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    RR: Going to get to run with my friends for the first time in a long time tomorrow.  That's good . . . . the bad . . .

    NRR: Job no more.  I really, really did try to push through.  I had a bad feeling from the time I started there, i could tell that what was promised was not happening.  The two girls I was working with, definitely were not happy from the time I walked in the door.  They were supposed to train me and their training was to give me a job, when I made a mistake they would pounce on it.  I was so stressed out all the time.  Then the DR. was having those girls give me weekly reviews - WTF??? I told her what was going on and she wouldn't believe me.  She said she loved me, the patients love me, but these girls said I was slow, I didn't have good posture which made me look unconfident and the doctor also said she thought I needed hormone balancing.  I laughed and said, well I won't be able to afford that.  She did say she thought I was a great worker and she'd give me a good recommendation - ha.  Whatever.  She told me I could finish out the week or two weeks but I opted not to, why stress myself out even more.  Well now I can clean my house and figure out what the heck to do.  UGH!  Time to sleep and cry.

    FR: I don't even care right now.


    I guess I'll be posting a bit more . . . . hahaha



      Its still Wednesday to me Smile


      Mia- It sounds like its a good place to leave. Seriously. You have seemed so stressed lately. Those girls seemed out to sabotage you from the start, you don't want to have that much stress in your life. Cry it out. Lean on TLC. Have a good run. Scream and yell. Honestly all these "reasons" sound like BS, especially when the Doc said you were good at your job...but bad posture... lame. I know it seems tough and hurtful and every other emotion right now, but in some time you will look back and say "thank god that didn't work out".


        Good morning!


        RR:  I had a great 1600 yard swim yesterday.  It felt fantastic!  Today I'm going for a run, probably 6.2 miles.


        NRR:  Not too much going on here, just ready for the weekend.  Today I have work, cheer club (maybe, if anybody shows up), a run, then Thursday night tv.  I think it's new Grey's Anatomy, so I'm excited about that.  Yes, what an exciting life I lead!


        FR:  DF and I went out for Mexican last night.  It was delicious.  Today I'm thinking a portobello cap and sweet potato fries.


        Students are showing up and class is going to start in a few minutes, so I have to go, but I'll be back later for shouts!


          MIA:  I just read your post.  I'm so sorry to hear about that.  I can't believe it.  The nerve of those girls and that doctor!  Are you going to go back to Weight Watchers until you find something else?  HUGS!



            snowed-nice job on the trail miles, that is awesome. definitely take a rest day if you are feeling a little worn down, especially after increasing miles.

            MC-yes the snow will be fun, but i don't like having to drive home in it with a lot of bad  drivers. we'll see. should be good skiing around here this weekend if you son is at school! 2 feet is a lot for us....at a time.

            mia-((hugs)) i'm sorry about the job, that really stinks. i hope you find something else soon. you are smart and awesome, something will come along i'm sure!!

            rtr-yum, i could go for mexican!

            RR:10 miles this morning. thinking about long run tomorrow morning on the treadmill bc who knows what it will be like on saturday. i think the gym will be open but they are talking 18-24" of snow and power outages/blizzard conditions. so if i run in the afternoon, i won't likely go longer than 7. we'll see.

            NRR: snow. otherwise, working and possibly meeting one of DBF's friends after work for a drink bc he is in town. thursday night tv also, hooray!

            FR: nothing too exiting here...did quick dinner of frozen veggie/rice steamfresh with blackbeans and stewed mexican tomatoes. thew some mozzarella on top--was pretty tasty


              Hi all!

              Slept a little last night, not as much as i would've liked.

              RR: Looking  forward to the run this morning with my running friends.  I haven't been able to run with them both together in what seems like months.

              NRR: Doing a lot of thinking.  What to do, what to do . . .

              FR: I'll definitely have to be more frugal in my food spending now, so that should help with the weight.  Lots of beans????


              Snow: Thanks for the kind words.  It was NOT a good work environment, I kept going in with a positive attitude only to be "bullied" (for lack of a better word) and feeling like doo doo by the end of the day.  Doc said the "bad posture" made me look unconfident, which wasn't good . . . BTW that's what one of the "girls" said in her review.

              RTR: you've been getting some good work outs in.  I bet you are looking awesome for that wedding.  When is it again?  Where did you pick for a honeymoon? I guess I could go back to WW but I really don't want to work weekends anymore and that is what I'd have to work to make okay $ there.  I know beggars can't be choosers.

              SJP: I can't imagine all that snow . . . be careful!!  Work hasn't been called off?  Do you think it will be?



                Good Afternoon.


                I feel a bit better about things than I did yesterday, thankfully.  Most likely because I have been too busy to really dwell on it.


                Did anyone else hit that sale on Running Warehouse?  If not, I think it is still on for another 40 minutes.  There is an extra 15% off using discount code FB15D.  I bought myself a new pair of Adrenaline GTS12's (freaking $62!!!!!!!) and a pair of Zenah Calf Sleeves.


