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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on running about six miles after work today.  I got in some pretty nice runs over spring break, so I hope to keep that momentum going.


    NRR:  Spring break was glorious.  Over break I went for runs, went to coffee shops to read, slept in, stayed up late,  it was fantastic.  Back to the grind today though.  Work today, a run, then hanging out with DF tonight.  Nothing too exciting going on here.


    FR:  The usual.


    I'll try to make it back later for shouts.  Have a great day!

      Hello all!

      rr: had a 12 miler on Saturday.  Confession I have been terrible about running lately.  I just can't get out of bed to run in the morning lately, and I haven't been able to find the time otherwise to get it done.  I probably miss 5-8 miles a week from my training plan.  I don't know if it is just lack of asolid training plan or burnout or what.  Goal for the next 3 weeks is to hit all of my workouts, either running or ellpital.  Its the last 3 tough weeks before taper so I want to have a good solid end to training.

      Looking more and more into crossfit for the summer to supplement running.  Think I just need some change.  There are some different gyms in my area and I'm trying to decide which is the best - close to work vs closer to home (which is still about 15 minutes from home). The one that is closer to home doesn't have as good of a beginners schedule so might do the work one for awhile to learn and then switch gyms after that.


      nrr: had a really nice weekend.  Party at the running store on Saturday, got 2 pairs of Nike Frees for $60 each, really like the way they feel. Probably won't run in them much but I could see doing some other stuff in them.  Went home for Easter yesterday and just relaxed all day. Was really nice.


      fr: need to reel it in on the sweets. I've been terrible lately!!! Not running enough for this type of eating.



        snowed-congrats on the boat! do you and dbf fish?

        rtr-sounds like you really enjoyed your spring break! now just grind through til summer right?!

        ou-maybe switch out one of those missed runs for gym/x-training? if you are feeling burnt out, i don't blame you for missing runs, you have a lot going on with school and everything.

        RR: 13 saturday it wasn't freezing which was great. 7 yesterday in the sunshine at my sisters. 9 this morning as i was tight on time. i have a race next saturday, a half, so think i'll cut back a little this week too since i haven't 'tapered' in a while.

        NRR: went to my sisters saturday, my parents were down also. we just hung out, watched basketball and made food. yesterday we did church and grilled since it is finally a little warmer here. not too much going on this week. have come down with a little cold from dbf...so that isn't ever fun.

        FR: didn't have any easter candy this weekend...we ate pretty healthy overall.


          Hi all,


          RR: Didn't really hit all my mileage last week, but started this one with 8 yesterday. Resting today then plan to hit 6-7 per day the next three days.


          NRR: Thesis successfully defended and submitted to the grad school. Hard to believe that's really done. Had a fantastic time with DS in the mountains this weekend before he went back to college. I ran a bit (the altitude really got me), we ate out a lot, fished some, hiked some, etc. Dogs were happy! Yesterday was gloriously warm here.


          FR: Have been on a restaurant binge since DS has been in town and we were away for the weekend, so will try to get back to  normal eating this week.


          Snow: Congrats on the boat! What kind of fishing will you do?


          RTR: Your spring break sounds heavenly! Good to get all those runs in. Do you have a race coming up?


          OU: I am also behind on my mileage. Trying to switch to morning running this week because it's already starting to get hot. We'll see whether I can do it. You will probably love CrossFit as a complement to running.


          SJP: Do you have a time goal for your half coming up? Your weekend sounds very restorative.


          Mia: It seemed that all of DS's high school friends were on different spring break schedules, so we pretty much had him to ourselves! :-) He loves college ... he's looking forward to being back here in Colorado for the summer, though, as he's going to train for a whitewater guiding position on the Arkansas river (DH used to do that during summers in college, too). He's extremely excited about that, of course.


          Seattle: So are you getting ready to start your taper? Or not for another couple of weeks?


            RR - Had a great weekend - 7 mi run before work on Friday and a fantastic 20 miler in the sunshine on Saturday morning. It felt really good the whole way through, definitely the best I've felt during and after a 20 miler! I also hit 45 miles last week and 171 miles for the month of March! Today is 5 mi easy run and then rock climbing w/DBF this evening.

            NRR - Had a nice relaxing weekend away at DBF's parents' house - they live on a peninsula near the Olympic mountains, and it was super sunny and just gorgeous all weekend. It even got up to 70 degrees for a little bit, just lovely after this loooong winter (although I'm sure it's not over yet, hah). Pretty much just lounged outside all weekend. I am taking a personal day today since I have some doctor's appointments and such that I needed to get done, so hopefully it will be productive and I won't miss anything crazy at work!

            FR - Not sure on dinner tonight, we brought tons of Easter leftovers so maybe ham and potatoes or something.



              RTR: Ugh On getting back to the grind!  But it sounds like you had a great break.

              OU: I was really bad on the sweets this weekend also!  BLEH!  Need to detox!

              SJP: Glad you had a good weekend.  Any word on the apartment?  Sorry about your cold.

              MC: Awesome that you had such a great time with DS.  My younger DD comes home and complains she SO BORED if none of her friends are around.  I can only do so much to keep her entertained.  LOL  Both my girls are staying in their college towns until early August.  : (

              Seattle: Such an awesome weekend here!!  This is why we love the PNW!


