like me (still) and then the DR. will up it a little.  


        FR: Had a little too much chocolate last night in celebration - not worried.  



        Simon: I remember those days when it was hard to accomplish things with the children.  Just relax and enjoy, I know it's hard when you are in the midst of it but . . . 

        RTR: Ahhhh goood ole SD!  I was going to ask the same ? as Simon . . . is DF going with you?



          Morning Runners!


          snowed-that is gorgeous!!! enjoy the time with your mom.

          java-happy birthday to big B!

          rtr-aw, i bet you are excited to go home. i get super excited to go home and its only a 2 hour drive. is DF going with you? how long of a break do you get?

          simon-way to go on the speedwork! little ones are busy, my brother is now home for the winter with my nephew,3, and niece, 10 mos--he says his days fly by but I'm proud of him for doing it! does she stick to any activities long enough for you to do anything? probably for about 3 minutes...

          RR: 10 miles on the treadmill this morning, watch a christmas movie on hallmark, haha. there was a guy on a treadmill behind me and he was running fast and pounding so hard that it sounded like the treadmill was going to break. luckily he only made it for about 5 min at that speed....

          NRR: some xmas presents arrived last night! i sort of ordered myself some stuff from target also, oops. so it was mini-christmas for me last night too Smile

          FR: finally got groceries. had a big salad last night, yum!


            Good morning!


            RR - 5 mi lunch break run today (in the pouring rain again... it's that time of year here) and possibly lifting at the gym w/DBF after work if I have time.

            NRR - Final last night went well, I know I got all the questions right (40 multiple choice & true/false and 4 problems to work out) but I think I may have included too much (correct) information in one of my problems so I am hoping I don't get docked for the extra. I suppose that's a nice problem to have... it was a good start to my back to school plan! My younger brother is coming home from his first semester at grad school (Cincinnati) tonight, so I am looking forward to grabbing dinner with him. We get along really well!

            FR - No idea, think I will let bro pick out where to go for dinner. I have been eating lots of grilled chicken salads for lunch and they are delicious!


            Back a little bit later for shouts!


              sjp - too funny about the guy pounding on the treadmill...  the gym always provides great people watching.  yay for mini Christmas...  I love Target!  I had a big salad for dinner last night too, so good.


              Mia - hooray on the new job, so exciting!!  It sounds like it will be a great fit and lovely that you will get some time off over the holidays as well.  I'm glad you enjoyed some chocolate last night, you deserve it!  I had a couple beers after my final last night and it was nice to just relax a bit Smile


              Simon - hope you can get your to-do lists done or at least down to a manageable level... the holidays are always crazy!  I haven't done too much speedwork (intervals at least, I love doing tempo runs) but it always wears me out when I do!


              rtr - congrats on the weight loss compliments, that is always so awesome to hear.  Woohoo for going home for Christmas break, that will be a great time for you especially since it's been so long.  Have a good run this evening!


                Good morning!


                RR: Not sure I'll do anything today. DH will probably work late and I'm having a very hard time getting up early enough to run before work lately, so I decided to take a break from the early morning runs for the next few weeks and just run after work.


                NRR: I think Big B had a great birthday yesterday. For some reason he thinks Christmas is the day after his birthday though, so he was a bit disappointed today was just another day. I keep telling him it is a few weeks after his birthday, but he just keeps telling me the day after his birthday is Christmas.


                FR: Nothing exciting.



                B: Pumpkin oatmeal (will be having it all week), coffee w/ ff creamer

                S: special k bar, coffee

                L: ?? either lentil soup (froze some from last weeks batch) or a sandwich of some sort

                D: grilled cheese and tomato soup


                rtr - hope the next 8 days flies for you!


                mia - CONGRATS!! Seems 2013 will be your year!


                sjp - I often buy myself a Christmas present while shopping for others. Just can't pass up some of those deals sometimes!


                seattle - Glad the final went well! Enjoy spending time with your brother!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Was going to do 6 miles at lunch, but too crazy at work so I'll probably call it a rest day but might hit the treadmill tonight.


                  NRR: Really starting to feel the holiday crunch, so need to get some things done tonight. I have some cleaning/organizing to do before my kids come home for holiday break from college in 5 days!! We pick them up Monday night ... so excited! Other than that, I'm having some lower back pain (I had a back spasm incident last summer that lasted a few days, and it still flares up every once in a while)  so I'm going to a chiropractor tonight to just get an opinion about what's going on. I don't think it's too much running .. maybe the weights? Maybe I need a new chair at work? 


                  FR: Have fallen into disorganization with bringing my lunches to work, so yesterday I had sushi and edamame (again) from a take-out place and today had some lettuce rolls with a work friend at Tokyo Joe's. Very good dipping sauces! Need to get back on the bring-my-lunch thing, though.


                  RTR: Great to get that compliment! That always happens to me when I least expect it, which goes to show sometimes the scale isn't very truthful about the situation when you're getting leaner.


                  Simon: Nice job on the speedwork! Good luck with the holiday prep with M in tow ... it'll be fun for her to tag along though it might slow you down. She'll probably remember it fondly one day!


                  Mia: Congrats on your new job--it sound fantastic! My kids come home Monday ... how about yours?


                  SJP: Great that you got yourself some goodies for Christmas! Love your comment about the TM guy.


                  Seattle: Sounds as if your semester wrapped up very successfully -- great job! You are so tough to keep running in the rain. Not sure I could do it. Great training for bad-weather race days, though.


                  Java: Hilarious about Big B thinking Christmas was coming sooner! I remember when my son was really tiny, he could never figure out what "today" or "tomorrow' really meant. So when he got stuck, he would just say something was happening "on a different day."


                    I made it out for a nice 6.2 mile run.  I was only going to run 4.4, was almost done, then I finally got into a groove near my apartment, so I kept going.  In the end, it felt great!


                    Simon:  When does your break start?  Good luck getting everything done!  DF isn't coming home with me since its super expensive to fly there and we're trying to save for the wedding.


                    MIA:  Congrats on the job!  That's fantastic!  It's also nice that you have a bit of a holiday break!  When's your last WW meeting?  No, DF isn't going with this year.  He has been the past two years though.


                    SJP:  That's awesome that you were able to watch a Christmas movie while running this morning.  I have no problem treating myself to a Christmas present also!  I get a week and a half off for break and I cannot wait!


                    Seattle:  Nice job on the exam!  I doubt your professor would take off for too much correct information! 


                    Java:  I have to try out that pumpkin oatmeal sometime.  It sounds delicious. 


                    Foco:  That's exciting that your kids are coming home!  How long will they be there for?

                    Have a great night!