Weight Loss Dailies


Were half way there Wednesdailies! (Read 12 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I ran 4.4 miles yesterday.  The best thing I can say for it is that I did it and got it done and it felt great once I stopped.  Fantastic runs have eluded me lately.  I'm planning on running twelve on Saturday, so hopefully that one will feel good.


    NRR:  Today I have work, then a dress fitting for my wedding dress.  It fit well when I tried it on, so I think the only thing they need to alter is the length.  After that, I'll probably cook dinner and relax.


    FR:  The usual.



    Seattle:  That is awesome that you signed up for another marathon!  Any time I’ve run a marathon, I have had no desire to do another one for awhile afterwards.  I’m impressed, it must mean that you were very properly trained.


    MIA:  I hope you have a great visit with your mom!  That’s so exciting that your DD is graduating (I think I saw that you wrote that, not entirely sure though).  Does she know what she’s going to do?

    Java:  I’m with Seattle.  I think its great how well you seem to manage work, family life and a healthy workout schedule.  It can’t be easy.


    OU :  That’s good to hear that most people at your cross fit gym are newbies.  I’d be intimidated by starting out alongside a bunch of hard core crossfitters.


    SJP:  That sounds like a fancy washer!  I was so happy when I moved into this apartment to have a washer and dryer in my unit.  It is fantastic.



      java-what is big b going to do for the summer? does he still love his school? i agree with everyone else, you balance everything so well. impressive.

      rtr-haha, its not that fancy of a washer, just got a good deal! after having washer/dryer in my apts, there is no way i could not have it now. good luck at your fitting. when is the wedding date?

      mia-have a fun visit with your mom!

      RR: same thing. just plugging along, luckily its not that nice out so i'm not craving an outdoor run as badly.

      NRR: super tired this week for some reason. i got a hair cut last night, it was getting really long, and took off 3ish inches. feels short now, even though it isn't. not sure what is going on tonight. finding something from the depths of my totes to wear to my sister's graduation hooding.

      FR: dbf bought a blue moon mix pack that had blackberry in it--so delicious.

        rtr: bummer on the slump in running.  season change maybe - where the weather just doesn't encourage running? or maybe need to change it up some by adding in an adventure race or something different to train for?


        java: good job on not getting mcds - i fight pulling in to buy french fries all the time!


        mia: i really like online self paced courses as well.  they are great for people that don't want to conform to someone elses schedule! (that is totally me!).  sorry DDs won't be home this summer, but it sounds like you've gotten use to living solo anyways.  Do you think you will get back into marathons now or are you staying with shorter distances?  Been awhile since you've run one!


        seattle: that looks like an awesome course.  I'm a big fan of point to point - never have to wait for the turn around!


        rr: did 3 miles last night.  It went from cold to hot out here so no time to really adjust.  legs were sluggish from crossfit the day before.  Did about a mile in a grassy field - I enjoy running more "cross country" in the summer, it is so much cooler and shadier then on the roads.  tonight is round 2 of crossfit, seeing that I can't lift my arms above my head from last time...


        nrr: more work... joy.  Still cleaning house.  Working on my room which is a slow process because it is soooooo dusty.  Did the top of my dresser last night.  Tonight I am working on a hall closet remodel project I found in Real Simple...I blame that magazine for my sudden desire to clean house and get organized...


        fr: Had jersey mikes yesterday for lunch - best sandwich around.


          sjp: mmmm I've been looking at the Blue Moon special packs lately.  I picked up Likenguels (I have no clue how to spell it) they have a LemonBerry Shandy that is so delicious!  Sorry you've been tired lately - all the effort of moving catching up finally?



            RTR: Wedding must be soon if you are getting your dress fitted now.  Yes older DD is graduating from college this Saturday.  She is staying in Portland until the end of July (lease runs out) and working at her "intern" job, which is at a real estate investment firm.  They said she could stay there but that isn't what she wants to do long term.  She will come home for awhile, she said she is going to do some freelance illustration work and writing.  Then she plans to couch surf across the US visiting people.  We'll see . . .

            SJP: I have been tired also, I'm pretty sure the jet-lag is gone but I think it is the change in weather and allergies.  You had that anemia problem a while back, you might want to get checked at the DR. again.  Yes, mom is here.  I always forget how slowly she moves and how much she talks until I see her again.  I asked her to not talk this morning until I've had some coffee.  Definitely going to have to look for that Blue Moon pack.  Love Blue Moon!

