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    Good morning!


    RR:  I ran 3.1 miles yesterday, which was a nice shake out run, since I had been so stiff from the trail race.  Today I think I'm taking a rest day, because I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy a car after work.


    NRR: Work, buying a new car, then hanging out with DF today.   I want to do just a little more research, but I think I'm going to go buy the car I test drove this weekend after work today.


    FR:  The usual.


    Shouts from yesterday:


    MIA:  Oh good, I’m glad to hear you like your focus.  I think I’ll get a black one.  It sounds like you had a great weekend with TLC man!


    Seattle:  Nice job on the half!  It’s always a great feeling to pass people at the end.


    OU:  Happy spring break!  Wow, that’s some insane running this weekend!  Do you have a goal for your next marathon?


    SJP:  That sounds like a great weekend away with DBF!



      ou-great job on your running this weekend. that is fantastic! i bet your foot is nothing, but i hear you on being super cautious. yes i'm back to the tmill for a few weeks. between weather and darkness, i don't stand a chance!

      seattle-great job on your race! too bad about you getting soda dumped all over you, but sounds like you all laughed it off--what else can you do?! pizza on the beach sounds awesome.

      mia-wow, 100+ stairs sounds tough. that is so great of you to help out TLC with painting. it sounds really great. always a good sign when you can work well together on projects like that.

      rtr-did you decide on a car type?

      RR: 10 miles this morning. calf is still cramped up. I did a lot of massaging and foam rolling last night. hopefully its better soon. it isn't painful to run or walk, just stairs and if i touch it.

      NRR: ugh, my roommate has a new boytoy and its getting annoying. he is there everynight and they start making dinner at 9 pm, with the tv blasting so they can hear it. we had to ask them to turn it down so we could hear our tv in our room on the second floor. dbf and i are looking for places, but it sucks to wait out 4-6 more weeks of this. boo. not in a good mood about this. haha.

      FR: eh, nothing exciting going on here.

        rtr: i'm going for having a better marathon time then my first.  Figure that will be an achieve goal!  Fun for a new car - is it the Focus?


        sjp: ugggh, it's like college all over again with the roommate!!!  Hate that.  I got over early morning running outside when our last bout of winter weather came through, just haven't been able to talk myself into getting up early to bundle up to run in the dark.  I've been running at lunch instead, so much warmer and more pleasant!  Hope you guys get some good weather soon!


        seattle: good job on the half!!!  endurance can really kill speed, don't beat yourself up on it.  finishing the marathon is the ultimate goal! ha on the soda tray.  As long as you can laugh it off it's all good.  I think I would have laughed harder if it had been some preppy girl with her hair all done up though - that would be hilarious!


        mia: spring break really starts next week, but this week I have one class cancelled and I figure I have two weeks to complete homework instead of one!  Wow can't believe oldest DD is almost out of school.  time flies! what type of job is she going to look for?


        rr: did 5 miles on elliptical this morning.  yawn.  atleast I got some reading done for class.  Tired now, I still hate time change!


        nrr: went bowling with some peeps from work last night.  had a great time.  We have a "classy" bowling alley downtown that has like 10 lanes with a full service restaurant and big screen tvs - so wasn't like ghetto bowling.  Had a groupon so it was cheap and a great time!


        fr: yea, really need to get on track.  between water retention from high mileage and too many sweets I can really feel it on the hips...


          Good morning!


          RR - Had a nice easy 4 mi run yesterday and a good climbing session with DBF. My arms still tire out pretty quickly but I am getting a little better! Today is an 8 mi run along the waterfront after work, now that it is staying light out later!

          NRR - Only have two homework assignments left for the quarter plus studying for the final... the end is in sight! Work is starting to pick up again this week too so that's good. I have a couple doctor's appointments that I need to juggle next week so I'm hoping those won't be too much of an issue. Hoping to get some more homework and laundry done after my run tonight!

          FR - Stir fry pork & veggies w/roasted potatoes last night, rice noodles & broccoli beef tonight. I had some Ben & Jerry's and a glass of wine last night, and it was a nice treat.


          Back in a bit for shouts!



