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Finally the Fridays! (Read 9 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I swam 1200 yards last night, which is about the only exercising I've done this week.  I may or may not run three miles after work, and tomorrow DF and I are doing a 12 K trail race.


    NRR:  I am so happy that it is Friday, I am ready for this week to be over.  I got in a car accident on Tuesday and my car has been deemed a total loss.  That sounds really dramatic, but it wasn't actually that bad as far as accidents go.  I'm fine and everyone involved is fine, but my car was such a piece of sh!t to start with, that it apparently didn't take much to cost more to fix than replace, which is how an insurance company decides whether or not a car is a total loss.  So, that means I have to buy a new (well, at least new to me) car and I have no car until that happens.  Boo.  That's about all that has been going on around here.  So, needless to say, I am ready for the weekend.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.


    I'll try to make it back for shouts later today.  Have a great day!



      mia-ouch on the dental work, that is the worst. i hold my stress in my shoulders too, my sports massage therapist couldn't believe how tight they were, 'he was like so for a runner, your legs are not tight, and your shoulders are a 12 on a 1 to 10 scale for tightness--are you stressed!!!?'

      mc-have fun in austin!

      snowed-sorry about the fire drill and being extra tired. i always get grumpy when i'm extra tired.

      rtr-good luck in your trail race, that will be fun! ugh, so sorry about hte car accident. i am glad that you are okay though, its still scary even if it wasn't serious!

      RR: 11 this morning on the treadmill. uneventful. tomorrow dbf and i are going hiking for the first time this year. we are so excited. will fit in 7ish before we leave...yes i run before i hike. its a 'long run'. haha.

      NRR: going away with dbf this weekend. we have a hotel saturday night near where we hike, there are restaurants and a big outlet shopping area so looking forward to that. we could use a little fun after all the drama with his family.

      FR: nothing too exciting. we are out of creamer at the office, so i haven't made coffee yet...i can't do black, i tried and can't deal Smile




        RR - Did a short climbing session last night and am looking forward to going again soon... it is so much fun! Planning on a 3 mi lunch break run today (it's sunny out!), and then the half tomorrow! It's on a flat course that is about half gravel and half paved, so it should be great!

        NRR - Found out that I am taking on another property to do accounting for at work this month, so that's great! I've almost doubled my workload since the fall and I am happy about that. Not sure on weekend plans - probably going to climb with DBF at some point, and I have a Groupon for our favorite pizza place (which happens to be on the water) so we might grab some pizza and beer post-race. It will be nice to spend some more time with him - I feel like this week has just been dragging and we haven't gotten to see each other as much!

        FR - Spaghetti and french bread, perfect pre-race meal!


        I'll try to make it back for shouts this time!


          Good almost afternoon!


          RR- Yesterday I sneaked in a 7 miler which felt great. Today I think I'm going to take the dog out. Poor DBF has been walking her most the time by himself lately because I've been so busy. Then maybe I'll run after work. I'd really like to try running on the wide portion of the trail behind my house with a headlamp.


          FR- Chicken caesar salad last night. ... Then some ice cream.


          WR- I feel like I've lost some weight. But its been very rollercoastery. But my clothes are fitting a bit better lately.


          NRR- I currently have a bunch of shoes in my cart at runningwarehouse.com that I'm in the process of weeding down. I'm looking at a zero drop shoe but with a bit more padding. My feet feel really pounded after my long runs in my VFF's.


          rtr- Sorry about the car wreck! Glad everyone is okay. That's scary though! Maybe you can run some of your stress out on your race and kick ass!


          sjp- Your weekend away sounds so wonderful. Enjoy your hiking!


          seattle- Have a great race! Have you ran it before? Are you going to a certain time or more of a training run?


            Had a nice sunny lunch break run - it was a little weird since there were a bunch of news helicopters circling around at the end and I'm not sure why...  oh well.


            rtr - good luck on the trail race tomorrow, that sounds like a great way to de-stress after the week you've had!  I'm glad you are fine - car accidents are scary and I'm sure it's stressful having to replace your car, but much better than any sort of injury alternative!  Hope everything can get taken care of quickly and smoothly.


            sjp - enjoy the run and hike!  You're the only other person I know that will do that haha... we are crazy twins!  glad you and DBF will have some time away, that sounds lovely!  I used to only ever drink mochas, but now I mostly drink black coffee or Americanos, and I had a mocha the other day and found it way too sweet and syrupy.  it's funny how tastes can change!


            snowden- I haven't done this race before but it looks like a lovely trail/route.  It's pretty flat which is also nice compared to the halfs I've run recently.  I'm mostly doing it as a time trial/training run but I've been so close to a PR my last two halfs that I am really hoping to get one this time!  My current PR is 2:12 so I'd be happy with anything under 2:10... we shall see! Enjoy your run tonight!