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Thundering Mondaiies! (Read 12 times)


    Good morning!  It's raining cats and dogs here.


    RR:  I ran yesterday, just 3.1 miles, but it felt good to wake up and get it done, especially since it was hot!  I woke up at 9:00 and it was already mid 80s and humid, so I'm just happy I ran.  We've been having a heat wave, but I think its finally over today, so hopefully I'll be able to get out for longer runs in the afternoons.  I'm not sure if running will happen today.  A friend and I are meeting up after work to either run or play cards.  It depends on the weather.  If its thundering, cards most certainly will win out.


    NRR:  The weekend was glorious.  DF and I went out for Ethiopian on Friday, then just hung out.  Saturday we went out to Lancaster, PA to meet with the pastor who is marrying us, then we went to the outlets since we were there.  Yesterday a friend and I saw the Great Gatsby.  I didn't really like the movie, but then again, I didn't really like the book when I read it in high school.  Today is work, a bunch of grading, then a run or cards based on the weather.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting here. DF is in charge of dinner tonight, we'll see what he comes up with. 

    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back for shouts later!

      morning all!  Wow another crazy weekend here!  We had a huge tornado outbreak on Friday night (thankfully family is all fine again!)  I am ready for this crazy spring to be over!

      rr: got in 8 miles yesterday.  Not too bad, but it wasn't my best run ever.  oh well.  Crossfit tonight.


      nrr: had a beautiful weekend here.  Great temps, sunny - just glorious (nice after the bad weather on Friday).  On Saturday I got my nephew all day long, he is such a cutie.  I need to put some pics up on Face book.  Sunday I went for a run, grocery shopped, vacuumed, weeded, trimmed the trees.  Finished the night off at red lobster.  yum!  So not ready for another week of work...


      fr: I am starting to get back on track this week.  Went to the store and got food for the week to make dinner, breakfast, and lunch all week.  Going to commit to being healthy.


      seattle: great job on marathon this weekend! can't wait to hear about it!


        Good morning!


        RR: Boo. That stupid sinus infection totally knocked me out! Yesterday I couldn't breath at all, so I decided to sleep in this morning (you know, until 5:30 AM) and give my body as much rest as I could.  I feel so much better today, so I think I'll start back with yoga tomorrow and then run on Wednesday.


        NRR: Crazy weekend. The storms Friday made my mom postpone the opening of her yoga studio until Sunday. Her studio was flooded Saturday morning, so she had a lot of clean-up to do. Of course I had told DH he couldn't work Saturday so I could go to the opening and he made a ton of appointments for Sunday so I couldn't go to the opening. Probably for the best anyway since I was feeling so bad yesterday. The tornadoes were pretty close to my dad and sister's houses Friday night so they both didn't have power. My dad has a built-in generator so he was fine, but my sister and niece had to come stay with us Saturday night. Big B and my niece are really close, so they were excited for the sleepover. Yesterday I just cleaned up from the extra people around (Big B and my niece had everything in his room out and all over the house) and cooked.


        FR: Went to Sam's and got a ton of blueberries, fresh green beans, and spinach. I froze all of it yesterday - I forgot how time-consuming it is to clean, blanch, and store all that stuff!



        rtr - glad you had a good run! And I'm glad you had such a nice weekend! Do you still have a lot to do for the wedding? It will be here in no time!


        ou - The weather was so pretty Saturday and Sunday! Glad you took advantage! I find it is a lot easier for me to eat healthy if I have it all prepared and ready. What kind of healthy stuff did you get?



          rtr-sounds like a good weekend! any more luck with house hunting?

          ou-glad you are all safe after another round of tornadoes. i bet your nephew is growing and changing everyday! they change so much that first year.

          seattle-way to go on your marathon!!!

          java-ugh, i'm sorry you aren't feeling well. hope the sinus infection goes away soon.

