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    Last Friday of 2012!!!


    seattle: yea that is sketchy - definitely can find something better then that! When I was in Seattle I loved all the apartments around downtown area that we stayed (we were about 2 blocks from space needle at the Hampton Inn).  Loved the community feel and everything was quaint.


    snow: bummer that your foot is still hurting.  Maybe have a podiatrist look at it next year just to make sure nothing is seriously wrong or different then you are guessing?


    mia:  enjoy these few days without work - hope you love the new job! does it start on the 2nd?


    rr: great run last night.  did a little extra so I ended up with 4 miles.  Did about 1.5 miles pretty fast, running with a friend who was really speeding along.  doing 10 on sunday with running buddy, might try and get a few in on saturday if I'm feeling it.


    nrr: so driving in this morning a semi was throwing rocks and snow chunks from his tires and one hit my windshield and broke it.  Thankfully it is just a spot now, so I hope I can get it fixed with the gel stuff they are doing these days.  Get to leave work 30 minutes early - have a dentist appointment for a filling.  After today no more work this year!!!!


    fr: might have had a peppermint shake yesterday...oops.




      snowed-i figured it snowed all the time there! have you lived in alaska your whole life?

      seattle-oh i definitely had my fair share of treats and heavy food. i just was so busy visiting and playing htat i didn't eat tons at a time. its a tough time of year to move with weather, sure you'll find something, finding a decent non-super expensive place is not easy!

      oudaisy-ugh, i hate when rocks spit up from huge tractor trailers. hope the gels seals it til spring, no good to fix a windshield in winter, just break so easily in the cold. can't believe its new years already. getting spoiled with all these short weeks at work!

      RR: 8 miles this morning and 20 of elliptical. felt good. i did p90x chest/back last night and OUCH, am i sore this morning. dbf and i put in a pullup bar in the basement so i tried using that. i also got free weights for christmas so used those on a couple exercises. its a good sore.

      NRR: friday! DBF took today off and went skiing with one of our other friends. he didn't get to ski at all last year bc there was no snow, mountains got 15" of new snow yesterday. we had 10" of snow where we live. just relaxing tonight. so tired still.

      FR: nothing too exciting here. finishing up holiday goodies--mint choc chip cookies are my favorite!!! good thing i stocked up on mint choc chips (only avail during christmas)


        ou - I love that area too (I work pretty close to the Space Needle, on the waterfront) but it is super expensive haha.  bummer about the crack in your windshield... those are a pain. Hope it's an easy fix!  Woohoo for last day of work this year!


        sjp - mint chocolate chip cookies sound amazing!  I've never seen mint chocolate chips before, dang.  Hope DBF has fun skiing - I've always wanted to try but it's expensive and I'm sure I would be bad at it at first haha.  I did chest and tris last night so I feel you on the good sore!



        RR -Rest day today, one of the weekend days will be a snow hike and the other will be a 6 mi run (hiking on the nicer weather day).


        NRR -Another four day weekend coming up, woohoo!  I am going to see the Hobbit with my brother tonight, and then DBF and I are going hiking with my brother and his younger sister either Saturday or Sunday.  Thinking of finding a concert to go to or something to do on New Year's Eve, and then visiting grandparents on my dad's side of the family on New Years' day.  Should be a fun weekend and a little less busy than last weekend, which will be nice!


        FR- Thinking of going back to mostly paleo or at least super clean eating starting on New Year's... need to look good for the Palm Springs vacation in Feb!


          Oops.  Posted on yesterdays thread.


          Hey There - sort of went MIA for a few days.


          rr.  Been doing a lot of good runs lately - feeling relatively confident that I'll be okay to start training in mid-January.  Went to the massage therapist/chiro yesterday.  Sort of have a new plan of attack.  Trying to be more proactive rather than reactive.  Making monthly appointments for massage and adjustments and getting fitted for inserts/orthotics at my next visit.  He wants me to switch to a neutral shoe and then use the orthotics to see if that will correct some of my biomechanic issues rather than depending on a stability shoe.  That's clearly not working for me now so I figure this can't hurt.


          nrr.  M has been a hoot over break!  We've taken her sledding a couple times and she LOVES it!  Today she has her 15 month check up - which means shots.  Boo!


          fr.  Went out for dinner last night to the Brew Pub - it was delicious!  M was a great eater too - we can't always count on that when we're out and about!


          Happy Day all!




            RR- Same same. I didn't go to the gym yesterday Instead I spent time surfing the internet and cleaning up the apartment a bit. I got bored just thinking about being on the stationary bike again. I think I need to come up with a strength training routine instead of just going in blind.


            NRR- Recently my dog has been sitting down and refusing to go any further on our walks on the trail behind the house. I know she's not tired. I'm wondering if she's been smelling a bear or something. But I'm curious! I think today I'll loop around and come at the trail from the back way and see if she lets me go any further. Its just interesting because she's never done this before and its a widely used path with no recent chatter about bear activity.


            FR- Not terrible, not great. I'm seeing that my portions are slowing getting better as the days go on. Snacking is still an issue.


