Weight Loss Dailies


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    mia-race this weekend is a half. its a flat course and right on the coast, hoping for good weather! dbf wants to pr and 'race' it but i just kind of see how i feel when i'm out there!

    seattle-ugh, sorry to hear about dbf, hopefully you stay healthy.

    mc-sometimes beer is worth it. sounds like a fun weekend with your sister!

    RR: 5 easy miles this morning with some elliptical after. we lifted last night and i can feel it today! i love that.  

    NRR: dbf and i are going to go to a park in town after work, it's up on a hill overlooking the ocean, picnic to enjoy the nice weather. then home to watch big bang theory. love thursdays!

    FR: whole foods hot bar/take out whatever we are feeling for dinner outside/picnic!


      What??  I thought I posted earlier this morning but I guess it disappeared.


      RR- Hoping to do some lifting/climbing after work with DBF, seems like he is feeling better now!


      NRR- Had kind of a stressful day at work yesterday topped off with laundry and almost four hours of hw/studying when I got home... fun times!  Need to make better use of my weekends/Sundays to get stuff done, I didn't really do any hw last weekend so now I have more than I thought left!  Oh well, lesson learned.  Hoping to just relax with DBF tonight now that he is feeling better!


      FR- Broccoli cheddar soup, baguette, and wine last night.  Was fantastic!


      Back in a bit for shouts!