          RR: whew it was hot this weekend, i love heat, but when i have been running in 40's and now its mid-80's in the morning and humid--sort of a disaster. 11 hot ones saturday, was fine until the end, just happy i got double digits. sunday i ran 4, then my sister and i ran a 6k, and it didn't start until 11 am. it was already 95. that really stunk, i felt bad bc my sister trained and was all excited for it and then it was miserable.

          NRR: hot weekend. hung out at my sisters. organized, hung out, made food and did the race. was pretty good weekend. monday again, tiredness!

          FR: had caribbean salad at my sisters, was delicious. i'd eat grilled chix on salad every day.


            Good morning!


            RR - Nothing today except maybe a slow walk/hobble over lunch break. Finished the North Olympic Discovery Marathon yesterday in 5:18, which is a lot slower than Tacoma but still right in the middle of my 5 fulls that I've run now. It was kind of a crazy race - I started off way too fast (not sure why I thought I was going to run a 4:40... but I knew the pacer and got to chatting, oops). I realized that around mile 8 and started dropping back, and then randomly had to dive for the porta potty. Shortly after that, a toenail fell off and I had to stop to put a blister bandaid on. Then I got a nasty sideache and couldn't run without limping for a good half mile until the bandaid settled into place. This was all around mile 9... I was thinking "ok, no way in hell can I finish this full, maybe I'll just do a half since DBF will probably be at the halfway point..." But DBF wasn't at the halfway point, or at the 16 mi mark, and by then I was starting to feel a bit better and get into some steady running again, so I figured I'd see if I could make it to 20 and go from there. I made it to 20, finally saw DBF at mi 21, and ran pretty strong and steady from there to the finish! It was definitely a learning experience, but I am so glad I was able to tough it out and finished! The course was gorgeous and the volunteers and spectators were all amazing.

            NRR - DBF and I had a lovely relaxing weekend. The vacation house he got us was really awesome - it had a big window seat with a view of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and we sat there and watched all the cruise ships, oil tankers, the ferry coming in from Canada, etc. We also went to a beach on Saturday that had lots of cool tide pools, and had a nice bonfire out on the patio by the water on Saturday night. Not sure what the plan is tonight but I am hoping it involves a lot of relaxing!

            FR - Didn't really eat too much yesterday - for some reason I'm never hungry right after long runs/races. I'll probably be pretty hungry today but will try to make sure to make it all healthy food!


            Will be back later for shouts!


              Good morning.

              Not sure why but I slept very fitfully last night.

              RTR: Sounds like a pretty good weekend.  You have lots coming up soon with the end of the school year and wedding, I bet your time is flying.

              OU: Very productive weekend for you.  How fun to get to spend the day with your nephew.

              Java: That sinus infection sounds miserable.  I bet the tornadoes aren't helping with the stuff blowing in the air.  That's too bad about your mom's yoga studio, did she get it cleaned up and dried out in time?

              SJP: a race in 95 sounds miserable.  Glad you had a nice weekend with your sister even though it was such a hot race.

              Seattle: Nice job on finishing NODM.  It sounds like you had a tough day with everything that happened.  The volunteers really make that race a good one though.  Hope you are back to walking normal soon.


              RR: Didn't run  this weekend, but did work in the yard quite a bit.

              NRR: Had a nice night with DBF? on Friday night.  We talked and I felt better but still we're taking this really slow, slower than I thought even.  Saturday I offered to talk at a Weight Watchers open house about activity and it's role in my weight loss and now my life.  That took longer than I thought it would.  Was there from 11:30 until after 2.  Came home and mowed my lawn, edged and did laundry.  Headed back to DBF? and we went out to a nice dinner on the water and then turned in early.  He was tired from cleaning and staining his deck all day.  I slept the longest I've slept in a long time.  We didn't wake up until 9:30 yesterday.  We had b'fast and then went to a really cool garden store.  If I were rich I would've bought tons of stuff.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  All I did was do some planning in my head though.  I headed home about 1 and then went to work trimming roses and other plants, putting an edge around an area near my patio and just doing some general yard cleaning.  That was about it for my weekend.

