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    Good morning!


    RR:  I made it out for a run yesterday, but it was nothing spectacular.  I was supposed to run with a friend around 5:00, so I waited for her, but then she couldn't make it, so I headed out and decided I'd just run my three mile loop.  Well, it was hot as shite and I wasn't feeling it, so I ran the first two miles, then had a nice last mile walk.  Whatever, I still got out there, so it still counts!  Today is a swim, which should be a welcome respite to these summer temps we're having in the spring.  Hopefully 1600 yards.


    NRR:  Work, swim, chill night at home tonight.  Funny story about wedding planning:  DF's mom and sister (who is a bridesmaid) are planning a bridal shower for me, which is awesome.  So, DF asks for a list of people I want to invite, so I give him their emails and he gives them to his sister.  I guess he told her the first two were the other bridesmaids (only the first one was, since the other one lives in CA, I didn't include her) so she sends an email about it to the "fellow bridesmaids."  Anyway, I get home from work and I have a message from one of my friends saying she got an email from DF's sister and she was super excited, but she just wanted to double check to see if she was a bridesmaid because of how the email was addressed.  Um, no, whoops.  AWKWARD!  I was a little bit horrified, but now it's just funny.


    FR:  The usual


    Shouts from yesterday:

    Foco:  Your family trip sounds fun!  I’m sure you’ll be back into running in no time!  When’s your half?


    Snowden:  Did you end up running in the rain?  If its cold rain, I can’t do it, but I don’t mind it when it’s warmer out.  Yes, I’m a vegetarian.  I think that if you eat relatively healthy, protein won’t be a problem, even if you’re not eating meat.  I don’t worry about specifically about my protein intake, because I’ve found that it’s not hard to get enough protein.  I just focus on eating healthy foods and I always end up with enough protein in my diet.  A typical day for me is oatmeal, coffee with half and half, a bean and mushroom quesadilla with a little bit of cheese and fruit for lunch and whatever sounds good/healthy for dinner.  Anyway, I hope this makes sense and helps!


    Seattle:  Is it a problem that this other accountant is taking these duties?  Is she essentially stealing your work?  Yikes!  She should find something else to do!


    MIA:  Are you enjoying doing all the work on your house?  DF and I are buying a house sometime this spring/summer and I’m looking forward to putting some work into it, painting it, etc.  We haven’t found one yet, but I imagine that whatever we buy we’ll want to change up a bit to make it more our own.


    OU:  That medieval fair sounds fun!  It sounds similar to a renaissance fair.  I love those runs that feel great so you keep going.

      Morning...wtf weather???? is it April out here???? snowing, sleeting and 32*... I live in Oklahoma!!!!!!  Anyways drug out my winter jacket again, it is pouring out there and disgusting.  Wish I was home in bed!


      rr: needless to say the sound of rain and thunder did not make me want to get out of bed this morning so I skipped the gym.  going to do 5 miles on elliptical this evening when I get home from class.  figure I can knock out some reading assignments while I do it.  That's getting homework done, right!


      nrr: freezing since the AC is on in the office (since it was 76* yesterday...)


      fr: eating dry chex for breakfast this morning because I'm out of milk.  Need to hit up the grocery store - really wish there was one closer to where I live, so hard to get to it when I have to back track on the way home!


      rtr: that is hilarious about the bridemaid stuff.  Everything turns into such a fiasco with wedding planning! Really is just like those movies!!!  Glad there were no underlying issues with the whole ordeal!!!  Sweet of DF family to throw a shower for you!!!




        RR - Had a great 8 mile run after work yesterday evening. I feel like I've been a bit slow lately but I've been running and climbing a lot so I'm sure my legs aren't the freshest. I've felt really good and strong so I suppose that's good enough for now. Today is 5 mi lunch break run and then climbing at the gym w/DBF.

        NRR - Hoping to keep busy at work today - I have enough small stuff that I should be able to accomplish that and I can always do some homework if not. Hanging out w/DBF after the climbing gym - probably just watch some TV and go to bed semi-early like we usually do on the weekdays. I like it! I am looking forward to the weekend already and it is only Wednesday...

        FR - Grilled chicken & veggies w/roasted potatoes last night. I have been tracking well again this week and been under my calorie limit so far (burning 800-1000 cals per day with so much exercise helps...).


        Back in a bit!



          RTR:  That is kind of funny about the Bridesmaid/friend incident.  That coulda turned into a fiasco, sounds like you handled it well.  I am enjoying doing the work on my house.  I've been in it a little over a year and never had time or motivation to do much so now I'm getting it done.  : )  It's feeling like mine now.

