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    Good morning!


    RR:  I woke up early and got 3.1 miles in this morning!  Not as far as I would have liked to have run, but its all I had time for.  I didn't run yesterday because it was 90 degrees when I got off work and I had no desire.


    NRR:  Work today, then there's an end of the year get together that I might go to for a bit, then tonight DF and I are going to a Phillies game.  It'll be my first one of the year, so I'm excited.  It might rain, but I'm hoping it holds off.


    FR:  Nachos and beer at the game tonight, hopefully.



    Java:  It sounds like you had a really nice weekend!  I can imagine that it must be nice to have a kids’ free weekend every once in a while.  I’d go back to see the results of the x-ray, then take it from there.  You already paid to get the x-rays done, might as well see what they say.


    MIA:  It sounds like you had a great birthday weekend with DBF!  Hurray for a man who can cook!


    Snowden:  I’m impressed you ran six miles the day after a half marathon!  My big plans for the summer are getting married and honeymooning, of course.  We’re going to Tahiti and I cannot wait!!!  Also, my family will be in town for a few days before the wedding, so that should be a blast as well.  Other than that, I just do whatever the heck I want, which usually consists of going to a café and reading, going to the movies, running, hanging out with friends, stuff like that.  Oh, also our lease is up at the end of August, so moving somewhere as well.  Hopefully in a house we will buy, but no luck yet.  Do you have any plans for the summer?


    Seattle:  That’s awesome that DBF’s parents are making such good progress on the house.  Do you know when you’ll move in there?  As for my summer, my big plans are getting married, going on a honeymoon and hopefully buying a house.  Other than that, everything else I wrote in Snowden’s shout.  I’m pretty excited, it’s going to be fantastic!

      morning all!  Had a tough time getting up this morning...


      rr: 6 miles last night.  Kept a 9:35 or so pace the whole time.  Since I'm not running as much this summer I am trying to run faster when I do.  Last mile or so was tough to keep the pace but I survived.  Tonight is crossfit.


      nrr: after run last night walked to a sandwich shop then ate dinner outside with a friend.  It was a really pleasant evening.  We are in a dead week for work so it is a little boring around here. Trying to stay motivated to do the little bit of work that I do have to do.


      fr: doing a photo diary of what I eat with a friend for a few weeks.  Trying really hard to be good!


      rtr: last week of school! Is there lots of wedding planning and details to do once school is out or are you going to relax until the big day?  I saw Kenny Chesney in concert.  Eli Young and Eric Church were there as well and we got a few songs by Kacey Musgraves


      seattle: how were those books? I need some summertime reads, I had heard unbroken was really good.  Are you guys moving into the house when it is done?  and swimming sounds wonderful - I was thinking about that this morning driving in!


      java: I pay $40 a visit for my chiro, and when I first started going I went 2x a week for a few weeks just to get everything back in line because I was so whacked up.  It took awhile to really notice and feel a difference as well.  but if it is just to look at x-rays and he isn't going to do anything else, that seems like a lot to pay - maybe he could just let you know over the phone, lots of places will do that so you don't have to pay again.


      mia: your birthday weekend looked like a lot of fun in pictures!  Awesome of DD to do stuff for you!  I think you will like crossfit - very similar to when you had hulk as trainer!

        snow: it looks like there is a message option on the forum - send me your address and I will send you the Garmin.  I think I have all the manuals and such for it still so I will send those over as well.


          Good morning!


          RR: A few miles solo this morning. Couldn't find Winston's leash (I'm pretty sure it is in my car), but I felt really bad leaving him behind.


          NRR: Decided not to go back to the chiro. They were going to charge me another co-pay ($45) to review my x-rays. And they billed my insurance almost $500 for my first visit! Just wasn't willing to do that again. I'm going to meet with my stepdad (he's an orthopedic doc) about what he thinks the best course of action is. Hoping for a quiet night tonight.


          FR: DH is making carne asada tacos tonight - yummy!



          rtr - enjoy the game!! I love ballpark food!


          OU - Enjoy crossfit! Do you feel like it is making a difference for you?



            rtr-those are great summer plans, i bet the honeymoon will be awesome. i bet there will be more options for houses this time of year, fingers crossed by august! have fun at the game tonight.

            java-ugh, sorry about the med bills, everything is so expensive, its insane. hopefully you don't have to go back several more times.

            mia-sounds like a good birthday! do you have any races this summer?

            ou-i hate having super slow weeks at work, they just drag. dinner outside is always nice--seems rare to get good enough weather to do it. photo diary sounds interesting...i imagine taking a photo of greasy food would deter you from eating it!!

            snowed-way to get right back out there after your race.

            RR: 8 easy miles this morning and then 2 on the elliptical. going to try and lift one night this week and possibly bike another, we'll see how that goes with weather and such.

            NRR: eh, only tuesday. not feeling it. did anyone else watch that series north america on discovery channel? i'm such a nerd for that stuff, watched the last two episodes last night.

            FR: dbf might be making chicken fajitas tonight. yum.


              Good morning!


              RR- Had a great climbing session with DBF yesterday (and a 3 mi lunch break run).  My arms were so tired after, but I passed the belay test so now I can do roped climbing there too!  Today is a 4 mi lunch break run.  My boss ran her marathon on Sunday in 4:34, she's speedy!


