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    RR: 13 saturday, 10 with dbf and then we lifted. 7 yesterday and 10 today. I think we are doing the legs workout again tonight. ouch.

    NRR: broke out in hives friday and left work a couple hours early. i was itchy but hadn't used anything new for lotion/shampoo/etc nor did i eat anything out of the norm. was weird and they were still bad saturday but faded in the afternoon/yesterday. had a relaxing weekend with dbf, we went to the outlets for some shopping and watched red sox/pats game with friends.

    FR: grilled chicken and green beans saturday night before beer and snacks during baseball. haha.


      Good morning!


      RR – My legs are still pretty tired from the weekend, that’s for sure.  We had an absolutely amazing backpacking trip – perfect weather, amazing scenery.  I posted pics on facebook and have linked one here if you want to see!  We did 8 ½ mi on Thursday, 7 mi on Friday, and 5 mi on Saturday, with about 6500 feet elevation gain total.  Super tough, but so worth it!  Today will be an easy (and probably really slow) 4 mi lunch break run and some stretching/yoga after work.


      NRR – Hard to come back to reality after a trip like that!  But I am busy enough with work and school that I kind of have to.  Did lots of laundry yesterday, will get groceries today, and crank out some homework tonight.  Already daydreaming about the next trip we can take!


      FR – Thinking spaghetti with meat sauce tonight… something simple and warm sounds good!


      http://imgur.com/a/8AK1q  (let me know if you can't see it!)


        RR: Nothing this weekend  ... and I forgot my running clothes today at work so need to scheme on something for this evening. Maybe yoga or just some lifting at home tonight.


        NRR: We took the band to Kansas for a barn dance and performance on Sunday. It was a fun trip, but the bass player's bass neck got broke in transit, so a little stressful. We had to borrow a bass from a friend who lived in town. Didn't sleep much Saturday night because we were up playing half the night, so I am absolutely exhausted this morning.


        Seattle: Wow, gorgeous photos! Really interested in your hiking poles -- I really thought that if I had those on our Maine hike to Katahdin, it would have been a bit easier for me, but DH and DS were ridiculing that whole idea. I think I'm going to get some! That hike was super-steep and the footing was awful. Isn't it great to get out and away from city life for a weekend? Does make it hard to come back, though.


        SJP: That's weird about the hives. No different clothes/fabrics? Your weekend sounds wonderfully relaxing. I'm definitely rooting for the Red Sox at this point. You are tough doing the leg workout tonight after all that running!


          Back from an easy lunch break run, felt good to stretch my legs!


          sjp - have fun with legs day!  I know it's a pain (literally) but I think it's really good for you!  bummer on the hives, that sounds uncomfortable.  your weekend sounds lovely aside from that though!


          MC - man, I read that as your bass player broke his neck in traveling and was like "what???"  glad you had a good if busy weekend!  hopefully you can do some nice yoga or something to relax when you get home tonight.  I hate it when I forget workout stuff!  As far as hiking poles go, I highly highly highly recommend them.  I never used them much but now that I've gotten used to them I feel I can't hike without them.  They help a *ton*, especially if you're going up/down steep stuff or have a pack.  tell DH and DS to hush up!