              FR: Can't complain, ate healthy but maybe too much at some points.  STill feeling fluffy but I think it's close to that time also.



                My legs are pretty sore today but not as sore as Tacoma... I am actually wearing shoes and walking around today!  It's supposed to be super nice out so I am looking forward to being outside this week.  (with sunscreen though - I got pretty burned during the marathon because it was a lot sunnier than I had expected!)


                rtr - glad you had such a nice weekend, and that the weather is cooling off a bit so you won't have to wake up early to run!  Where are you and DBF getting married?  I'm sure you've probably mentioned the venue before but I may have missed it.  It's coming up so fast!


                ou - sounds like you had a fantastic weekend!  so nice that you are getting some sunny weather after all the crazy storms...  I'm glad you and your family made it through ok!  I can't even imagine having to worry about that!  Nice work on the healthy grocery shopping, I'm sure you'll rock it this week!


                Java - relieved to hear that you and your family have been safe and sound during the storms as well... sounds like quite a mess but at least none of you were hurt!  great as well that the sinus infection is finally gone... it's amazing how being sick affects absolutely everything!


                sjp - wow, 95 sounds like a crazy hot race!  I was stressing that my marathon last month was in the high 70s, can't imagine running in mid 90s after training in the cold all winter!  hopefully your sis isn't too discouraged and can pick another race to train for... she'll probably be almost guaranteed a PR!  I love grilled chicken salads too, and there's so many ways you can dress them up and get variety there!


                Mia - NODM was amazing!  Despite the issues that I had mid-race I was still able to appreciate the course, scenery, organization, volunteers/spectators etc.  Would definitely do it again!  The finishing miles were just gorgeous, and it was so nice to be able to sit on the sandy beach, dip my feet in the water, and hang out in the sunshine for a bit at the finish line.  Sounds like you had a relaxing and productive weekend - I'm sure your yard looks amazing!  Glad you were able to talk with DBF - even if it's not exactly what you wanted, it's always better to know where you stand!  Smile


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Didn't run at all over the weekend just because of generally too much to do, so I'm hoping to have a good week this week. Will do 3 or 4 tonight.


                  NRR: Had a great weekend with a band gig Friday night, and friends over dinner both Saturday and Sunday nights. I am perfecting my guacamole recipe! Also, we made some killer fish tacos Saturday and I tried some red cabbage slaw garnish that had lots of lime juice. It turned out pretty yummy. Sunday we had to face our jungle of a yard. We ended up buying a new push mower, and I got most of the bindweed out of the front garden. Still lots left to do. I feel like I went for an 8-mile run yesterday. My back feels really good. I was worried that the yard work would set it back.


                  RTR: You were smart to get your run done early. I thought it was going to be cool and cloud and it heated right up, so I'll go this evening. My mom wants to see Gatsby, and not sure I want to invest that much time in it.


                  OU: I bet you all are so sick of tornadoes! Great job on your 8 miles yesterday. Fun to spend time with your nephew. sounds like a productive weekend all around.


                  Java: Sorry your sinus infection is lingering. Really too bad that the storms disrupted your mom's studio opening. Great idea to buy and freeze all that produce!


                  SJP: I bet it feel good to get back to those long runs -- but too bad about the heat. That's no fun. Is your sister still excited to do another race, or did that dampen her enthusiasm?


                  Seattle: Congrats on another successful marathon! And the recovery accommodations sound fantastic. Sounds like a perfect weekend all around. I bet you're going to be hungry soon.


                  Mia: It's funny that this Movband that I'm wearing for our work contest tracked more activity from gardening yesterday than it did on the day I ran 4 miles. Apparently yard work is significant exercise.  Sounds like a good weekend all in all for you. It's good that you and DBF can talk things through!