            OU-  Last day of working for the year! Woo Hoo! I don't believe my town has a podiatrist so that appointment would be a plane flight away. But I could go to the local doc, which would probably end up in an x-ray, and then possibly a trip to the podiatrist. I'm terrible about going to the doctor- its so expensive! If anything I'l wait til the new year for insurance reasons. Eventually pain and/or sick of not being able to run will overcome and I'll end up at the doctor if this doesn't clear up.


            sjp- I only moved here 2 years ago, I grew up in Colorado. South East is maritime temperate weather so it mainly just rains a lot with some snow storms scattered throughout the winter. I've been wanting to get a pull up bar for my apartment. Do you find it fits well on your door frame? I'm worried about ruining something on my rental.


            Seattle- Have a good hike. I try to get out and hike with a friend on weekends. We have to start earlier though since I have to be at work by 2. Have you done Paleo before? Did it work for you?


            Simon- Awesome job on all your running. Do you know which marathon you want to do?


              Hi girls!!! Hope you are doing well.  I am popping in because I have a question that google is not answering for me that well and I wanted your input...has anyone here dealt with amenorhea? (totally spellled wrong I believe) Not to be TMI but did it start with lighter periods at first...having some problems and wanted to see if anyone has dealt with it and could give me some info.  Hope everyone had a great holiday and are doing well.  I lurk here every so often to check up on you all Smile


                snowden.  I am registered for the Colfax Marathon in Denver towards the end of May.  I've done the 1/2 before and really enjoyed the course, small race, etc.  Still working out the logistics for taking the family this time.  Yikes!


                loves.  Hi there!  Good to "see" you.  There are lots of different causes of amenorrhea, as I'm sure you've found, and there are just as many different ways of dealing with it.  I experienced it after going off BCP before DH and I were trying to start our family.  Part of the reason I didn't have a period was because my hormones were all out of whack.  I assume as a residual effect of the BCPs.  I continued to use medicine (Clomid) to force my body to ovulate and "get back on track".  That route was the means to our end (getting preggo), and I still feel that our timing was pure luck - but I'm pretty sure that's not what you want.  Smile  Another factor that may have contributed to my period returning was gaining a bit of weight and backing off of the running/exercise.  I didn't have to gain a lot or completely stop running but gradually I found the balance that helped me out.  Have you seen your OB/GYN about this yet?


                  snowden - I have done strict Paleo for a month or so, it helped mostly in the sense of "clean eating" as I don't think I am gluten sensitive or anything like that.  I am actually going to try the Perfect Health Diet version, which is paleo-esque but lets you eat potatoes, rice, and some dairy (mostly just cutting out sugar and starchy carbs like bread and pasta).  I think it just helps give me a focus on eating more healthy rather than just staying under calories.  good luck coming up with a strength training routine!  Do you carry pepper spray with you when you run?  or cell phone?  If my dog was nervous about something it would make me nervous too... stay safe!


                  Simon - M going sledding sounds absolutely adorable!  we used to live at the top of a steep hill when I was little and loved sledding on the rare occasions when it snows here.  Hope shots weren't too bad today!


                  loves - my cycle has been wonky since I've been on BC, so I haven't really had anything more than spotting at ttom for a few years, but recently the spotting has been nonexistent and I've just had nothing (no, I'm not pg!!).  I also have been running more miles more consistently than I have since hs, so I'm not sure if that contributes at all...  possbily.  hope you can get it figured out!


                    thanks simon and seattle for the info!! I have been through A LOT of stress the past few months and thought maybe that was causing it along with some weight loss that occured due to stress but I guess I need to call my dr.


                    simon- how is baby M?!


                      Hi Everyone!

                      RR: Nothing yesterday due to lots of errands and getting stuff done.  No run today due to laziness and spending the day with TLC.  Tomorrow TP and I have 16 miles on the schedule.

                      NRR: Dentist appt. yesterday and the hygenist had to do some digging, my mouth is very sore today.  Went up to TLC's last night and we went out for dinner and then relaxed at his place.  This morning he worked a little from home, then we went into Seattle and he was looking for some furniture for his house, he took me to see the troll bridge in Fremont (I'll be working less than a mile from there), then we had some tamales and headed to his place, then I headed home so I could spend tomorrow with older DD before she heads off to San Fran and back to Portland.  I am starting to lose track of the days since I haven't been working.

                      FR: Too much eating out - real english fish and chips last night, tamales at a mexican restaurant today.  Definitely need that 16 mile run tomorrow.



                      ou: bummer about the chip in your window, I hate when that happens.  Get it filled before it gets so cold that is cracks.  Last workday of the year!!  woohooo!!!


                      sjp: there has been lots of snow here this year as well.  I used to ski many moons ago and would like to go again if it wasn't so durned expensive.


                      seattle: sounds like you have a great weekend planned.  Wasn't the weather just gorgeous today.


                      Simon: sounds like you are having an awesome break with M.  She sounds like a very happy girl.  Hope the massages, etc. help your problems.  I have started getting monthly massages again as well.


                      snowden: Be careful with that foot, do you think it could be a stress fracture?  Let us know why your dog is being so hesitant to go on that trail.


                      Loves:  stress could definitely cause the problem with your cycle.  I had all kinds of weird stuff happen when I was so stressed out.  Hugs to you.