            OU: I have definitely gotten used to living alone, mornings are the hardest with someone else around.  I will probably run another marathon, I just have to pick one out and start training.  I am doing the Rim to Rim in September and that is about 25 miles.  One of my friends wants me to do a trail marathon in August with her, so I may do that as prep for the R2R.  I am liking the shorter distances better but they don't make me get out and run like I should.


            RR: I'll get out and do my own thing today, probably a run/walk up the hill.

            NRR: Need to finish up some essays this week, fix my essay from last week (add in my citations - forgot in the jet lag state I was in) and send out some job apps today.  I'll also have to figure out something to do with Mom so she doesn't get too bored. Usually one thing a day is her limit.

            FR: We went out for Thai food last night, mom's request.  Today I think DS is coming for dinner and I was going to make some pasta.  B'fast and lunch are pretty standard.  Oatmeal or an egg, salad or soup.



              Good morning!


              RR: could not get up this morning, so I'm going to have to squeeze in a few miles after work.


              NRR: DH and I are going to the (possibly last) Thunder game tonight. 2 date nights in 5 days! My dad is picking Big B up from school and little b up from daycare and keeping them all night. It will be strange not to get them ready in the morning.


              FR: DH fed the kids while I was at yoga last night so I picked up sushi on the way home - YUM!



              rtr - sounds like you're due for a good run! I hope we get to see pictures from the wedding!


              sjp - Big B still likes school. But since it's the last full week he is like every other kid in America and ready for summer. He'll be staying with my MIL with little b this summer, but we do have the Mexico trip planned, so he gets some vacation time too. He keeps saying that he can't wait for summer when we can spend every day together - I've been trying to explain that mommy doesn't get summers off, but he still seems to think we will be together all day. You've been busy lately, so it's understandable that you are tired. I'm sure you'll be back to your old self soon.


              ou - want to come organize me?!! It's a great time of year to clean/organize - I need your motivation! Glad crossfit is giving you a good workout!


              mia - now I'm craving Thai! Have fun with your mom!


                RR - Had a nice 4 mi run in the sunshine yesterday after the monsoon-like weather on Monday.  Planning on a 5 mi lunch break run and it looks like rain again today... weird weather this week!  Also doing some climbing w/DBF after work!


                NRR - So busy at work this week!  Had a fun happy hour w/my friend last night and a pretty productive evening.  Tonight just wanting to relax and go to sleep early with DBF!


                FR - Had bacon pepper mac n cheese and sweet potato fries w/jalapeno aioli last night... so delicious.  Probably something healthier like stir fry chicken and veggies tonight!


                Back for shouts in a bit!


                  I'm back!


                  Good Morning Everyone


                  RR- Well I ran once while I was in Colorado. But it was an awesome run.


                  FR- Lots of food and lots of alcohol come along with a wedding. I gained lots, but hoping it'll come off quick once I get into a routine again.


                  NRR- It rained like crazy while I was in Colorado, which is unheard of. And of course, it was sunny in Sitka, which is unheard of. Now what DBF and I are back it's raining again. But we went hiking up the Incline to Barr Camp on the two nice days which really pulled the trip together.


                  rtr- Nice getting 4.4 in even if it wasn't fantastic. I'm wondering how my run is going to be today since I haven't ran much at all lately.


                  sjp- Oh... I haven't tried the blue moon with blackberry. That sounds really good.


                  OU- How do you like cross fit so far? I've heard good and bad things about it.


                  Mia- How was your trip?!


                  Java- Enjoy your date night!


                  seattle- that meal sounds delicious!


                    Hello Again!

                    ou-i love to organize, but dusting, yuck. are you feeling more zen already? Smile

                    mia-I always think anemia now, but i'm not feeling the same kind of tired--however, something to look into. I just didn't sleep great a couple of nights, so am feeling it. I think blue moon is my favorite standard beer.

                    java-haha, that is so cute big B thinks everyone had summers off, i wish!

                    snowed-great to see you! sorry the weather was bad during your trip--i bet you didn't gain that much and it'll drop off when you settle back into your routine. special occasions are hard not to splurge on!


                      Java: We have some great Thai and Pho places around here!  Mom and I went to Target this morning and now she is sleeping on the couch.


                      Seattle: Happy hour with your friend sounds nice as does your laid back evening tonight.


                      snow: Your trip sounds great!  Were you in the wedding?  My trip was fun, but I was ready to come home.  Like you said too much food, and drinking.  I did run but not enough to make up for the eating and drinking.  This week my mom is visiting and we're going to Portland for my older daughter's graduation on Friday, Sat. and Sun.