Weight Loss Dailies


Finally the Fridailies! (Read 10 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  Um, yeah, that didn't happen yesterday.  Oops.  I stayed at work late and blah, blah, blah, insert excuses here.  It will however, happen today!  I'm running at least four after work.  Also, DF and I are doing a longer run tomorrow as well.  We just found out we got into the popular ten mile race (it just went to a lottery registration this year), so he wants to start training for it.


    NRR:  Friday!!!  I'm excited!  Tonight DF and I are having a relaxing evening, then tomorrow our favorite brunch place opened up a new location closer to us, so we're going to go check it out, then see Safe Haven and later go for a long run.  Sunday I'm going bridesmaids dress shopping (it got postponed last week), so hopefully that will be taken care of.


    FR:  I'm planning to make baked macaroni and cheese tonight.  Not sure if I'll use the skinny taste recipe, or the one from Mark Bittman's how to cook everything.


    Shouts from yesterday:

    Snowden:  Great job on the long run yesterday!  You’re really rocking the mileage!  We don’t have Netflix, but we might try a free trial.


    MIA:  Nice job getting the run in while it was raining.  Runs are always worth it once they are over!  DF and I are going to see Safe Haven this weekend and I’m going bridesmaids dress shopping on Sunday, otherwise that’s it for the weekend.  Do you have any plans with TLC man?


    Seattle:  I think your plan of having “free” meals before and after a long run is a great idea to make sure you’re properly fueled for your run.  I’ll have to remember that for when I train for my next marathon.


    SJP:  New England seems to be getting hammered with the snow.  I think that’s three weekends in a row now!  If you could send some of that snow a little further south, I’d appreciate it.  We’re getting the cold temps (well, cold enough for snow, probably not what you have up there), but no snow!  If it’s going to be cold, I’d like to see some snow!


      Good morning!  Glad it's Friday!

      RR - Up early for a 6 mi run before work this morning. I have given in and will do my first treadmill run of the winter - it is raining hard and supposed to be 30-50 mph wind today. Hopefully it will settle before my long run tomorrow... Also thinking of an 800M swim after work.

      NRR - Was so tired yesterday that I took a bubble bath and went to sleep early. It was a productive but busy day at work and today will probably be more of the same. I like being busy much better than being slow, but sometimes (like yesterday) it can be kind of draining. Think it will be a pretty nice weekend - long run (15 mi) tomorrow, then probably relaxing and maybe doing some bowling with DBF, maybe some rock climbing on Sunday, and then snuggling up on the couch studying and doing homework.

      FR - Ended up making the skinnytaste baked chicken nuggets of amazingness (they are seriously so good) w/sweet potato fries last night - perfect comfort food after a long day! Thinking probably pasta w/meatballs and french bread tonight - my long runs are getting back up to the point where I feel I should eat pasta beforehand, and bring GU and water along with!



        snowed-nice run yesterday! that is awesome. way to push through the end, that particular skill will come in handy during a race. not stopping when you want to stop!!! We get tons of cruise tourists here too (not as many as you prob) and its always the same thing, holding maps upside down trying to find somewhere...haha its always like 'see that big blue thing on the map--its the ocean, and you can see it from where you are currently standing....)

        mia-you got in some bada$$ miles yesterday. cold/wet runs are not fun, but always feel so good after a hot shower and some hot coffee afterward! and no, we don't really get to do anything together when we visit DBF's parents. its pretty much sit down and stare at eachother and must be in the same room the whole time. its insane.

        seattle-hope your cold goes away soon, they always just seem to linger forever. aw, good for you, going to bed early! and i need to try those chicken fingers! good luck on your long run, i'm sure it will go well!

        rtr-that will be fun to do a long run with DF! and a new favorite brunch spot closer sounds awesome. a good weekend planned for you. hope the dresses are found and colors are picked! yes we are getting hammered every weekend. it hasn't been too big of a snow storm since the blizzard but its still kills travel plans since even 6 inches is enough to be crappy conditions for driving. yeah we actually don't have too much left after the blizzard. we think that 35* is warm here.

        RR: ran 12 this morning. i am going to go longer tomorrow as time permits. snow isn't supposed to happen until the evening so that shouldn't be a problem but we may end up at DBF's parents....

        NRR: snow on saturday night into sunday may cancel our weekend at DBF's parents. I am totally cool with it, but his mom will make us reschedule and i don't want to waste another free weekend accomodating her. i doubt we'll do a day trip in this case. i also wish the storm was a little later saturday night so we could eek out a hike or something saturday. we don't want to be driving home in the snow...

