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    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm planning on another run tonight, probably 4-6 miles.  It just depends on what I have time for.


    NRR:  DF was super sweet and got me flowers early for Valentine's Day.  I had them all set up in the vase for all of 2 minutes before our cat knocked them over last night.  She was quite excited to see them, but now sadly they have to stay on top of the refrigerator.  Today I have a half day with the students, then conferences.  I doubt I'll get too many parents because it'll be the afternoon and people have to work.  After work I'll go for a run, then tonight DF and I are going out for Italian to celebrate Valentine's Day a day early.  The restaurants are too crowded on the actual day around here.


    FR:  Gnocchi Gorgonzola tonight.    Not the healthiest, but its my favorite Italian dish. 

    Have a great day!



      Mia-haha, oh i wasn't going out for mardi gras...i just saw that it was mardi gras on the news and had planned on meeting DBF's friend for happy hour. we didn't end up going though--got stuck at work. do you think TLC has something planned for valentines day?

      seattle-that is very scary about the attack at the running path. be careful. its hard to not do what you want bc of attackers, but can't go through life not living bc someone 'may' be out there. do you have small pepper spray?

      jen-sorry about the emotional eating, sometimes it happens. yikes, that race sounds like a nightmare! you definitely got some bada$$ miles in there lady!

      snowed-do you ever track your intake, even with a notebook? doesn't have to be an app or specific food, just journal what you eat and see where you can improve? just an idea. i know i've had better  luck with a little notebook than an app on my phone.

      MC-ah yes the dog hair from a lab. my parents have a black lab and my sister has a chocolate and its insane. i wish i could run at lunch--esp when its sunny and 40*!

      rtr-aw, that is sweet of DF to surprise you. I think a lot of people try to celebrate the day after or before, valentines day is nuts around here too. its crazy on a regular night, let alone valentines day.  hope conferences go well!

      RR: 10 miles this morning. nothing crazy, been feeling pretty good lately. i don't have any upcoming races though..need to figure that out. everyone hibernates until may!

      NRR: well we didn't make it out last night because I was at work late, DBF got stuck in a meeting and we had to pick up his car from the service place. going to try and meet DBF's friend tonight--he is in town fairly often so not a huge deal. otherwise, nothing going on!

      FR: happy hour which may turn into dinner out, we'll see.

        Morning all.

        rtr: I am giving up starbucks!  accck, that will be brutal for me!


        sjp: have you dug out completely up there?  Planning another marathon for the spring? I"m doing one and already thinking what the heck am I do this again for???


        rr: decided to do my treadmill tonight instead of this morning.  WAsn't sure if the roads would be icy, and I didn't want to be the first car out on them this morning to test it!


        nrr: had a really pretty day of snow yesterday - we don't get that usually so was fun to watch huge flakes fall.  and luckily it never really made a mess on the roads, so all the pretty none of the stress!  I've been slacking on homework this week, need to pick it up.


        fr: burger, fries, and shake yesterday was amazing!!!!  good treat every once in awhile.


        wr: back to my 150...going to start tracking again, not sure why I am stalled out like this so bad...


          RR - Had a great 7 mi run after work yesterday. It was one of those where I was pretty tired from moving at work all afternoon (plus I have a little cough/chest cold) and I didn't feel like going, but it ended up being awesome and accidentally turned into a tempo run. They haven't caught the person who attacked the runner yesterday, but I found someone that was running at my pace and ran with them for most of the run! Today is 4 mi lunch break run and then lifting at the gym w/DBF.

          NRR - Got everything all packed and ready for the move yesterday - it was quite exhausting but it should be fun to get the new office up and going today. Hopefully it won't take them too long to get the internet/server/etc back up and going. Probably just doing homework after the gym.

          FR - Bought some spinach tortillas and have been making grilled chicken caesar wraps w/parmesan cheese for lunch this week... yum!



          Hopefully back in a bit for shouts if our internet is cooperating!




            RR- Guess what? When you eat like crap, you feel like crap and yep, you run like crap. I got 7 miles in yesterday. My speed ended up being on check for me but I was really struggling the entire time just making one foot go in front of the other. It was a tough run simply because my body was "fueled" with ice cream. I'm  hoping to get a run in today around an hour and walk the dog.


            FR- I going to make chicken rice tomato soup for tonight. DBF and I had it at a restaurant the other night was it was really good! All the ingredients were easy to pick out too, so I'm going to give it a shot tonight. I think I'm going to make a new goal of keeping my after work/night snack to 300 calories. I'm not going to worry it that puts me over on calories for the day, just to teach myself that 300 calories is enough, especially if I find healthier things to eat.


            NRR- Nothing great going on here. Plugging through work, dealing with my supervisor the best I can. I always look forward to 4 o'clock. It's when he goes home and then the other mechanic and I stay til 10. So at least I only have to handle him for two hours.


