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    anyone working today?

    RR: 12 cold miles saturday then non-stop playing with my niece and nephew. yesterday i ran 7 with dbf and again lots of playing. today i ran 10 on the treadmill, and i think ab ripper tonight.

    NRR: had a great weekend with my bro/sil and niece/nephew. nephew is 4 and chatty and so cute. we went bowling saturday and out for dinner. yesterday we went to the mall and saw santa and a model train display they had there. dbf and i were really tired last night after they left.

    FR: made mint choc chip cookies last night, yum.


      Hi all,


      RR: Had a really sketchy week last week with exercise so resolved over the weekend to do an exercise streak of 100 days. That might be too ambitious, but it  just means I need to do *something* exercise-wise for at least 30 minutes for 100 days, even if it's walking. I ran 3 miles on Saturday. Ran 6 on Sunday -- that was the first time in a LONG time I had done that distance. It felt good at the time, but my back was screaming at me last night. Boo. That was really disappointing. Then I went to swimming this morning, which is still awesome. I am really at ground zero -- worked on swimming 50m with 20 seconds rest in between. I think I swam maybe 500 meters total today? Can't believe how exhausting it is. But the coach swears he's going to have me swimming 3000m soon. We'll see!


      NRR: Really fun, sociable weekend. Had my younger sis come Friday night with my niece and we got pizza and watched a movie, went to bed early. Then watched niece's soccer game Saturday, had Mexican for lunch, did a little shopping, then went to a pot luck dinner at a coworker's house. Sunday I had my mom, DD, her DBF, and another niece over for dinner. Went to bed at 8:30 last night! DH got back late last night from hunting, so looking forward to catching up with him tonight.


      FR: I made a whole wheat bread boule Sunday that turned out really well. I will definitely be making that again.


      SJP: Yes, I am working today. DH has the day off, but he works for the state. I don't think many people around here have the day off. Your weekend with the little ones sounds so great.


        Good Morning!


        Sorry I've been such a bad "poster".  Last week I worked M - F, and about 10 hours each day.  I'm doing temp work for the elections department so we are getting all the votes in for the election that was on Tuesday.  In King County, all the ballots are mail in ballots so we got some beforehand but the majority came in Tuesday (drop off boxes) or Wednesday (mailed at last minute).  I think we will work tomorrow, possibly Wednesday and then be done. Then I have until Dec. 9th when I start my other job.


        RR: There was none of that with the long days and then homework.

        NRR: Up above.  This weekend I went to DBF's on Saturday around noon, we went for lunch and then for a drive after he picked up his car from Goodyear.  He has a "sporty" car and wanted to test out the new tires to make sure they were better than the last grip-wise.  Then we went back to his place and had some wine and chilled.  HIs back was hurting from his bicycle ride earlier.  Yesterday we went out to b'fast, ran some errands and then got back to his place and I did homework while he did some work on the car he is building.  Then he cooked dinner and we watched Young Frankenstein.  Up early today because he had work and I will be cranking out some school work so I don't feel panicked this week if I do have to work all 5 days.

        FR: I don't even want to talk about it - it hasn't been pretty.  I"m feeling awful from bad eating and no exercise.


        RTR:  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Very exciting.  When are you due?  Have you told your families?



          Good morning!  Felt nice to sleep in a bit today.


          RR – 10K trail run yesterday went well!  It was definitely super hilly (900+ feet of elevation gain), and it was four 1.5 mi loops, which was interesting.  The hills were tougher than any that I have been running on (at some points we were running up stairs) but my legs felt pretty strong!  Today will be an easy 4 mi run with my mom and hopefully an 800M swim at some point.


          NRR – Off work today, so hanging out with Mom and taking her and Grandma for lunch and mani/pedis, should be fun!  I spent a while after the run yesterday getting organized, doing laundry and groceries, and if I can spend a good chunk of time getting ahead on schoolwork today I will be a happy camper!  So nice to have an extra day off after how last week dragged along.  It was a great weekend, both of my football teams won (by a lot!) and DBF and I’s friend came to town to run the trail race on Sunday morning, so we hung out after the race and got brunch with him as well.


          FR – Bought lots of healthy food, need to work on being more conscious of that (and also cutting back on the beer!).


          Back in a bit for shouts!