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It's Light Out! (for now) Mondailies (Read 11 times)


    So nice to not wake up in the dark...


    RR Had a good hilly 12 mi trail run on Saturday – it was super super windy.  The area I was in was fairly protected but I was still nervous about falling trees and branches… run felt really good though!  Today will be a 3 mi lunch break run.


    NRR – So, the crazy windstorm on Saturday (it was ‘only’ 25-30 mph while I was running, but we got gusts up to 60 a little later in the day) closed down the floating bridge and knocked my power out for pretty much the entire weekend.  Glad I was able to go to DBF’s and then to my mom’s to get my laundry and homework done!  Had a fun night out on the town with my mom and family friends and then with DBF.  Yesterday got a bunch of hw done at my mom’s house.  Need to get more done tonight, will be nice to be back in a routine after kind of a weird weekend!


    FR – Making crockpot beef stew tonight, hope it turns out well!


      Good morning!


      RR:  Not only do I probably win the worst poster award, I think I would win the worst runner award as well!  It hasn't really been happening too much lately.  DH and I did go to the state park near us this weekend and walked the loop, which was a pretty hilly 4.5 miles.  It felt nice to just be out there running.  I can't run today because I have a dentist appointment, then DH and I are going out to dinner with the neighbors.


      RR:  Today is just work, then the dentist appointment and dinner with the neighbors.  The neighbors seem nice and have been trying to get to set up a dinner date with them for awhile now, so hopefully it will be fun.  This weekend was just grading and working on the house.  Nothing too exciting, except for the hike.


      In much more exciting news:  The reason for my super sporadic posting and even more sporadic running is that I'm pregnant! I'm about 13 weeks, so I'm due in May.  It's nice to finally be able to tell people about it though.  It turns out pregnancy is super tiring though, so I haven't been doing as much as I usually do.  Please don't say anything on Facebook if we're friends.  A lot of people don't know yet.


      FR:  We're going to an Italian restaurant tonight, so I'm pretty excited about that.


      Seattle:  I love that its light out when I go to work now!  Nice job getting your run in and beating the wind.  That's pretty crazy wind.


      Have a great day!  I'll try and post more this week and make it back for shouts.



        seattle- i couldn't agree more, i like having at least a little light in the morning, won't last long though. wow, being without power is awful at least you had a place with power to go!

        rtr-WOW congratulations, that is so so exciting. so happy for you and DH. there is no reason to go crazy with the running if you are growing a baby!

        RR: really hilly half on saturday, had about a 1.5 mi hill at mile 5 so that was brutal. dbf and i ended up running a 1:45 on the nose, which is fine by us. neither of us tapered or wanted to run super fast. yesterday i ran 7 then we did p90x bi/back. today i cutback and filled in with elliptical and i think we are doing abs tonight.

        NRR: had a great weekend. after the race we ran some errands and relaxed. went out to dinner/bars to celebrate a friends bday. sunday i caught up on life, did some calcs for work, made dinner and watched football.

        FR: minestrone soup in the crockpot--was really good.


          rtr - CONGRATS!!!!!!  so exciting!  have fun at italian tonight, that sounds delicious.


          sjp - your weekend sounds lovely!  way to go on the race, that is awesome!  your "not wanting to run fast" time is almost 30 minutes faster than my half marathon pr haha!  Smile