Weight Loss Dailies


Time for the Tuesdailies! (Read 11 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I only ended up running 2.7 miles yesterday, but hey, a run is a run.  I was feeling kind of crappy all day yesterday, so I stuck it out for that long, then called it a day.  Today is my birthday so one of my presents to myself is to take a rest day and I'm quite excited about it.


    NRR:  Work today, then I'm planning on leaving work right at 3:00 and have a relaxing afternoon at home.  Tonight DF and I are going out for dinner to celebrate.  I haven't decided where yet.  I would be one of those people who treats themselves to a day off work for their birthday, except I had off all last week so I figured I shouldn't.


    FR:  Delicious birthday dinner and a cupcake



    SJP:  Good luck with your upcoming half!  Do you have a goal time?


    Foco:  Congratulations on defending your thesis!  That must be a huge relief!  I have a ten mile race in the beginning of May and a 25k trail race at the end of May.


    Seattle:  Amazing job with the March mileage!  When do you start to taper?


    MIA:  It sounds like you had a great weekend with all DD’s friends in town.  I love my Focus so far!  It’s a really nice car, so I think I made the right decision.


    Snowden:  Nice job on the March mileage and on passing the EMT tests!  Are you going to get a job as an EMT now, or is it a volunteer position?  I teach 10th and 11th grade history.


    Have a great day!



      MC-I don't really have a time goal for my half, its going to be sort of cold/windy I think. Can never really predict weather here in April so I'm just doing it bc I love racing. Also, dbf is running and hasn't run long in a while so he wants me to turkey trot it out with him.

      seattle-your weekend sounded fabulous. anything near the mountains is gorgeous.

      mia-haha, i love that you did an easter egg hunt for the kids. you are awesome. OH and I thought I mentioned, but we did get the apartment! We are so excited. gave our 30 days notice and are moving in a few weeks, it cannot get here fast enough.

      Snowed-congrats on the EMT pass!! that is great. and to the high running miles. you are killing it! hope the weather works out so you can go out on your boat.

      rtr-happy birthday!!!! enjoy your dinner out to celebrate. no goal for this weekend. i'm really going to help dbf through, he hasn't run longer distances for a while so is definitely thinking its going to be tough.

      RR: 10 this morning on the treadmill. its light enough for me to start running outside soon, but its really cold this morning and with my head cold i thought i would be better off inside.

      NRR: had a headache this morning and am a little congested but not too awful. its def worse at night/morning. we'll see how the day goes.

      FR: nothing too exciting...


        Good morning!


        RR- 6 mi after work this evening, hopefully it will be sunny again.  For those who asked about taper, I have a cutback week this week, a 20 miler next weekend, and then it is taper time!


        NRR- It was cloudy most of the day yesterday but wound up being super nice, so DBF and I went and had happy hour down by the water instead of going climbing.  It was fun!  Had a productive day yesterday so that was good.  Work today and then baking cookies, premaking pizza dough in the bread machine, and doing some homework... back to the grind!


        FR- Thinking grilled cheese and soup tonight.


        Will try to be back for shouts later!


          Good Morning!

          Snow: Congrats on passing the EMT and getting the boat!  I didn't realize fishing required so much equipment.

          MC: Forgot to tell you congrats on your finishing your thesis - what a big relief!

          RTR: Happy Birthday!!!  Enjoy your rest day and dinner out.

          SJP: Woohooo on the apartment!!!  The kids were great, I loved having them here.

          Seattle: Yesterday was perfect for me to work out in the yard, loved it!


          RR: Ran 6.5 yesterday, probably about the same today.  Finished my patio yesterday, now just have to do some landscaping work.  Putting the patio in was a WORK OUT!!

          NRR: ARGH!  I had my garage open yesterday while working on the patio since I was going back and forth. I noticed last night younger DD's bike was missing!!  CRAP!  So annoyed.

          FR: Was so hungry last night that I ate a ton.



            Good Morning!


            RR- No run yesterday. I'm still feeling really tired today, but I haven't had by coffee yet either. I know I would enjoy a run, its just the getting out the door part that's going to be tough today.


            FR- Nothing interesting in this department. Still focusing on fewer carbs and more protein.


            WR- 123.5 . In December I went crazy with eating food and got up to 137 I think. Once I stopped eating 900 meals a day I dropped back to what I had previously lost around 128. Cutting back on carbs and really focusing on having a snack...not a meal... but a snack at night has really helped.


            NRR- DBF and I are going to drop some money today on things necessary for our boat. We're hoping to go out Thursday. Buy things required by the coast guard, and a few extras we want. for safety


            RTR- Happy Birthday! Enjoy your dinner and cupcake! And your right, 2.7 miles is still running. I'll continue on as a volunteer. It's a volunteer department, so only 6(??) people are paid, which are the engineers and chiefs.


            SJP- That's sweet of you to turkey trot the half with DBF. I've been asking my DBF to run with me for a long time. He's just recently gone on a few which makes me really happy. But I have to remind myself to keep my mouth shut and let him go his own pace and not push him. It's amazing how quickly I forgot what a struggle it was to start running.


            Seattle- mmm I've been thinking about making homemade pizza lately. Awesome that the weather came out! I've even started running, gotten a few blocks away and turned around to come take the dog for a walk with DBF, Sometimes we just need to be in the sun together.


            Mia- I bet your burned a ton of calories putting in a patio! I would be starving too. That sucks about DD's bike! I see terrible things on the news but I still have a hard time believing people do mean things like that.


              Hi all,


              RR: I am so tired today, just didn't sleep well last night for some unknown reason. I am going to skip running today and plan to do a long run after work tomorrow when it should be nicer out -- it's kind of spitting snow. I'm thinking I'll try to do 10-12 tomorrow evening on the route for the half marathon I have coming up.


              NRR: Not much going on, just kind of blah. It was so beautiful out last weekend and now it's sort of turned winter again. I am traveling this weekend with my mom/sister to a 90th birthday celebration for my aunt in Wichita -- will be fun but a lot of driving for a quick visit. Then I have to go Vegas on Monday for a conference. So I can feel the lack of sleep and lack of running time coming in the days ahead. Yuck.


              RTR: Good for you to get out there yesterday at all. That's what I should do tonight--at least a quick run. And happy birthday! Relaxing afternoon and dinner sounds perfect. Your May races sound fun!


              SJP: Yes, I suppose there's no telling what your weather will be! Fun that DBF is running too. I swear by Alka Seltzer Plus cold medicine -- the fizzy tablets -- really clears up that sinus congestion and blasts the headache.


              Seattle: Happy hour by the water sounds terrific -- good to flexible!


              Mia: Wow, you got that patio done fast! Bummer about DD's bike ... that really stinks.


              Snow: Wow you have lost a lot since December! Sounds like you're on a good course with food intake and balancing that with all the running you're doing. Your boat adventure sounds so fun -- none of the fishing people in my family (basically everyone but me) have experience with those sorts of fish, so it seems very exotic! Also, I love seafood, so it sounds like you'll have some tasty meals.