          OU: schizophrenic weather, we have that also!  UGH!  I think reading on the elliptical is great!!

          Seattle: you are so ready for the Tacoma City Marathon!  I wish I were going to be in town to cheer you on.


          RR: run yesterday, wore my new trail shoes but I didn't run on a trail.  Won't be doing that again, they were stiff and my feet were really sore  by the end.  Worked in the yard yesterday mowing and putting down more bark.

          NRR: took a break from painting yesterday and worked in the yard, got my snow tires changed back to my regular sporty tires, and got my car washed.  Went to DBF's last night and we went for mexican at a place called Ooba Tooba (have you heard of it Seattle) - kind of fast food mexican but fresh ingredients.  After that we watched some TV and snuggled.   I always feel so relaxed and happy with him.  We got invited to a party at his brother's house but unfortunately its when I'm on my trip.  It's a party for DBF's niece and her husband who are moving to CA. DBF's brother is turning 60 this weekend so we might try to get together and go out to dinner with them.  I should get my trip documents today, I'm very excited!!!

          FR: as long as I keep busy, I'm doing well.



            Good Morning!


            RR- I'd like to go out for a long run today. I don't know what that actually means and we will see what actually happens as I don't think I stuck to a single running plan yet this week. But I feel like running!


            FR- Logged everything yesterday. Ugh. But it was kind of a wake up call that I needed. This is the first time in months that I think MFP was actually working for me. It just took a week of not logging and bad food choices to see that.


            NRR- Weekend! I told the other mechanic I was turning off my phone so I wouldn't get called in.


            RTR- Nice job getting out and running anyways! That bridesmaids thing is funny! Good thing your friend knew enough to ask first. LOL. Thanks for your food info. It does help. I just take in so many carbs and so little protein I'm trying to even it out a bit and I have a hard time being creative and finding different foods.


            OU- I skipped my run due to cold rain yesterday too. I ran in the rain all winter and it didn't rain for a bit and I got used to it and wimped out yesterday. Hope your office warms up!


            Seattle- Good job getting back into the tracking groove! I've been tracking, but I definitely haven't been staying within my limit.


            Mia- What kind of trail shoes do you have?


              Hi all,


              RR: Really getting derailed. I was going to run at lunch today and forgot that we have an all-afternoon off-site team-building thing so I don't feel like I can spare the time to run over lunch. Hoping I can get it done this evening. Really feeling unprepared for my half coming up April 21.


              FR: So good to be back home so I can have my 2 scrambled eggs in the morning and a bowl of frozen blueberries. I am a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast.


              RTR: Good for you to get out at all yesterday--more than I can say for myself the last several days. Your bridesmaid story is so funny ... sounds like you have a fairly low-key group involved with the wedding, which is terrific. The half is coming up on April 21. Then I have another May 5.


              OU: Agree about the weather. It was 19 degrees here this morning.


              Seattle: Your running and climbing is so consistent -- really inspiring. Good that your tracking is going well -- is your weight staying steady during your marathon training? Or where you want it to be?


              Mia: So cool that you have that trip to look forward to! Do you run on trails much? I bought some trail shoes, too, but I really just use them for hiking.


              Snow: I don't blame you for not running in cold rain. That sounds terrible. Good that you're getting good info from your tracking!


                It was pouring rain and windy all morning but it seems to have paused for now... hopefully I can get a dry window to get my run in!


                rtr - it's mostly just an issue with the structure of an accounting job, everyone is pretty slow during the first half of the month and busier during the second half - so once we get to the 15th or so I will have plenty to do.  I am possibly going to get some new properties next month but it's sort of a balancing act to make sure that the end of the month isn't crazy/impossible just so it's not boring during the early part of the month.  Yikes on the bridal shower email... that's awesome that DF's mom and sister are planning it for you!  I am jealous of your warm weather...  I can't wait until we have more of that here!


                ou - bummer on the snow and cold weather... this has been a wacky spring for sure!  Love the multi-tasking idea, hope you can get lots done tonight!








                  Yay! - MC you were right, people weren't communicating in the office.  I got a call about my "thank you" email and I'm going back for an interview with the RIGHT person this afternoon at 4:15.  Think positive thoughts!!


                  Boo! - ex stopped by to drop some planting pots off and stayed and talked my ear off for 90 minutes! Poke my eyes out with a hot poker.  He is so bored and needs people to talk to and I was it.  UGH!


                  Snow: Very, very smart turning your phone off!!! Enjoy your weekend.  I got Brooks Cascadia Trail Shoes.  I've always had great success with Brooks so figured I'd stick with them.

                  MC: I don't run on trails alot but am going to start to train for the Rim to Rim I'm doing in September.