Weight Loss Dailies


Wake up! It's the Mondailies! (Read 209 times)


    Good morning!

    RR:  I'll be running anywhere between four and six miles after work.  I'm looking forward to it, since I didn't run at all over the weekend.


    NRR:  Skiing was really fun!  It also turns out that I'm not terrible at it, which is surprising because I haven't been since I was in high school.  I went down the green hills a bunch of times and a blue one a few times as well.  Now we can't wait to go try it again.


    Today I just have work, my run, then DF and I are going to a Hibachi Grill with a couple of his friends.


    FR:  Hibachi tonight.  I'm not the biggest fan of it since I can only get veggies and rice, which leaves me hungry  an hour later.


    Have a great day!


      Morning!  Sorry I've been MIA, last week i was sick at the beginning of the week and then had some morning meetings, out of my routine and didn't post in the afternoon!

      RR: still running, much better now that I am over this cold. I ran 13 on Saturday at DBF's sisters/bil, then 7 yesterday. still hit mid 60's for mileage even though i was sick at the start of the week, i'll take it!

      NRR: went to CT this past weekend to visit DBF's family for christmas. his mom wasn't as intense bc it wasn't her house but oh man she is loud and never stops talking. I  get so exhausted. I got stuck with his mom/sister to do curtains while the boys built shelves in the basement, would have much rather built shelves, i coudl care less about curtains. oh well I survived. I was also having ttom so just wanted to curl up on the couch with a heathing pad. Got some good stuff for christmas, his parents got me a nice running shirt, some socks/candy etc.

      FR: ugh, his parents never eat lunch bc we have 'appetizers' before dinner, dbf and I starve whenever we visit, I have resorted to bringing snacks and leaving them in my room to eat when i'm hungry, its sad, but i have to EAT!

      rtr-glad you got to go skiing again. i like hibachi, once, but i agree i'm not huge on the food and after you've been to 1 of them, you've seen the tricks. it never changes.

      ou-nice work with the diet and wl, you've been disciplined!!!

      seattle-you are making me want chicken nuggets! i love them. seahawks almost pulled it out!

      snowed-i can't give up sweets, i think its just being a girl, chocolate is a must have. can have sweets if most everything else is healthy right?!

      mc-wow, nice job with the weightloss! hope you caught up on sleep this weekend.

      mia-are you liking your new job?

      simon-keeping everyone healthy with back to school and daycare?

        another Monday??? I really don't know how this keeps happening...

        rr: first weekend of double loaded running - taking the HH Intermediate 1 idea of running to major runs on the weekend, but using mileage closer to the Novice 2 plan.  Saturday I did a 5K with a mile wu and cd.  Was about 12 seconds off my PR which I was stoked about because the wind was 20mph in my face for the first half and we were running around the dam of a lake which made it worse.  I have high hopes for this year  -i haven't raced a 5k in 18 months...  Sunday morning ran 9 miles, it was bitter cold and I forgot a face mask, ouch!  So 14 miles over the weekend, legs were toast!!!


        nrr: went to see Gangster Squad yesterday - good movie, predictable but funny.  I really liked it.  Also my two favorite NFL teams won -Ravens and Pats (I know you shouldn't like both of those teams, but RAvens are my team and Tom Brady is hot...nough said).  So good weekend all around.  Not ready for Monday.  School also kicks off today so back in the swing of things!\


        fr: need to work of my weekend run fueling.  IF I'm going to double load the weekends I will have to figure out an eating plan to be fueled and recover - without eating too much.  Going to play around with this the first few weeks before mileage gets too high.


        wr: went up another .2 this weekend - but since I lost 6lbs in the first 3 days of diet i'm not too upset, i'm sure things are just soothing out and hopefully it will start to go down soon.


        sjp: glad that xmas at DBF went well - and not too stressful with the mom.  I agree, i'm not much for curtains, although I would love to put some in my house... I prefer to build shelves and such!


        rtr: fun skiing, i've always wanted to try, but I am so scared of things that might result in broken bones (biking, skiing, skate boarding, etc).


          Hi all,


          RR: Ran 6 on Saturday in cold temp, about 15 degrees, and thought I had overdressed. But was really glad for the face mask with the wind against  me coming back. I've felt cold ever since all weekend. Saturday's run brought my mileage to 21.5 for the week, which is probably the highest mileage I've had this early in the year since I started running 4 years ago. Really focused on keeping my mileage between 21-30 all year long, with no huge lapses.


          WR: Did a quick check this morning, and the 4 pounds has stayed gone so far. I think I have a really good breakfast/lunch eating plan, so if I eat a reasonable dinner and don't blow it after dinner with extra snacks, I can keep the trend going.


          NRR: Musical weekend: Went to see a violin virtuoso, Sarah Chang, in Boulder Saturday night because my sister had extra tickets. Amazing. I haven't heard live classical music in so long, it was really wonderful. Then last night, my band (DH and I have a little retro country/honky-tonk band) played for a party in Denver connected with the western wear show. It was really fun--it's the fourth time we've played this party, so it was fun to see all those folks again.


