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Field Day Thursdailies! (Read 11 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on running after work today, probably four miles or so.  It's also field day at work today, so there's a half hour where all the kids are supposed to run or walk around the track, so I'll probably walk.  I'd run, but I don't have my stuff.


    NRR:  Graduation last night was fun and luckily it didn't go too long!  Today is work, then a run, then I don't know what.  Hang out with DF probably.  Three days of work, including today, until summer vacation!  I cannot wait!


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.



    Seattle:  A grilled cheese with sourdough sounds delicious!  Sourdough is by far my favorite, but I haven’t had it in ages.


    MIA:  That jazz club sounds really fun!  That’s awesome that DBF is such a good cook!  DF doesn’t really cook, unless its from a box or a jar.  I don’t mind though because I cook, which I like, and he does the dishes.


    Java:  How was father’s day dinner with your dad?


    Foco:  I think your idea of getting as many short morning runs in as possible is a great idea.  When its hot, short and cool in the morning is better than long and hot, or not at all, in the afternoon.  Your road trip with DD sounds really fun!


    Snowden:  Your veggie stir fry and rice sounds good!  What do you put in the stir fry?


    OU:  Man, crossfit sounds intense!  I hate burpees too.


      Good Morning!

      RR: Not sure today, not able to run this morning because of an appointment.  Possibly running this afternoon.

      NRR: finished my school work for the week.  applied for some more jobs.  I suppose I could do some housecleaning today.  I think DBF is going out of town for a bike ride this weekend so not sure what I'll be doing, no plans at this point.

      FR: Not bad yesterday, could've eaten more veggies.  Working on it.


      RTR: I've never heard of a HS having field day.  Are the kids getting antsy?



        Argh, I just wrote my post and RA ate it.


        RR- 4 mi fartlek run over lunch break today.  I am going to start trying to slowly incorporate some more speedwork into my running routine!  We didn't end up climbing yesterday so will probalby do that tonight or tomorrow night.


        NRR- Had fun at happy hour with my cousin and DBF.  DBF and I just lazed around watching tv shows after and went to bed pretty early, which was nice.  I'm a little bummed because one of his hometown friends (who I've never met) is moving out of the country soon, so DBF is going home for the weekend again to go to the going away party.  Which is great, I just feel like we haven't gotten a weekend where he hasn't had stuff to do/been gone in a while.  And I want to go camping!  Maybe next weekend.  Tonight is dinner with mom and grandma and then hopefully early to bed...  I've been tired this week!


        FR- Roast beef and swiss toasted sandwiches tonight.  Made some roast beef earlier in the week and it turned out really good!



          rtr-bummer the game got rained out, that is the worst. do you go to a lot of games? glad graduation wasn't long. 3 days--woot.

          Mia-jazz clubs sounds interesting, i bet you and dbf don't have trouble making friends/talking to strangers!

          seattle-lots of climbing for you!

          java-big b must be done for the summer? that is great your dad watches them sometimes.

          mc-nope, it was 49* this morning when i ran! we are in the upper 70's in the day then mid 50's at night--should warm up more in july. sounds like a great vacation!

          snowed-are you getting a heat wave?!

          ou-wow can't imagine tyring to reno a half chewed up building. do you salvage most of it? cross-fit sounds so awesome.

          RR: 8 mi + elliptical yesterday and today for cutback week. wanted to get out and ride my bike or lift last night but got caught at work. tonight may go to the driving range with dbf, we'll see.

          NRR: deadline at work and panic mode from my boss is a bad combo. she was in the office all of 3 hours this week. and is supposed to 'manage' the project. ugh. anyway, i think we are on track for deadline beginning of next week.

          FR: need to grocery shop!


            Hi all,


            RR: Almost forgot I had an appt this morning (mammogram ... blah), so had to skip my run. But I think DD and I are going to yoga this evening and I'm going to try a 3-miler when it cools off this evening.


            NRR: Our band did a fun little George Jones/Tammy Wynette tribute event last night -- we did just a few songs, but it was fun. DH had to blast out right afterward to go to a meeting in Steamboat, and DD and I just watched a couple of episodes of Parenthood.


            RTR: Field day sounds great -- we used to have those when I was in grade school but it seems like they'd gone away. We used to do goofy stuff like three-legged races, etc. It was always a loud, rowdy fun day.


            Mia: Good for you to knock out the schoolwork and the job apps. It's hard for me to get motivated to clean the house unless I have company coming. I just try to invite people over frequently enough that it doesn't get too bad. ;-)


            Seattle: I think I'm going to try to do some speedwork in the mornings, too, since I'm keeping my runs short. I haven't really ever focused on that, so I know it would do me a lot of good. I like the idea of fartleks, too, because it seems you can just eyeball the distances. When I read those training plans with 4X400, 2x200, blah, blah, my eyes just start to cross. I've never trained on a track so I don't have a sense of those distances. Your mom/grandma dinner sounds fun. I need to see if I can track my mom down for dinner this week.


            SJP: Sounds like great running weather for you! Deadlines and panicked bosses are a bad combo. We have a lot of that going around at my workplace, too. Hope that situation gets better for you!


              Anyone else having trouble with this website.  I can only get here occasionally and my computer gets hung up the other times.

              Seattle: Why don't you go home with you DBF and go to the party with him?  Are you making dinner for your mom and grandma?

              SJP: I usually don't have trouble talking with new people, DBF is a little shy but is more talkative by the end of the night.  He is very soft-spoken so people have trouble hearing him sometimes.  I need to go grocery shopping also!



                Morning...well afternoon!


                RR- Just under 11 easy miles on the trails yesterday. Slept in til 10:45 today(!!) so not sure what I'll run.


                NRR- Everything I didn't do yesterday(cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping) needs to get done today.


                FR- Made oatmeal rye bread and cinnamon rolls from scratch yesterday. YUM. Also got a load of rhubarb from a friend yesterday so I'll probably make something with that today.


                rtr- for stir fry I usually put in multiple colors of bell peppers, white onion and broccoli. Sometimes garlic. I've been experimenting with curry sauce in it lately. This time I did a yellow curry and it was pretty good. I think my favorite so far was a red(i think) with cashews. I generally just buy the jars of curry sauce to make it a really quick and easy meal. And I love the rice bran Niko Niko. I got hooked on the white in Hawaii, but pretty much use the brown 90% of the time now.


                Mia- You seem to be working every day on eating better!


                Seattle- I enjoy fartlecks. I never plan on doing them but when I do randomly do them I really have a fun time with it. It feels so good to go "fast" and stretch my legs.


                sjp- It got up to 70 which is a heat wave here! Not really though, its been in the low to mid 60's mostly, which is summer. But the interior is getting a massive heat wave into the 90's.


                MC- Playing in a band sounds like so much fun! I've always wanted to know how to play an instrument, but if I'm being honest I've never had the patience to learn.