Weight Loss Dailies


Whomp, whomp, its the Wednesdailies! (Read 15 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  The swim didn't happen yesterday, so today it is.  I'll go for 1600 yards.  I was hoping to run today, but it is FREEZING, so there is no way.  I have no desire to get out there when its this cold.


    NRR:  Not too much going on here.  DF is a bit sick so we didn't go to the movie last night after all.  Hopefully this weekend.  Today I just have work, a swim, then I'll hang out with DF at home.  Right now we're watching the Wire, so probably some of that.


    FR:  The usual,  which means there were sweet potato fries with dinner last night.


    Have a great day!


      MC-whew on the MIL--that drives me crazy. not that I have a MIL, but dbf's mom is a piece of work. she gets offended easily and his family gets in spats all the time so i hear you, i can't stand it--glad you survived your weekend without a big fight!

      snowed-did you and DBF do anything fun on your day off together?


      rtr-oh that is too bad about dbf being sick. when its this cold, its better to be inside! white collar is about a crimnal (art thief/forger) that becomes an FBI consultant in the white collar division. its with matt bomer, read eye candy, and is a witty smart show. tiffani theissen is also in it. its on usa network.

      seattle-how are you feeling today?

      java-whew busy lady, you do need wine! how is winston adjusting?

      RR: 10 miles this morning, put new inserts in my shoes so that felt nice. bitter cold through the weekend so not sure of a long run this weekend. we'll see when it gets closer...

      NRR: bitter cold here, its 1* outside. worse with windchill. i hate january. supposed to last a few days. otherwise, nothing much happening, dbf and i are boring after work. we make dinner, chat about our days then watch tv.

      FR: mint choc chip cookies are deliciously dangerous


        Morning!  I had weird dreams last night so didn't sleep very well, but at least my stomach doesn't hurt anymore!



        RR - My stomach hurt all day yesterday, but I still managed to get in a great 6 mi run after work. It feels a little better today luckily! Planning on a 3 mi lunch break run and then lifting chest/tris/abs at the gym w/DBF after work. We are wanting to get more into the rock climbing so I think will probably focus more on upper body stuff (I think my legs will be pretty occupied with marathon training anyways!).

        NRR - Crazy day at work yesterday, it was nice to just snuggle up with a book after dinner. Will probably be busy again today but not quite as crazy. Looking forward to some DBF snuggle time after the gym tonight!

        FR - Made skinnytaste Italian sloppy joes last night, they were delicious! I really love that website, it has some great creative food suggestions and I've branched out in my cooking a lot while still focusing on eating healthy.



        Back in a bit for shouts!


          Hi all,


          RR: Did 6 miles on the trail at lunch yesterday, and it was just about perfect -- great weather, and I wasn't overdressed for once. Felt like my pace might have been a bit snappier, but I don't time those runs. Will get back to yoga tonight ... would have gone this morning but the 6:30 class had been canceled.


          NRR: Strategy meetings at work today, so lots of sitting surrounded by food. Yikes.


          RTR: Hope the swim goes well today. It is now weirdly warm here ... supposed to be up in the 60s today. Crazy.


          SJP: Thanks for the sympathy on MIL ... We haven't had a flare-up in a long, long time so I assume things will settle down again soon.


          Seattle: You are tough to keep plugging away on runs and lifting even when your stomach's acting up! I guess it's good that work isn't boring, but those crazy days can be so draining.


          Snow: How did the foam roller and/or DBF massage work out? :-)


          Jen: Welcome! You sound like a busy lady. Congrats on taking up running, dropping pounds, and quitting smoking -- that's a lot! This is definitely a good group to encourage you as you prepare for your RnR Half coming up ... great goal!


            Good morning!


            It is absolutely bitter cold here in Western PA.  6 when I left the house this morning and it makes me VERY glad that DH insisted on my buying a good TM last year when I really started to take to running and my older, second hand one crapped out.


            RR: I am on week 2 of Hal Higdon 10K Intermediate Training.  Last night was the first time with intervals and I did 8x400 intervals and it felt pretty good.  This morning I did 4 miles before work which I learned that until I get faster (yes I am a penguin) I can't do more than 3 before work.  Between time running and time it takes for me to cool down, I really cut it close for getting out the door this morning.  Tonight I need to do some strength training.