          RTR: So glad the skiing was fun! I love skiing .. I grew up in Kansas, but my family used to come to Colorado to ski about once a year when I was in high school, and I've loved it ever since. I can't say I'm very good even after all this time, but I still love it.


          SJP: Good for you and your mileage ... you are so tough to stick it out even when you're sick! You have such sympathy from me with DBF's mom, but it sounds like you're handling the situation with enormous grace.


          OU: Terrific on the 14 miles! Face masks are very essential. Congrats on being so close to your PR!


            I am late to the party today!


            RR - 3 mi lunch break run, then upper body lifting at the gym w/DBF after work.


            NRR - What a weekend!  DBF and I had a lovely time on Orcas Island - the weather was cold but absolutely gorgeous (especially Saturday).  The mountains were just out on the ferry ride over.  We had a nice time just eating yummy food, drinking wine, hanging out on the balcony watching the sunset, and just talking.  Seahawks game yesterday was OMG.  I think my hands are still shaking haha.  Can't wait to see them next year when all our rookies are even better!  Not much this week except trying to get back in the routine of work and school.


            FR -Made a delicious pot roast for dinner last night.  Thinking spaghetti and meatballs tonight.


            Back a bit later for shouts!


              Happy Monday everyone! Sorry to have been MIA at the end of last week. I was bummed about leaving my parents' and being back in Richmond by myself... but I'm ok now hah. Just had to get used to the whole "living alone" thing again. Forgot how much that sucks sometimes.


              RR: Got in a nice double yesterday! 12mi in the morning after DBF left, then 8mi on the TM later that afternoon. I never really got into doubles, but I've done a day of doubles twice in the past week or so and I'm really liking it. I think I'll start incorporating that into my week more often... especially since I have a few days where I have a big chunk of time on campus in between classes. Going for a short run on the TM at the gym is just the perfect way to make good use of that time! And it doesn't wear me out as much as doing the mileage all in one run.


              NRR: Today was the first day of the semester! And I started it out with 90min of class this morning. That's it for the day. Hah. Easy first day back. My schedule this semester seems SO LIGHT compared to what we did last semester. I'm really looking forward to having a life again! On Friday I went to the hospital to shadow my Peds professor for the day... it was the best day ever I absolutely loved every second of it. We spent half the day in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) then half of the day in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit). Oh my goodness. I just fell even more in love with my future career and absolutely cannot wait to graduate and start working in the field. Then DBF came out here for the weekend and it was really nice to spend some quality time together. I feel like we never get to see enough of each other. He had to leave early Sunday morning to go to Williamsburg... he was recording a demo CD in the studio down there. Can't wait to hear how it turned out!


              FR: On Saturday night I cooked chicken cordon bleu for DBF and made frozen Reese's pb pie for dessert. Everything turned out so great!


              Shoutouts next to play catch up...


                Runtravel: Glad you had fun skiing! I feel like I would be really terrible at it hah. Will you and DF be able to go again before the winter is over? Have fun at the Hibachi grill tonight. I agree with you, it's not my favorite type of restaurant… I always had to eat afterwards when I was a vegetarian, and even now that I eat meat I just don't think it's all that great.


                Sjp: Glad that you're feeling better and over that cold! I'm still working on getting rid of mine. Ugh it seems like I hold onto these things forever now! Irritating. Sorry that DBF's mom is so tough to deal with… that must be hard when y'all go visit his family. You're such a good girlfriend to smile and put on a happy face! I know what you mean about the eating thing… I think that's something us runners struggle with… I always, always need to eat every 3ish hours or I get ravenous and grumpy. Unfortunately that's not always possible when I'm with DBF or his family… or when I'm working at clinic. Other people don't get it! I have a habit of just keeping Clif bars in my pockets in clinic, in my car, in my backpack, in my purse… everywhere. You never know when you might need one!


                Ou: Nice work on the running mileage this weekend, especially the 5k. Ugh running in the wind is the absolute worst. Got any goals for your marathon yet? Hope that your first day back at school goes well! What's your schedule like this semester? Busy?


                MC: Brrr 15 degrees is COLD. I ran in those temps once when I was at my parents' over break and it was pretty brutal. It usually doesn't get that cold here in Richmond, luckily. This morning I ran in a sports bra and shorts… in the middle of January! Weird. Then in two days the temps will be back in the low 30s in the morning. Crazy weather. I always drink hot tea and take a scalding hot shower and then put on tons of clothes when I finish running in the winter. But most of the time I'm cold for a while afterwards anyways. Nice work on the weight loss! That's pretty cool you and DH have a band. What instruments do you two play? Do you sing at all? DBF plays the mandolin and sings… I've always been totally amazed at people who have musical talent, since it's SO out of my realm of capabilities.


