Weight Loss Dailies


The Fridailies!!!! (Read 12 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I had a great run last night, so I'm going to head to the pool after work for a swim, at least 1600 yards.


    NRR:  Work today, which should be really fun, since all my classes have an exam on Tuesday we're playing a review game.  After work I'll go for a swim, then DF and I will probably just hang out at home tonight.  Tomorrow I have running plans with a friend from work and DF and I might have dinner plans with another couple.  Sunday I'm going bridesmaids dress shopping.  Hopefully the question of color will finally be answered.  I'm just going to pick out a shade and they can pick what they want as long as it's knee length.  Monday is President's Day, so I have off and I plan on relaxing.


    FR:  I'm thinking of making portobello caps and sweet potato fries for dinner tonight.  This combination is my new go to and it is delicious.  I also recently discovered that the portobellos turn out even better if you add some balsamic vinegar before you bake them.  Also probably some wine as it is Friday night after all.


    Have a great day!


      rtr  I love grilled ports...we marinate them with balsamic vinegar and oil for a bit, then put them gill side down on the grill for about 5 minutes.  Flip them over and put red peppers and cover them with cheese (swiss or something of that nature) and let them go for another 5.  Soo good!  Good luck with the dress shopping!  I only had two bridesmaids in my wedding and one was 7 months preggo so she had her dress made and the other just picked something she liked in the color I liked.  Don't stress too much about it because no one is going to be looking at them...all of the attention will be on you!  Smile  Oh, and I wish we had Monday off...grrrrr..


      RR:  Marathon training is still going well - my biggest week so far, 2 6 mile runs, 2 3 mile runs, and 12 on Saturday.  Oy!  I've also been trying to lift twice per week and core two times.  I've done pretty well sticking to it, but there are some days that there just aren't enough hours!


      NRR:  VDay was fun with M this year.  She got to make Valentine's for all of her daycare friends.  I seriously need to step away from all of the chocolate and goodies!  Yikes!

      FR:  DH and I are actually going on a date tonight to our favorite pizza place and maybe bowling afterwards.


      Have a great one all!



        rtr-sounds like a fun weekend. dates with other couples are usually so fun! do you have an idea of color for dress? or hoping it hits you when you see it?

        snowed-is there a lot of snow hiking? dbf and i go winter hiking, which is a lot of work, but so much fun.

        mc-enjoy your ski weekend!

        simon-aw, saw M on facebook, she is the cutest little valentine. enjoy pizza--yum, could totally go for that soon. boo to work monday, i also have to work.

        RR: 13 miles this morning. i woke up early and decided to just tack on a couple miles. i may still run 12ish tomorrow outside. i haven't been outside in a couple weeks, so dying over here! but more snow in the forecast so didn't want to chance it. its easier to get a treadmill in the morning weekday than on saturday. and i want to sleep.

        NRR: might see my sister this weekend. she is going through some crap with DF, so in need of girl time. may just be target trip and a movie. or drinks. yes most likely drinks! nothing else yet. maybe DBF and i can snowshoe or something.

        FR: i need coffee, coffee, coffee!


          Good morning and happy Friday!

          RR: Not sure about a run today.  If my friends are able to go I will, if not, I'll give my legs a rest.  I've run 8 days in a row now and my legs are feeling it.

          NRR: DS came here and took me out to a late lunch yesterday since he had to cover a story in the evening.  Then TLC came down and I made him dinner and we just relaxed together.  I really enjoy spending time with him, makes me feel so happy.  It's also nice to wake up next to him in the morning.  : )  Younger DD is coming home tonight and asked if her new love interest could have dinner with us.  Not sure what I'll make yet.  It will be fun to meet him.

          Today meeting an old co-worker for coffee.

          FR: Had a tostada for lunch yesterday and then the turkey and bean soup I made for dinner, along with a spinach salad and some bread dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  Oh yeah and some wine.


          RTR: How many bridesmaids are you having?  What color are you thinking about?

          Simon: M is so adorable!  I'm guessing you found a good babysitter so you and DH are able to go on dates.  Do you remember 13.1 from the RW boards?  He and his wife (who he met on the boards) have a 2 month old now.  They live right around the corner from me.  I told them to call me if they need a sitter - a good way to get a baby fix.

          sjp: YOu are amazing with your mileage.  Hope your sis and her DF work out their crap pre marriage.  Always good to have some sister time though.



            So glad it's Friday!


            RR - Hoping to get out for a 6-7 mi run after work today, but I'm not sure if that will happen... my cough is pretty crappy and I have a sore throat now too!  I am hoping that I will at least be able to do my long run (14) this weekend...


            NRR- Had a nice low key Valentine's Day w/DBF last night...  we made some yummy pasta w/shrimp and broccoli and drank too much wine for a weeknight, but oh well.  It was nice to get to spend some time with him!  Hoping to make it through the work day and then have a quiet night doing hw/laundry/etc and going to bed early.


            FR- Probably spaghetti w/meatballs and french bread.  I am going to start the Perfect Health Diet on Monday and it doesn't allow for bread so I am going to eat it while I still can... hah.


            Back in a bit for shouts!




              RR- My rest day yesterday turned into a 15.6 mile run! Once it was decided that DBF and I weren't going to hike I realized "maybe I could run, I wanted to get a long run in." So off I went without really any plan. I held up really well. At the end of my 14er a bit back I felt like if I stopped running I would have laid down on the icy road and cried. Yesterday I was loving my run. It was pouring out, I mean really coming down. On my way out the door DBF said "don't die, don't drown". I didn't die or drown but I couldn't have been anymore wet of I had jumped in the ocean. I felt sluggish for the first while until I hit the trail and at that point I was already soaked I didn't even try to avoid the mud or water pits. It ended up being a blast! Today I would like to get a recovery run in but it might have to be after work. I've been putting off cleaning for a while now and the dog needs a walk.


              FR- Stayed under my calories for the day yesterday which felt really good. I was surprised that I wasn't hungrier. Usually after a long run  I'm ravenous. Maybe I will be today. I kind of wish MFP had "rolling calories" since you don't loose weight/ gain overall weight day by day.


              NRR- Work Monday for me. I'm already ready for this EMT class to be over. I'm enjoying it, but I'm not enjoying the schedule. I have no days off from anything. My days off work I have EMT and fire training. It's draining.


              rtr- Enjoy your 3 day weekend! Good luck dress shopping. My friend is getting married and there are 3 bridesmaids. We're all scattered across the country is it took a lot of work and back and forth figuring out dresses.


              Simon- Date night sounds fun! It's always nice to have a low key fun date night where you just get to get out and enjoy yourselves. Nice job on the marathon training! And I completely agree, there are never enough hours in the day. I need to figure out how to incorporate strength training, I've been meaning to do it, I just always choose running.


              SJP- The snow has been really minimal here. It gets really icy when you start to go up, which most of the trials here do. And icy isn't really any fun. How much snow do you get?


              Mia- 8 days is a lot of running! My legs would be tired too!


              Seattle- Perfect health is an extension of the Paleo diet right? I'm not sure I could give up bread, though I should really cut back on it. I eat a lot!