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It's Friday - Celebrate!!! (Read 8 times)


    It's the last Friday in July, hard to believe the year is going by so quickly.

    RR: Nothing yesterday except going up and down stairs numerous times to move my older daughters stuff out of her room.

    NRR: Where was everyone yesterday?  I drove to Portland Wednesday and spent time with DD going to Goodwill for drop offs, going to stores to get stuff she needed, etc.  We went for a long walk on Wednesday night.  Thursday, as I said, I loaded DD's stuff in my car.  She was thinking about heading home with me, but ended up staying because she has lots to pack still and needs to clean the place before she moves out.  Not sure what the weekend holds yet.

    FR: Still doing okay, Went out to eat with DD so more than I should've eaten probably.



      Hi Mia!!! I agree, I can't believe its already the end of July. I wish summer was longer. Whew, moving is hard work. It's such a workout and exhausting. so.many.stairs.


      RR: 11 yesterday, p90x after work and then 16 this morning in the rain for my long run. We are headed to DBF's parents this weekend so wanted to get in a long run before we go there and have to 'schedule' it. My heel is acting up a little after the run...have to be careful and pay attention to it.


      NRR: had a company retreat yesterday, so wasn't at the office. it was good to talk about our company and such, just sort of long. we are headed to dbf's right after work today. dbf and i drove in together so we don't have to drive back home before leaving (traffic is awful). BUT we are picking up dbf some shoes at the outlets, some wine for his parents bc they moved, and getting dinner since dbf's mom stresses and texts us 10x during the 2 hour drive there about dinner. she is a pain.


      FR: eh, nothing exciting. had major heartburn yesterday after work, must've been the banana digesting during p90x.