                Seattle: Orcas Island? Is it named that after the whales? Glad that you two had a fun weekend together! Sounds lovely and so relaxing.


                  Oh look its Monday! I got on here expecting not to see anything thinking it was Sunday. That's good for me because Monday is my work Friday!


                  RR- I got over 5.5 in yesterday. I felt like I was running really strong. When I got home I didn't go as far or as fast was I was thinking. But it was still a strong run. Not sure what I'll do today. I got up pretty late again. I'm icing my foot right now. If I don't run, I'll at least walk the dog.


                  FR- Haven't had sweets for 2 days! But I way way way over did it on snacking last night.


                  NRR- Woke up to another earth quake this morning. They have been happening pretty frequently. Nothing so big it causes any panic. But its not a nice thing to wake up to. This one was a 5.5. I think all of them have had an epicenter at Craig AK. Which is about 120ish miles away I think. Its good in the sense that's its south and east along the coast line of us so the chance of a tsunami is not very large. The wave would have to come up a lot of jagged coast line. Now if it were anywhere west I think the circumstances would change.


                  rtr- skiing is so addictive once you get the hang of it. Glad you liked it! Are you a vegetarian? Have a good run. It'll probably help you loosen up after skiing.


                  sjp- I totally get it with the eating thing! That would not work for me at all. I get in a really bad mood when I don't eat when I need too. To the point where I leave snack items everywhere I routinely go.  And I agree that giving up sweets so unrealistic. : ) But I eat way too much. So my goal is to only eat sweets once a week so so, not every day.


                  ou- what is wu and cd? But.. awesome job running! Sounds like you kicked some butt. And the good timing on your 5k to add to it with the weather. : ) I may have asked before, but what are you going to school for?


                  MC- Nice job on your weekly mileage. And the weight! Its so nice to see those pounds come off that you weren't expecting to see.


                  Seattle- Your weekend sounds so nice! Just being able to hang out with DBF. Glad you got to do that!


                  jrk- I've been thinking about doing doubles too. The only reason I haven't is because my second run would be after work. I get off at 10pm and I'm just too lazy then. But really I'm just making excuses because I've been thinking I'd like to run at night some. I just need to get up and do it. Or... (light bulb) I could run from work, around that area. Its great that your really enjoyed shadowing your professor! It's always nice to have that reassurance along the way that you are going to enjoy your job since you're putting so much of your life into it right now.


                  Hope everyone's Monday is not so Monday-like and its going good!


                    snowden - yeesh on another earthquake, that is frightening that they are happening so often!  Is there a fault where they are coming from or do they know why they keep happening so close together?  Glad you had a good run last night - happy work friday!


                    jkr - I think it is named after the whales...  we didn't see any but it was beautiful!  I love how your idea of a short run is 8 mi... you are amazing!  So glad you had a nice weekend with DBF and that your schedule this semester is seeming a little easier.  Chicken cordon bleu is so good, I think that was the first real "fancy" dinner I cooked for my DBF as well!


                    MC - way to go on your running and mileage...  it is great to be so consistent!  All your musical plans sound like a blast.  Do you sing or play an instrument?


                    ou - nice work on your 5k and the double weekend mileage!  I'm sure that is something I am going to have to figure out juggling as well.  the more I run, the hungrier I get haha.  Glad your football weekend turned out more satisfactory than mine!


                    sjp - wow, I'd be amazed if I ever hit 60 mpw feeling great, let alone sick.  You are so inspirational! Glad you survived the time with DBF's family - sounds like you are learning some little tricks to make it easier on yourself.  I love keeping stashes of energy bars in random places... never know when they'll come in handy.


                    rtr - yay for a great ski weekend!  I have the funniest feeling I'd definitely be terrible at it haha.  Enjoy your run and dinner tonight!  for some reason I didn't know you were a vegetarian - hope you can find something yummy for dinner!


                      I made it for a nice 4.4 mile run after work today.  The first couple of miles were sluggish, but once I got into it, it felt really great.



                      SJP:  Wait, they don't eat lunch because they have appetizers before dinner?  That doesn't make too much sense to me.  The only time I don't eat lunch is if I sleep in and have a delicious brunch.  Nice job keeping your mileage up last week!


                      OU:  Are you marathon training already?  That's an amazing turnaround time after your first marathon!


                      Foco:  That concert sounds fanatstic!  Also, I think its awesome that you're in a band.


                      Seattle:  Wow, Orca Island sounds fantastic.  It sounds like there are a lot of great things you can do around Seattle.


                      JKR:  DF and I hope we can make it skiing again before spring.  We're going to keep an eye out for deals on lift tickets.  That pie sounds delicious.


                      Snowden:  Yep, I've been a vegetarian for about ten years now.  Happy Friday to you!  Scary about the earthquakes, at least it doesn't sound like there will be a tsunami.


                      Have a great night!