            RTR- Have a great Valentine's Day!


            sjp- I just started tracking my food about 2 weeks ago. I do think it will help me once I get over the initial hump of not eating everything. I'm using MFP. Right now I'm not terribly concerned with the calorie number but more of tracking everything I eat to get a good baseline and see where I can improve. Right now I know its my late night snacking. I did MFP a while ago and quit because I got super discouraged because I was always way over my calorie goal. I think on my non running days my calorie intake is too low. So for a while I'm just focusing on logging and trying to not go over board with night snacking.


            OU- How much weight do you have left to lose? I was wondering if you are getting close and its possibly its just harder to lose those last pounds? You could try mixing things up. I think the body adapts really well, so it could be used to what you are eating and your routine.


            Seattle-  I don't run with music either. Until recently I depended on it. Then I saw my ipod was splitting apart and stopped taking it on my runs. With the rain around there it would get fried on the first run. Now I wouldn't even take music if I could. That's nice that you ended up running with someone yesterday. I like making a caesar salad with or without chicken and putting that in a spinach tortilla.


            Jen- Sorry about the sucky 5k experience. I think its cool that you finished it even if it wasn't a good race. Hopefully your 10k goes better. You've been getting in some really good miles for it.


              Getting all settled into the new office and got my run done for the day...  I just realized that my "new" running shoes already have 400 miles on them, so I will probably have to get new ones soon!  Yay for running lots of miles!


              rtr - oh man, I love gnocchi AND gorgonzola so the combination of those two sounds absolutely amazing.  That is sweet of DBF to get you flowers for V Day!  DBF and I are pretty low key about it, I think we will just end up eating pasta and wine at home.  It's always nice when both people are on the same page re: V day!  Enjoy your run tonight!  They haven't caught the guy/guys yet (there have been a few other assaults in that area recently... yikes) but hopefully they will soon :/


              sjp - I do have pepper spray - I have never carried on that route before because it's usually so crowded and well lit I've never felt like I needed it, but I definitely carried it on my run last night!  I'm sure it is a little quieter in the mornings so I'll be sure to take it then too (and just in general).  It was kind of a good wake up call!  I am glad I have a March half and a May full to look forward to or I'd definitely be in hibernation mode.... running has totally saved me this winter.


              ou - good luck on your TM run tonight - I wouldn't want to test out icy roads either!  We haven't had any snow at all here except a dusting one day, I'm a little bummed about that.  The roads get awful here when it snows but it would be fun to at least have a little bit!  Burger/fries/shake is definitely one of my favorite treat meals...  that and pizza + beer!


              snowden - I know what you mean about bad eating affecting your running...  I've been feeling so strong on my runs lately from just slow and super consistent buildup of mileage that it bums me out if I eat something stupid and have a bad run.  I think your goal of <300 cals after dinner is good - sometimes it helps to just focus on one small piece of the puzzle at a time!  Yeah, I've tried to listen to music while I run but it just sort of throws off my breathing.  Now I just listen to music at work and running is my zone out time!



                RR: Had a nice almost 7 mile run this morning.  We ran on a trail for part of it with big rocks and my ankles kept turning.  They're a little sore now.

                NRR: Saw TLC last night, we went out to a really nice little Italian restaurant.  It was fun.  Then we went back to his place and watched the dog show.  I'm not seeing him on Valentine's day because he has a big project due on Friday, hopefully he'll be able to relax some this weekend.  Met up with a friend for lunch today and now just relaxing.  I haven't slept well the past week. : (  I'm going out to dinner with my DS tomorrow night which will be nice, haven't seen him in about a month I think.

                FR: The soup I made turned out really well - turkey and black bean soup with a tomato base.  Now I have some chicken parm and spaghetti in the fridge, some black beans and rice and the turkey soup.  I should be set for awhile.


                RTR: Glad you have a place to put the flowers where the cat can't get them.  They had Gnocchi Gorgonzola on the menu last night and I was really tempted to get it, but ended up getting Prawns with a red sauce instead.

                sjp: are you still looking at condos? Did I read that your sis is getting married?  When is her wedding?

                Ou: I'm kind of stalled too.  I put on about 7 lbs when I was stressed out at the job and now am working to get it off.  Hoping the extra running will help a little.  WE CAN DO IT!

                Seattle: What happened with the house that DBF's parents were trying to buy?

                Snowden: Funny how that fueling works and WE KNOW IT but still test it.  What really ruined my running was when I was overloading on the fiber and I kept having to stop to go to the bathroom.  THAT was miserable.



                  Mia - they were supposed to hear back from the bank 2 weeks ago whether the bank is accepting their offer or not (it's a short sale) but the bank keeps dragging it out and they still haven't heard anything definite.  Super frustrating...  hopefully they will at least get it after waiting all this time to hear back!  :/  I am definitely getting impatient!  What trail did you run on this morning?  We have so many great places to run around here!  Glad you got to see TLC last night... something about Valentines Day and Italian food just seem to go so well together!