            RTR: Hope you like your Focus as much as I like mine.  I get about 31 mpg now that it's broken in.

            SJP: Very annoying about the housemate and her boytoy.  Is your lease up in 4 to 6 weeks is that why you have to wait that long?  I love it that both TLC and I live alone for the most part (sometimes my girls are home).

            OU: bowling sounds like a lot of fun.  Do you have any vacations planned?  How much more school do you have?  Older DD doesn't really know what she wants to do and she doesn't like to talk about it.  She is really nervous about graduating.

            Seattle: Yeah bath, wine and ben and jerry's sounds pretty awesome.  Were you nice and relaxed after that?


            RR: Ran yesterday with TP's about 5 miles, probably the same today.

            NRR: Got a call from a friend that the humane society nearby needed help walking dogs yesterday, so I spent the afternoon down there walking dogs, stuffing kongs for dogs, getting cat food ready, trying to feed a dog that has no esophagus muscles (so sad).  It was an enjoyable afternoon.

            FR: Eating healthy but too much healthy.  Need to fix my portion sizes.



              Good Morning Everyone


              RR- Last week was definitely a cut back week for me. I didn't plan on it but its the way it happened. So this week I've been ready to get out and run a lot. Sunday I got in a really awesome hour and a half of trail time. Yesterday I snuck out of work early to run but the dog really needed to get out so I tried to take her. But she's a pretty pathetic leash runner. She goes so slow! I didn't even count it as a run. Maybe she just needs to get used to running? Learn the difference between a run and a walk? Today there is a bit of fresh show on the ground(where did that come from?!) but I want to get in a mid length run before work.


              FR- Did well the past two days. Avoided homemade chocolate cake at work.


              NRR- Same busy life.


              RTR- Your trail race sounds awesome. I'm glad it went well. Do you enjoy trail running? It's a different animal than road running. Hope the car buying goes well!


              sjp- I would be irritated with the roommates new boytoy too! I never enjoyed having roommates in general so I'm really glad that I was already living alone when DBF moved in. I don't think I could go back to having another person around.


              ou- hey 5 miles is 5 miles. Good job getting up and running!


              seattle- wait, you're not supposed to eat the whole thing on ben and jerrys and drink the entire bottle of wine?!


              Mia- Sounds like a good afternoon at the humane society. Do you have any pets?


                I am not really looking forward to my run after work today, it is super gloomy and windy out and supposed to rain as well, argh!  In brighter news, DBF got offered a permanent position at REI (he started off as temp to hire and was starting to get nervous about whether his contract would be extended into a permanent position), so that's exciting!  He didn't think he would find out until June or July so I'm sure he is relieved.


                rtr - yay for new car shopping, how exciting!  I like ford focus a lot, I'd consider one of those for my next car someday.  Hope it works out well for you!


                sjp - ouch, hope your calf feels better soon!  My legs are still pretty tight from the half, I am hoping the run this afternoon will help shake them out a bit.  Lame on the roommate and her boytoy...  I hate it when people are inconsiderate like that.  Hope you and DBF can find a new place soon!


                ou - bowling sounds like so much fun, especially at a nicer type bowling alley (although I love the super cheap pitchers of beer type places too)!  I was really glad I wasn't wearing anything particularly nice to go out to dinner...  I would have been bummed if it had been a sundress or something light colored b/c it probably would have been stained and ruined!


                Mia - I was definitely relaxed but then I realized I still had a quiz to take... haha!  I took it pretty quickly so I could go snuggle up in bed.  how fun to volunteer at the humane society, that is awesome!


                snowden - well, I gave my mom some of the ice cream but I ate most of it... haha!  And there was only a glass of wine left in the bottle and I was too lazy to open a new one.  Bummer on the dog not being good at leash running - hopefully she can figure it out soon!


                  Hi friends! I just wanted to drop in and say sorry I'm such a horrible forumite lately. I have been crazy busy with work and traveling quite a bit, so real life is just in the way right now. I'll be in Kansas City later this week and then off to a nice 4-day lake trip with my boys and then I should be able to post again. Hope everyone is well and still on track for your goals!