Weight Loss Dailies


Finally the Fridailies! (Read 9 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  My run from yesterday with my friend got pushed off until today, so I'm looking forward to that.  I'm planning on at least six miles.


    I also decided I need some fitness related goals in my life to keep me from slacking (which I have been doing entirely too much of lately, so for the month of February, here they are:

    1.  Run at least 80 miles

    2.  Work out at least twenty minutes everyday (whether its running, swimming, jump roping or even using the elliptical at the gym).  I feel like I've been giving myself too many days off for silly reasons and I need to get myself out of that habit.

    3.  Stay within my calorie limits on MFP everyday for the month (I do eat back some exercise calories though).  I've been giving myself too many off days with this as well, so I need to get back into the habit of doing this right.


    NRR:  Our night out last night was really fun, but sadly his friends didn't meet any ladies.  It was this event called "Friend of a friend" and we all ended up sitting and talking to a married couple.  It was fun though.  Also, I should not drink three beers on a school night.  Whoops!


    I'm super excited for the weekend!  We don't have any major plans, just relaxinig, probably catching up on some of The Wire and I have a bunch of grading to do.


    FR:  See #3 above!




    Seattle:  Have fun at the girls night and movie tonight!  Do you get to work on homework at work if you finish everything they give you?  That would be fantastic!  For some reason I thought you were leaving yesterday for Palm Springs.  Is that next week?


    Java:  Have fun at your cousin’s birthday celebration!  What are you doing for it?


    Snowden:  Amazing job on the long run!  That’s fantastic!  You’re speedy too!  I’m definitely beat up after a longer run like that too.  It’s part of the training.


      Happy Friday!


      RR - 5 mi lunch break run today, 12 mi long run tomorrow (and possibly a short/easy hike as well - the weather seems like it might finally be clearing!).

      NRR - Planning on a productive day at work today - hoping to get lots of work and studying done. I want to be able to have a clear slate when we go on vacation next week and not be worrying about anything! The only thing that I'm still thinking about is that DBF's parents still haven't heard back on the house yet... hopefully the bank will get back to them soon. I hate waiting and I'm sure they do too! Looking forward to happy hour and zombie movie with the girls tonight, and then hanging out w/DBF tomorrow night.

      FR - Thinking probably pasta tonight - they have "smaller" happy hour portions that should be just about right as far as portion control goes. Not sure what DBF and I will do over the weekend, but I am kind of craving a cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. Maybe we can put our jackets on and bust out the grill!



      rtr - yeah, it's really nice that I can do hw/read when I don't have anything else to do at work.  That probably won't happen as often from now on now that I will have more work to do, but it's been great!  We are leaving for Palm Springs super early next Wednesday morning, so excited!  I love your goals for Feb - sometimes setting mini goals by month or week seems a lot more doable to me than just trying to be perfect indefinitely!




        RR- Not sure today. Entertaining the idea of going to the gym and strength training but I also want to run. Maybe I'll start doing push ups and abs after running as a start.


        FR- Meh. Not to terrible. I had grapes and some dark chocolate as my snack last night. So that was a plus.


        NRR- Back to work today. I'm losing patience with that place. But the weekend is fast approaching, which means my supervisor goes home at 4 today I don't see him again til Mon at 9am.


        RTR- Those goals are good ones! I like that idea. I'm definitely going to make some goals now!


        Seattle- Have a good time out tonight!


        Some thoughts on February goals.

        1. Log everything into MFP to get a good baseline and understand how much I'm eating.

        2. Strength train at least once a week.

        3. Don't lose my cool at work just because people at stupid idiots. (... I'm working really hard on holding my tongue while I decide on a way to appropriately tell my supervisor he sucks, obviously I have some work to do.)


          Slow day around here today!


          I made it for a freezing 4.4 mile run after work.  I finished around five and it was still light out, which means spring is on its way!


          Seattle:  Yes, I like what you said about trying to be perfect indefinitely.  When I try to do that, I am far from perfect most of the time.  Good luck with your long run tomorrow!


          Snowden:  I like your goals!  We can be February goal buddies!  It's so hard to keep your cool around someone who causes you so much misery.  Normally you can avoid such toxic people, but it's kind of impossible when it's your boss.  How does he make thinks miserable for you?


          Have a great night!


            It was so nice and sunny and warm-ish and non-windy out that I ended up running 6 mi on my lunch break instead of 5.  Felt great!


            As far as fitness goals - I think I need to make it a priority to get in some ST/lifting 3x a week (I've been doing 2 for the most part lately), as well as swimming 1-2x a week.  Gotta keep it balanced, and need to work on upper body strength for rock climbing.  I think I will also join the staying under on MFP train.  I probably won't bug myself too much about it on vacation, but definitely when we get back!


            snowden - sorry about the frustrations at work - I've definitely been there and it's not fun!  I hope things improve there soon.  Dark chocolate is so delicious!  I love it as a sweet snack b/c it's so much more satisfying than milk chocolate that I don't really need to eat much of it.


            rtr - nice work on your run!  woohoo for the days getting longer...  I am so so happy about that!