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    Morning all!  We had some crazy storms last night, massive downpours, lighting, thunder - very uncharacteristic for Jully.  usually the only water you see in July is in the swimming pool.

    rr: crossfit tonight.  going to be a cardio and ab workout which is good.  after tonight I am going to be on a 2 week break from it for vacation.  Let my body recover and heal up!


    nrr: had a blast last night at the running girls only party.  modeling was fun and got to hang out with some of my favorite running friends and kick back.  Great time.  Need to do laundry tonight to prep for trip - and do some more packing as well.  Also, I got roped into doing a TV interview for one of our jobs today.  I detest doing publicity stuff so I am not looking forward to this at all!!!


    fr: still trying to be good.  I think after vacation that I am going to have to change things up some.


    wr: weight at doctor's office yesterday was 157...makes me very sad, even if it is all muscle related.  Pants also feel really tight today - although I know the leg tightness is muscle.  My brain is hyper sensitive to it right now.


      Good morning!


      RR – 4 mi lunch break run, then DBF and I are going to check out a gym that’s closer to my current place and his house after work.  It has a rock wall and a pool, which is awesome.  We are skeptical of how often they change the routes on the climbing area/etc but it’d definitely be more convenient than the climbing gym (and cheaper), so we’ll see.


      NRR – Had a nice start to the week with my boss out of town at a conference – she is back in today but I should have enough work to keep me busy for the rest of the week.  DBF’s one year anniversary at his job is in a week, and my one year anniversary at my job is in two weeks, sweet.  We’ll have to figure out some way to celebrate!


      FR – Making skinnytaste baked chicken nuggets with sweet potato fries and salad, yum.


        Happy Hump Day!


        RR: Repeat a 5 mile run today and crossfit tonight.

        NRR: Such a busy day yesterday.  After my run I came home and did some schoolwork which took longer than I anticipated.  in the afternoon I headed to a job fair for the company I did the computer testing for this weekend.  I ended up having 2 interviews and the last one the interviewer said that I was an extremely strong candidate and I should expect an offer within 2 weeks.  The company is opening a new facility nearby, it's not opening until Dec. but the job would start Sept 30th for training, which is perfect - after my Rim to Rim trip.  It is entry level so pay is not fantastic but it is reasonable and there is LOTS of opportunity for advancement.  Great benefits too.

        Ex wants to bring the dogs over again and I really don't want him too.  Does that sound horrible?  I hate they are getting shuffled and each time it takes the older dog a day or more to settle in.

        FR: Things going really well here.  I was down another 3.4 last night so that's just over 6 for 2 weeks.  Definitely feeling a difference in my body.  It's almost like my muscles remembered what they were supposed to look like and went back to it.


        OU:We had thunderstorms here also last night but not tons of rain.  Weird.  Are you going to CO with the same peeps as you went last year?  You looked fantastic in the picture I saw on FB last night.  Good job!! When(notice when not if) I get the offer for this job I think I'll join the crossfit gym for a few months at least.



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          Seattle: Can't believe you've both been at your jobs a year already.  Time flies!!  Glad you had a good run with your mom yesterday, that is awesome she is doing those things with you.




            mia-Yes, the propane tank was outside for our heat/hot water boiler. how many cross-fit classes a week do you take?  woohoo on the job fair, that is fantastic!

            snowed-woohoo another coworker, hopefully he is good and you can have a little bit better work environment.

            seattle- a gym with a pool would be awesome! wow, that year went by fast. does dbf like his job?

            ou-the running store fashion show sounds awesome. i bet you are getting really excited for you trip. hope the weather holds on for you.

            RR: 10 miles this morning. was pretty sticky but felt a little better out there today, maybe it was a bit cooler. i think tonight we are biking, or lifting, depends on afternoon t-storms.

            NRR: nothing much going on, its been really hot upstairs at our apt so need to pack for weekend/bridal shower but just start sweating when i'm up there for too long. dbf slept in the basement last night.

            FR: stomach is not feeling great, not sure if its the heat while running or what...


              Morning All!


              RR-Planning on my last long run today!


              FR-  Nothing great going on here.


              NRR- As usual my days off are really busy. Long run today and then fire department stuff tonight. Tomorrow DBF and I are really hoping to get out on the boat before I leave on Friday.


              ou- Have a wonderful vacation! And.. I got the watch. Thanks so much! Hoping I have time today to figure it out.


              Seattle- I've day dreamed about finding another job. But there are no other aircraft mechanic jobs in Sitka. Both DBF and I don't want to move. SO I'm stuck toughing it out, or finding a totally different job and starting from scratch.


              Mia- Nice job on the weight loss! I totally get you not wanting ex to bring the dogs over. That's not good for them. I'm sure it's frustrating too that he's not consistent with taking care of them.


              sjp- You're running through the heat so well!


                sjp: I always have stomach issues when I run in the heat.  Not fun.  The heat in your place does not sound fun either.  Are you renting an apt. in a house?  How many floors?

                Snow: Hope you have a good day off!  Do you have to take vacation time to go to the fire training in Texas?