        FR: need to grocery shop, haven't really in over a week...


          Glad I got my run done inside this morning...  it is raining hard and crazy windy out.  I am usually good to go in any weather but I draw the line at 30-50 mph wind!  It wasn't too bad, I just hopped on a treadmill and watched HGTV all morning Smile


          rtr - glad you and DF got into the race!  DBF and I are entering a lottery to go hiking in an amazing spot nearby and it's really competitive to get in (which is a good thing, keeps the area really nice) so I hope that we can get in!  Enjoy bridesmaid dress shopping and mac and cheese tonight... perfect winter weather for it here at least.


          sjp - yeah, I think today is the first day that I haven't noticed the cough as much.  I'm just glad I didn't (knock on wood) wind up with the super nasty flu this year!  I hope you guys get a break from the snow soon... it sucks when weather messes with your plans!  I hope DBF's mom settles down eventually, that must be so hard to have to deal with!  It's amazing how some adults can still manage to act like 2 year olds... sheesh!  It makes me so glad that my DBF's parents are amazingly awesome and fun to hang out with, I hope your DBF's parents will get there eventually or at least quit making you hang out with them so much!




            The sun is out, the sun is out! I have 4 hours until I have to be at work, where yes, the hanger door will be open all day. The sun has not come out in a long, long time. 


            RR- I plan on taking the dog out for a long walk to get out in the sun. I can run tonight if I want to. 


            FR- Did pretty good yesterday. Made up for the night before.


            NRR- The sun is out!


            rtr- Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you! It's great that DF is going to run with you, have you run together before? I always wish DBF would run with me, that way we could spend more time together.


            seattle- I had spaghetti and meat balls for dinner last night. So yummy! I need to try the nuggets you're raving about. I've been considering trying some sort of fueling now that my runs are getting longer. Do you like GU? I've never tried it, or anything for that matter.


            sjp- yes about the maps! I tend to take the road of laughing about them under my breath instead of getting mad at tourists. Nice running! Hope you get a long one in before the snow.


            Edited to add: ... ten freaking minutes later and there is no more sun and not even a teeny tiny bit of blue in the sky. ... More rain I guess. Maybe Seattle and Mia can understand the crazy that is going through my head right now. The most sun I've got in the past FOREVER was 10 seconds on my run yesterday, through a bunch of trees. I'm going mad. 


              snowden - I totally feel you on the sun thing...  I get overly excited when it comes out in the winter because it is just never never never here!  Our 10 day forecast is all rain and gray Sad  I hope yours comes back sooner than ours does!  I really like GU, I have tried a couple other brands but I just keep going back to that one since I've used it for all my marathons.  I like the vanilla, the strawberry banana, tri berry, chocolate outrage, mint chocolate... they have lots of good flavors (which is nice since I would get sick of eating the same flavor multiple times during a marathon haha).


                Happy Friday.

                RTR:  congrats on getting into the race. It will be fun to train with DF I bet. Has he ever run races before?

                SEATTLE: it is so nasty out today.  Hope you are able to stay warm and dry.

                SJP:  didn't get in as many miles as you've been running but we ran 6.5 miles four days this week. My ex mil would get upset if we tried to see friends when we visited them. She'd act like a spoiled teenager. I truly feel your pain.

                SNOWDEN:  yes This grayness is really starting to get under my skin. I just feel chilled to the core all the time. I so need to soak up some sunshine.


                RR:  taking a day off today. running friend is in LV for the weekend.  The other is in Bend, OR. I may go for a walk if the rain and wind subside   Planning on doing some stair climbing at some point this weekend. Need to prep for the stairclimber I'm doing in a month.

                NRR:  went to TLC's last night. We worked on our puzzle some more, so close to being done but he kept distracting me. LOL. He also made me dinner and then we cuddled on the couch and listened to music. We both fell asleep because it was so relaxing. We're thinking about going to the home show this weekend  , other than that no big plans.

                FR:  I am recommitting to tracking. I went to a WW meeting this morning and saw some friends which was nice but I'm also up about 5 lbs so need to get it under control. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.



                  Mia - I feel the need for some sunshine too...  it was sooooo nice when we went to Palm Springs, we just literally soaked up as much Vitamin D as we possibly could!  I have been staying warm and dry today, not sure I'll be so lucky tomorrow but I think this afternoon is supposed to be the worst of it.  Elliot Bay is whitecapping hard right now!  Home show sounds like fun, I was thinking about stopping by there as well!