              NRR- DBF's dad is going crazy on the house, it's pretty funny... he's been over there working on it every single day since they got it.  He had to retire early due to union stuff and I think he's been bored.  On the bright side perhaps DBF can get in there sooner... his roommates are driving me crazy.  All they do is drink and smoke and play video games and make messes!  DBF is thinking of moving in over the month of July and living there while its worked on for a few months.  I will probably move in towards end of summer/early fall.  Thinking of laying in the yard and starting to skim the books for next quarter's classes this evening if its nice out, and maybe some laundry.  I've been tired this week for some reason!


              FR- Turkey pot pie soup for lunch, grilled chicken w/roasted brussel sprouts (so good) and mashed potatoes for dinner.


              Back in a bit for shouts!


                Good morning!

                RR: Heading out for a run with my friend at 10.  We'll probably do our normal 5mile loop.

                NRR: Got a lot of my school work done yesterday, more today.  Sent out a couple of job apps/resumes yesterday, more today.  Possibly mow the lawn today if it doesn't rain. I can see dark clouds rolling in.  Meeting DBF tonight to go see a group we like at a Jazz Club.

                FR: Eh, craving sugar yesterday and I gave in.  Need to detox after the weekend.


                RTR: I keep thinking I should head to a coffee shop to do some of my school work for a change of scenery.  I wish we had a non-Starbucks near me.

                OU: Are you doing anything special for your birthday this weekend or was the celebration last weekend?

                Java: Sounds like a good plan to meet with your Step father.  Would the Chiro give you the xrays?  I think they are yours legally.  Then your step dad could look at those.

                SJP: I have a half in August and then my Rim to Rim adventure in September.  A friend is trying to convince me to do a trail marathon with her in August as well.  How bout you?

                Seattle: Wow glad the house is coming along so well.  Which marathon did your boss run?  Vancouver?  Has she run others?  Do you ever run with her at lunch time?





                  RR- Slept in way to late to get a run in along with everything else before I go to work.


                  NRR- Had some awesome sunshine for a few days, now it looks like winter again.


                  FR- I haven't been logging lately and I think its working out for me. I've lost a few pounds and I'm not totally obsessed with numbers every time I eat something. I could still do better in a lot of areas, but I've been pretty consistent lately.


                  rtr- sounds like a great summer ahead for you! My summer will consist of working a lot. Usually the mechanics slow down in the summer and get busy in the winter, but the company I work for is in the process of growing a lot right now and I forsee "busy" year round. I'm also going to a fire fighting week long glass  at the end of July... in Texas. Should be lots of fun and tons of learning, but I'm going to die in the heat.


                  Ou- Photo diary, that sounds cool! I never thought of that, but way a neat way to look back and actually see what you ate.


                  Java- Dinner sounds great! Hope your body feels better again soon.


                  sjp- I didn't watch that series but that's something I would watch too. I don't have TV, only netflixs. I'll have to keep my eye out for it.


                  Seattle- It's great that the house is really coming along! I would have a really hard time being around roommates too. At least the house was bought and you know you won't have to deal with them for much longer.


                  Mia- Happy belated birthday! We must have cross posted yesterday.


                    Back from a hot sweaty 4 mile run over lunch.  Thank goodness for dry shampoo!  We have had such a lovely spring/early summer here so far.


                    rtr - thinking DBF will move into the house sometime in July and myself probably late summer or early fall... we shall see how quickly they progress on it!  You have a ton of excitement to keep you busy over the summer!  I wish that I was cut out to be a teacher because what you are going to be doing for the next few months sounds AWESOME.  Have fun at the game tonight, hope the weather is good for you!


                    ou - 50 shades of gray was ok... kind of weird.  but decent.  Unbroken was amazing, I could not put it down and I was sad when I finished it!  DBF and I are doing kind of a staggered start move in (lol) and it just sort of depends on how long it will take them to finish the major stuff.  Luckily we are both month to month at our current places so it's all good.  Hope the dead week at work goes by quickly!  It's funny how sometimes those can be just as tiring as the busy weeks.


                    Java - enjoy your quiet night and the tacos - that sounds delicious!  Hopefully you can get some good answers re: chiro without having to shell out that much...  $500 definitely seems over the top for that!


                    sjp - mmn, chicken fajitas... you and Java are making me crave mexican food!  I've been wanting some for a while and just haven't gotten around to it yet.  I am wishing that it was Wednesday (or Thursday, or Friday) already as well.  Neither DBF nor I have cable... I'm kind of glad, I'm easily distracted enough with books and the internet!


                    Mia - good job getting all your school work done - sounds like it's going great!  The weather here has been so odd this week, it keeps saying it's going to rain and I keep seeing clouds, but then it ends up being warm and sunny-ish (not that I'm complaining!).  Yep, my boss did Vancouver - it was her third full I think.  She didn't particularly like the course but it was the only weekend that really fit into her and her TP's schedule.  I haven't run with her on lunch break, sometimes I see her on the trail but she is faster than me!  Maybe someday Smile


                    snowden- yep, I keep telling myself "one more month one more month..." haha.  I am still tracking but trying to focus more on eating healthy than on calories necessarily (although I am trying to rein those in as well now that I am done with marathons for a bit).  sometimes a shift in perspective is all you need to come back at it refreshed and motivated!