                RR: Last night was 4 miles and I am on SRD's today and tomorrow for my 5K on Saturday.  I might use the total gym this evening though.  Part of it is me and the other part is encouraging my daughter to get in gear with a strength program since she is a pitcher.


                FR: I did very good once again with my food yesterday and am on that pace again today....or should I say was.  I was so frazzled trying to get out of the house this morning, about an hour ago it dawned on me that I put my pork loin in the crockpot and forgot to turn the stupid thing on!!!!  UGH  Guess the kids and I are dining out tonight.  LOL


                NRR: My daughter is a freshman in HS and softball season is here.  This is the sport above all others that she loves.  And I get to kill 2 birds with 1 stone on this since my step daughter is a sophmore (they are actually only 3 months apart but thankfully different grades).  We had an impromptu boosters meeting (there hasn't been boosters in about 3 years) last night and decided we need to get our act together and get going with fundraisers etc.  Needless to say, me and my big mouth were appointed Treasurer.  That works for me.  The only thing I will certainly not enjoy about boosters is having to deal with my DH ex-wife due to DSD on the team.  She won't be at half the meeting or games anyway, but still, if could wish for a person to drop off the face of the planet, she is definitely it.


                Mia- I had a job like that when I first moved to the boonies 6 years ago and I stayed there for a year....THE WORST experience of my entire life having to deal with people like you are describing.  I literally had typed up my resignation and was about to hand it in when they called me into the boss' office and laid me off.  THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You will find something in your time.  Enjoy some peace in the meantime and being able to run during the middle of the day.


                Run- A swim sounds so wonderful!  It makes me wish I still had my YMCA membership.  Enjoy your run later.


                SJP- I take it you are somewhere north of NYC with that forecast.  Stay warm, and I hope you keep your power.  I grew up on LI, so I know the Noreaster storms all too well.


                Snow- Hope you are having a good day.

                Goals for 2013:

                Run 10K Race- ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

                Run HM



                2-9 Kittanning Rotary Club 5K 44:38 on ice UGH

                3-9 New Port Richey, Fl Pasco Challenge 10K- 1:22:55

                5-12 Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure 5K

                7-6 Ford City Heritage Days 5K

                8-4 Pittsburgh Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon

                9-29 Richard S.Caliguri City of Pittsburgh Great Race 5K



                  Afternoon(to most of you)


                  RR- I took the day off yesterday and went to the beach instead. Its pathetic how close I live to the beach and how little I go there. But it was just me and the dog and some good picture taking. Today DBF and I are going for a hike, very steep up until we hit too much snow.


                  FR-Still trying to figure out how to handle my late night snacking problem. Its a work in progress. The first step is going to the grocery store.


                  NRR- EMT class tonight. I'm really ready for some hands on stuff. That's how I learn. A lot so far has been book/classroom stuff and my brain is overflowing with words I don't understand yet.


                  rtr- ...so that's what teachers do on their computers before class. Smile Glad you enjoyed your swim, have a good run!


                  sjp- I am jealous of the snow storm. Growing up in CO and skiing every winter I love the snow. It doesn't snow to much in SE AK, just a lot of rain.


                  Mia- Hope your day is better today. Have a good run! Also, now you can run during the middle of the day if you want. I don't normally run til 10:30 or so and I love it.


                  Jen- I'm glad(kind of) I didn't know about that sale til it was to late. I would love some more running clothes. Most of mine have holes in them from being washed so much. But I'm trying really hard not to spend anymore money- it all seems to disappear so quickly!




                    Here's a picture from the beach yesterday, hope it shows up.




                      Here's a picture from the beach yesterday, hope it shows up. ...Obviously I don't know how to do this yet.


                        Hi all,


                        RR: 6 really fun miles with coworker today. She pushes me faster at the start, and I push her faster at the end, so it works out great. Had a good chiro checkup yesterday, neck/back doing well.


                        NRR: Made some dinner reservations tonight for our anniversary ... I did the math and it's actually 27 years, not 26. Holy moly. Not an exciting evening, but we're thinking we'll use the time to plan a fun trip later in the year.


                        Mia: So sorry about the job situation, but sounds as if you really dodged a bullet on this one. So glad you were able to extricate yourself quickly! And it sounds like you might have a fall-back position with WW while you think about long-term next steps. Great that you have a run tomorrow with friends.


                        RTR: You're eating all my favorite foods ... Mexican, portabello, sweet potatoes, yum. Good that your swim went well!


                        SJP: Sounds like you guys are going to have to hunker down in the snow this weekend. DS's break turned out not to be as long as he thought, so I don't think he's made it over to Sugar Loaf yet. Your dinner sounds great. I often start with a base of black beans and build from there ... can't go wrong!


                        Jen: Good that you're feeling better about things, and staying busy always helps. But you're also doing awesome at focusing on the runs ... it will pay off! Cool that your daughter loves softball.


                        Snow: How was the outing with the dogs?