            NRR: I need to try and buy stuff for a get well basket for a good friend of mine that had back surgery this morning.  He is the one that got me started running and has been so supportive toward my efforts!  He is just devastated with the thought that he may not be able to run again (he has done countless marathons and has been running for almost 30 years) and is so down. Sad


            FR: I made a smoothie this morning for on the commute to work, lunch I am hitting the salad bar at the nearby grocery store, and no clue what the DH is making for dinner yet, but he has been pretty good the past couple of weeks with making something that I can eat (ie not fried, butter not dripping off it, not out of a box).


            Runtravelrun- I have a really hard time running outside in the cold too, but with the plan I am doing, I am trying to get it in my head that I need to get outside for a run at least once a week......it's going to suck on Saturday when I try to do 5 miles in this frigid weather!


            SJP- WOW on 10 miles in the morning!!!  That is fantastic!


            Seattlechica- I wish I could run at lunch!  You are lucky!


            MC- Thanks for the welcome.  Yeah I always seem to have something going on!  You too....I am jelaous you can get a run in on your lunch!

            Goals for 2013:

            Run 10K Race- ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

            Run HM



            2-9 Kittanning Rotary Club 5K 44:38 on ice UGH

            3-9 New Port Richey, Fl Pasco Challenge 10K- 1:22:55

            5-12 Komen Pittsburgh Race for the Cure 5K

            7-6 Ford City Heritage Days 5K

            8-4 Pittsburgh Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon

            9-29 Richard S.Caliguri City of Pittsburgh Great Race 5K



              Morning Everyone-


              RR- Yesterday I ran ten miles! I was so thrilled I did a happy dance in the shower. Definitely the longest I've ever ran. It was a goal in the back of my head for this month. I ran the entire portion of trails that are included in the marathon in Aug. So about half trail half sidewalk. Some decent hills too. My time was at 1:35Tight lippedx. I was aiming for 1:40(would be at 6 mph). Anyways I'm super excited about that. I think my February goal will be a half marathon distance. - Still seems pretty far away but we'll see. My hips were really tight after my run and are still a bit today. Today I think DBF and I are going to do a shorter hike before he goes to work so its a running rest day for me.


              FR- I logged my food yesterday and stayed within my limits. I still ate a ton of food because of the calories in the long run. Do you guys eat back all your exercise calories. I'm thinking of eating back running calories but not calories from walking the dog since that's a part of everyday life.

              Questiong- Only if you want to, but can we be "friends" on MFP. I think it'll help me not snack so much at night knowing other people can see it too. And then I can get food ideas from your guy's food log. I get stuck on my food items and I think I over eat/snack too much when I get bored with them and don't find other healthy things. My user name on MFP is m4snowden.


              NRR- I haven't seen the sun in quite a while and its been getting to me a bit. Thankfully yesterday it didn't rain much.


              rtr- sweet potato fries. yum. Can you post your recipe?  When I tried to make them last week they ended up just as baked slices. Good- but not fry like at all, no crisp.


              sjp- DBF stared cleaning and have more to do today.- it was really messy. But, we did go out to Mexican last night. It was nice to have dinner with him! DBF and I are mostly "boring" too in the evenings. We sit next to each other on the couch every night and look at our laptops. lol But its a nice way to unwind.


              Seattle- Nice going on getting a good run in even with stomach issues! Glad your feeling better.


              MC- I didn't foam roll or get a massage! I stretched in the a.m. and went for my run and my back was better. I do need to foam roll though. ...and I can always ask for a massage just because. Smile


              Jen- Nothing wrong with being a penguin  I'm the type of runner where I can't walk. If I start walking when I'm tired I don't start running again. So I "trot". It's basically a bouncy walk when I'm really tied, but it keeps me going. A gift box sounds nice. I love making gift boxes for my friends. I live so far away from them now I feel so helpless when they are having a hard time with things. It's kind of my way of saying "thinking about you, hope this helps".


