Weight Loss Dailies


__ yeah! FRIDAILIES! (Read 8 times)


    Morning! Everyone ready for weekend?!

    MC-ugh, i hate the first snow of winter, at least here, everyone forgets how to drive in it. it is nice that you have such a great swimming facility. we have a couple community centers and the Y here, but i don't love the hours they have free swim.

    mia-dbf and i watch big bang theory and white collar which is on USA. We are headed to my parents for thanksgiving this year--and his parents for xmas. my parents are very easy about it and don't freak out, dbf's parents do enough freaking out for both of them...no fights yet this year so that is good, however there is plenty of time left.

    RR: 8 easy miles this morning and some elliptical. have a sports massage tomorrow which i'm excited about after my long run. going to get cold this weekend, which is tough for running. cold is fine, its the wind that comes with it that makes it hurt.

    NRR: fun weekend, tomorrow running then sports massage in the afternoon. tomorrow night we are going to see parachute and plain white T's at a place in town. then sunday some errands and snuggling up as its not even supposted to reach 30* outside.

    FR: not sure, probably something easy tonight.


      Sorry I didn't make it here yesterday... it's been quite a week!


      RR - Nothing yesterday, will do 4 easy over lunch today and then 8 mi tomorrow.  Last long run before the half!  Maybe a hike or something too.


      NRR- Not sure why I have been so stressed out this week, think it's probably just the combination of work and school both being busy at the same time.  I am super glad it's Friday!  Not sure of weekend plans except running, possibly hiking, watching some football and doing some homework.  Hope I can find some time to unwind and relax a little bit in there too!  Tonight will just be getting home from work and knocking out some more homework.


      FR- Made stir fry beef and veggies w/brown rice yesterday, it turned out ok.  Didn't get the best kind of beef for it but it was nice to eat something healthy!  Need to keep that up for sure.



        RR: I think I'm just going to walk with a friend today and catch up with her.

        NRR: Finally pounded out the last of my school work yesterday and took my tests.  I even did a 'webinar" review session for the class this week.  It was okay but the teacher used all super easy examples for case studies, in the book they aren't that easy.  Finally got my email with my hours in it for starting my job.  For the first 7 - 9 weeks (training and need to pass an exam before working) it'll be M - F regular hours.  After that at this point (although it said subject to change), I will be working M - TH regular hours, Sat 930 to 600.  Not too bad.  At least it's not middle of the night hours.

        Tonight DBF and I are going to a club to see a group we like, Saturday I am going into Seattle to meet up with my friend again while DBF starts putting his car ( he's rebuilding a Datsun Roadster) together and then DBF (and I) is having a friend and his wife over for dinner.  I've never met them.

        FR: I'm doing pretty well in this area.  I am getting sweet cravings at night and will have a banana with a little PB or a hot chocolate and that seems to help.  Much better than a ton of ice cream or cookies. Other than that eating lots of veggies and fruit.


        SJP: Sounds like you've figured out how to handle the holidays now.  Does DBF's parents new place have room for you to stay there when you visit?

        Seattle: HOpe you get some relaxing in this weekend.  Do you still think about work when you are home or are you able to separate?