              RR: Didn't run this weekend, but did get in some cross-training moving patio pavers and sand to the backyard from the driveway.  Going running today with buds.

              NRR: Had a VERY NICE WEEKEND!  DBF came down Thursday and Friday nights.  We went to my DD's regatta on Saturday.  They are fun but it's hard to see much and there are long spaces of time between races.  It was sunny out but there was a cold breeze down by the water so I was a little chilled.  After the races, DBF and I brought my DD and four of her friends back to my house.  DBF headed home and left me to reign in the kids.  The patio pavers and sand had been delivered while we were at the regatta so I had them help me take them to the back yard.  : )  They're good workers.  I fed them lots of food and got them some cider so they were happy campers. Then they just hung out and relaxed, watched some TV and went to bed pretty early.  I set up an egg hunt for them in the morning and made them a big b'fast.

              Ex got back in town this weekend. : (  He came over to see DD BUT, great planner that he is,  I told him what time we were heading back and that's when he showed up to see DD, so our trip was delayed about 30 minutes.  Yesterday was lots of driving.  My running friend lent me his SUV so they wouldn't be squished on the trip.  I got home about 10:30 last night after driving to Portland and then back.

              FR: Not so good, the Easter chocolate won.



                RTR: I keep forgetting to ask, how do you like your Focus?



                  Hello! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


                  RR- I ended the month with 150 miles! Which is by far my highest month. Today is an unplanned rest day so far. I decided to just sleep in. I really needed it. I've wanted to call in sick to work for about a week now because I just don't have the energy.


                  NRR- I passed my EMT tests! So freaking glad! The test was not as hard as I was anticipating and I did better than the midterm. Now I just have to wait on the state to process everything. I can't run on the ambulance until I have a certification card on file with the dept. Hopefully that doesn't take to long.


                  FR- Eh... Did really good at the beginning of last week and then Friday it went down hill. I had a really hard time eating right on the days I was so busy. Hopefully now that my class is over I can focus more on eating right, and cooking some meals.


                  RTR- Glad you had a great spring break! Hope the kids aren't to rowdy coming back from break. What grade do you teach?


                  OU- Maybe you just needed a bit of a break. I haven't done a training program but I can imagine it could be really hard to stick to some days. Maybe you could just go out and run by feel for a couple of days? That way you still get some running time in, but aren't doing exactly what the program calls for.


                  SJP- Thanks! We're super excited to go out on it. We're hoping for Thursday if the weather works out. Fishing in Sitka is so different in than just a rod an reel like I'm used to in Colorado lakes. But we plan on slowly learning how to fish. It costs quite a bit to get all the equipment  I think first were just going to get used to driving a boat. Then get a skate setup so we can get halibut. Later will come the crab pots and shrimp pots. Your family time sounds really nice!


                  MC- Woo Hoo! I bet that's a huge relief to have your thesis finished! You worked hard to get it done. DBF and I plan on slowly learning to fish. Will probably start out with halibut and salmon. Then move on to get crap and shrimp pots when we've saved some money.


                  Seattle- Awesome running weekend! Your training really seems to be paying off! Do you have a goal time for your marathon?


                  Mia- Your weekend sounds really busy, but fun! Did you enjoy having all the kids in your house?


                    Just got back from a nice 5 mi run, my legs were a bit tired at the start but they loosened up and felt great by the end!  Not sunny anymore, but not raining either.


                    rtr - hope getting back into the routine isn't too rough for you - I totally enjoyed my spring break even though it was just no classes (start up again today with that too!).  Your spring break sounds so relaxing and lovely!


                    ou - sorry you've been struggling with the running lately - it happens to the best of us, especially when we're busy/it's winter/we're in the middle of a long marathon training plan.  I think the idea of finding a supplmental fitness activity that you enjoy and think is fun is a huge help - the climbing helps mix it up and I wind up looking forward to climbing and running both!  Which marathon training plan are you following?


                    sjp - glad you had a nice Easter weekend and some warmer weather there too!  It's so nice after all this winter.  Enjoy your taper week!


                    MC - that weekend away with DS sounds awesome!  Glad you got some running and eating and being active in!  Way to go on your thesis, that must be such a great feeling after working on it for so long!!  I have a cutback week this week, a 20 miler next weekend, and then taper time.  I know taper is good but I am not really looking forward to it haha!  I am liking the higher mileage and longer runs!  Smile


                    Mia - glad you had a fun weekend with DD and DBF!  bummer on ex showing up...  hopefully that didn't put too much of a damper on the day.  Yuck to driving to Portland and back in the same day, that is a tiring drive!!


                    snowden - way to go on your monthly mileage PR!  I feel like I was so excited to hit 100 for the first time in November and now I ended March with 171, crazy.  It is exciting!  Glad you got to sleep in today - I've been feeling pretty tired lately too and really enjoyed sleeping in yesterday for the first time in a while.  It is definitely tough to keep eating healthy and cooking when you're super busy, but congrats on passing the EMT test!  Woohoo!  I'd like to run under 5 hours for the marathon, or at least PR (my previous fastest marathon is 5:12).  I will be really happy if I do but of course as long as I finish and run strong I'll be pleased with that!