                Back from a cold wet run... should have brought my headband and now I feel like I have brain freeze!



                rtr - yuck on the cold weather!  Our icy fog here finally lifted but now it is just cold rain... brr.  I am ready for it to be summer again!  Hope DF feels better soon... it seems like everyone is getting sick lately!  I love how you have jumped on the sweet potato fries train Smile


                sjp - brr on the cold weather...  cold to me is like 20s so I can't imagine it being close to 0!  Hopefully it will warm up soon.  Mint chocolate chip cookies sound amazing!  I am feeling a little better today, I think maybe I just ate something that disagreed with me perhaps.


                MC - glad you had a nice run!  Yikes on the meeting surrounded by food...  I still have to catch myself from just grazing absentmindedly sometimes.  enjoy the nice weather!


                Jen - welcome!  Glad your DH is being supportive of your running and your efforts to be more healthy!  Sending get well vibes to your friend...  I hope he is able to return to running eventually!  I am really glad to be able to do some lunch break runs, although now that I'm on week 4 of marathon training some of my weekday runs are getting too long to squeeze in over lunch!


                snowden - congrats on the 10 miles yesterday, that is great!  You are speedy!  For MFP I usually eat back at least part of the calories from exercise, and I am ok with eating more as long as it's something healthy and I'm actually hungry (not just bored, tired, etc).  I added you on MFP!  I am with you on missing the sunshine...  I am going to try out the happy lamp tonight!


                  Never got around to posting yesterday... I was too wiped out by the time I got on the computer. Just turned it off and got in bed! Shoutouts first so I can play catch up with y'all...


                  Ou: I love running in the early morning... but I much prefer when the sunrise is going to happen at some point during my run! I usually have to be out the door by 7-8am most mornings, so in the winter if I run outside I don't really get to see daylight. At all. Ugh that makes getting out there when it's cold, and dark, and I know the sunrise is nowhere close to happening... let's just say it doesn't always happen. Hah. Oh well. That's what the TM is for, right? Yeah, I'm really lucky that my mom is my best friend in the entire world. No one gets me like she does, and it seems like we get closer with every passing year. She comes with me to all of my races and is my number one fan... she'll be there at the next 50k and will even be running a loop with me (the course is a 10k loop done 5x). As for her races this spring, she's doing the full marathon at VA beach with me, the half in Charlottesville on her bday weekend (I'll be doing the full), and we will be running the Gettysburg marathon side by side at the end of April. We're also looking at a half marathon in Williamsburg at the end of May... I went to undergrad there at William and Mary... I've been really missing the town and wanting to go back to visit, so we might make a long weekend out of it.


                  Sjp: You've never had a pedicure?! Oh my goodness you need to get on that ASAP. Pedicures are the best most relaxing thing ever. Well, I suspect that a massage might actually be better, but I've never had one of those before. I get pedicures all the time. I had a manicure with my mom last weekend. I liked it a lot, but not as much as pedicures. Mostly I just kind of love to have my fingernails painted. It makes me feel girly (and I'm kind of a tomboy hah). Wow your weather makes me feel like I really shouldn't be complaining haha... I'm such a cold weather wimp! Brrrr. Can you do a LR on the TM this weekend? Do you have any races planned for this Spring? Haha I think that DBF and I do the exact same thing as you two in the evenings when we're at his place... boring is relaxing and nice! I love our little evenings together.


                  Jen: Brrrr it's so cold where you are today! That's pretty awesome you have a TM in your house. Where do you keep it? What kind do you have? I'm thinking I might want to buy one once I graduate and move into a more permanent place. I would so love the convenience of a TM at home, especially when I have kids. Haha I always, always cut it WAY too close when I run before class in the morning... I usually convince myself that I have time for "just one more mile"... then I'm left taking the world's faster shower and shoving breakfast in my mouth while I'm driving. Oh well. I don't think that will change anytime soon. What kind of back surgery did your friend have? DBF had back surgery this summer and it was pretty rough. You could get him some good magazines, books, DVDs, iTunes gift card... does he like crossword puzzles or anything like that? You're sweet to make him a gift basket that is so thoughtful.


                  Java: How do you like the cloth diapering? I've read a few articles about it before... but I just don't think I could handle it. I don't know. I like the idea.


                  Seattle: Nice job getting in the miles even though your stomach hurt! It must have been a bad day for stomachs yesterday... you, Sjp, and me! I had a stomachache all day too. It's better today though. Hope yours is too! Um yum that mac n cheese you made sounds awesome. Great idea with the chicken... I will definitely have to try that sometime. What book are you reading? I'm looking for something good...


                  Runtravel: Bummer that you and DF didn't get to see the movie last night... I kind of want to see that one too! You'll have to let me know how it is if you see it this weekend. Hope the swim goes well today. It's freezing here today too, although I'm pretty sure you have it worse than we do. I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to cold weather. It's SO much easier to get out and run in the pre-dawn when it's warm outside. Also, I love sweet potato fries! Do you make them yourself or buy them? I like the brand "Alexia" is really good, but I also like to make my own. It's just really hard to cut up the sweet potato raw! I don't have very sharp knives hah.


                  MIa: Congrats on your race! It sounds like you had such a wonderful time in AZ... it's always SO tough to come back to reality after a perfect vacation. Weird about your friend, though. Have you talked to her at all since the trip?


                  MC: Way to go on getting in some good running over the long weekend! I don't think running and yoga in one day would be too much. I've done that before and it's actually pretty great to stretch out and relax after you run. Ugh bummer about the problems with your MIL. That is a crappy situation. As for keeping my legs healthy... I don't do anything too special. I try to foam roll once a week, and stretch maybe 2-3x per week. I've been playing sports/running my entire life, so I think my body is pretty accustomed to it. I also run most of my mileage at a pretty easy pace. Like really easy. As in, my marathon pace is just under 8min/mi, and most of my runs are done 9:30-10min/mi (I think, that's just an estimate as I don't have a garmin or really track mileage very specifically). I don't do formal speed work. Ever. I just run fast when I feel like running fast... and trust me, that doesn't happen too often. Hah. Also... I hope you get to see the sun soon! I know how much that affects my mood.


                  Snowden: CONGRATS on the double digit run!!! That is SO exciting! I still remember the very first time I ran 10mi. It was a great feeling. I think the half marathon distance as a goal for February is a great idea. How is the knot in your back doing? Foam rolling should definitely help loosen it up! I've been distance running since I was 17 (I think)... so about 6 years? But before that I played lacrosse competitively all my life, and played the position of "center" which basically required me to run around the field for the entire game... so I probably got in a good amount of miles that way hah.


                    RR: I wimped out and got on the TM to run this morning! I found myself wide awake at 3:45am, so I just got up... and couldn't really deal with the thought of running outside. No hint of dawn happening at any point during my run. It was 12 degrees. And the TM just sounded so much more appealing. It really isn't bad. I actually think I can get in a pretty great workout on that thing. I always play with the incline/speed to challenge myself and prevent boredom. This morning's run turned out to be really, really great! I felt like I really pushed myself and got in a good, solid 18mi run on that thing. I also think running on the TM 2-3x per week gives my legs a much needed break from pounding the pavement. I always feel like I recover much faster from TM running.


                    NRR: This week is weird! Class was just 9-12 today. Our afternoon was cancelled because the professor is out of town at a conference. I tried to get some work done... but it's early in the semester, and with no impending exams, my motivation is seriously lacking. Ended up watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and looking up recipes on Pinterest. Haha. Lab this morning was Neuro Rehab... we are learning about treating patients suffering from vertigo and vestibular system problems (like the inner ear and dizziness). It seems like you just whip your patient's head around a whole lot, trying to get the inner ears "stuff" to get back in the right place. It's SO weird. Definitely not something I thought PTs were responsible for treating. And definitely not something I'm all that interested in... which makes it even harder to learn.


                    FR: Eggs eggs eggs I cannot get enough lately! I also bought strawberry Poptarts at the store today. Total impulse buy. But I love those things and I'm really looking forward to eating some.


                    Have a great night everyone!