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    Morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

    seattle-did you get to spend time with dbf this weekend? are you helping with the renovations at the new house too?

    snowed-great job on your race!!!

    RR: 14.5 (!) on saturday morning, felt pretty good, it was perfect weather--mid 50's and a breeze. I haven't had that good of weather for a long run in months. yesterday i ran an easy 4 and then we went for a 21 mile group ride with a couple big climbs. 8 this morning and elliptical. time for a cutback week.

    NRR: had a good weekend, tons of people watching out a a blues festival/hanging out with friends. then biking, bbq and a nap yesterday. my allergies are killing me though--everything is yellow from the pollen. my eyes can't take it!!!

    FR: had a portobello burger w/spinach and feta on it with sweet potato fries out to dinner saturday night, so tasty.

      I really detest mondays...


      rr: didn't do nada this weekend! It was nice, but my running has really fallen down lately because I've been busy on the weekends, oh well after 2 marathons in a row I needed a long break.  Tonight I'm hoping for 5-6 around town.


      nrr: had a great time in Kansas City.  The concert was amazing - 4 acts and went on for about 5 hours.  Had an hour rain delay (outdoor venue) and we got really wet, but so much fun.  SJP - we had some interesting people watching as well!  Ate some great food and walked around and shopped some.  Also drove with the top down on my car there and back so I have a great tan!


      fr: ate at a place called Kona Grill and had a cocunut shrimp sushi roll, OMG so amazing! had macademia nuts in it, yum!  This week I am going to try to watch my eating and be good.  No desserts until Friday!


        Good morning!


        RR - Ran 6 mi on Saturday morning - the weather was lovely and it wound up being a little faster than I had planned, but that's ok!  Yesterday my mom and I went swimming in the pool on the beach - it was a lovely day and so nice to swim under blue skies and lay in the lounge chairs afterwards.  The saltwater tastes nasty (I am a pretty good swimmer but it's tough to avoid tasting it entirely) but I will put up with it because the pool is so awesome!  Today will be a 3 mi lunch break run and then climbing at the gym w/DBF after work.


        NRR - My weekend was so nice!  It was a perfect mix of productive (did laundry, cleaned out my car, hung some artwork, cooked a bunch of food ahead for the week) and relaxing - finished the books that I had been reading (Unbroken and 50 Shades of Grey) and spent some time in the sunshine.  DBF's parents are already making crazy progress on the house, knocking down walls and pulling out appliances and such.  I think it'll be nice when it's done, and it has a great fenced backyard with a west facing porch, which is really nice.  Looking forward to seeing him again tonight - probably just cooking dinner and snuggling up to sleep early after climbing.


        FR - Yesterday I grilled some chicken breasts, roasted a turkey breast, made turkey pot pie soup, garlic cheddar biscuits, and chicken enchiladas - lots of yummy food options in my freezer now!  Planning to make a garlic roast beef from skinnytaste sometime this week so I'll have that as well.


        Back in a bit for shouts!


          Good morning!


          RR:  I'm planning on running around four miles after work.  I ran on Friday and Saturday, but took yesterday off.


          NRR:  Last week of work with students!  I have to come in next Monday, but then it's summer!  Today is just work, a run, then probably just hang out at home.  The weekend was nice and relaxing.  I hung out with DF, met up with a friend for wine and cards on Saturday night, then went and saw a movie (The East) yesterday.


          FR:  I  really wish it was lunch time already!



          SJP:  Nice job on the long run!  The pollen is awful, I hope it clears up soon!


          OU:  Who did you see at the concert?


          Seattle:  That outside pool sounds glorious!  I'd love to get a nice swim in followed by relaxing in the sun!


          Have a great day!


            Good morning!


            RR: Rest today.


            NRR: Had a great weekend with DH. We had some very nice dinners and just hung out.  The boys had a blast without us too! On Friday I visited with a chiro for some neck and hip pain I've had on my right side. I'm supposed to go back today to look at x-rays, but I'm really considering cancelling. It is $45 per visit (even with my insurance) and I really did not feel even a little bit better after Friday.  If I go back at all, it will be just to see my x-rays. Anyone have any thoughts on some work I can do at home? I know my entire right side is off.


            FR: made seared tuna steaks, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and grilled zucchini and squash for our father's day dinner - it was so good! For dessert DH just grilled some peaches and sprinkled some brown sugar on them - perfect dessert!


            BBL for shouts!


              Oh joy it's Monday!

              RR: Ran with my daughter in Portland on Friday - super hilly.  Saturday didn't do anything except lots of driving, Sunday went for a walk and went for run this morning.  One of my friends gave me a month of cross fit for my birthday.

              NRR: very nice weekend.  Spent Thursday night, Friday and part of Saturday with my daughter in Portland.  We had fun and just did some shopping, sightseeing and then went out on Friday night.  Drove home Saturday and then up to DBF's house.  He made me an awesome dinner - freshly caught salmon, corn and potato salad.  Then he got a salted caramel cake for dessert.  Spent Saturday evening and Sunday with DBF just hanging out, watching TV, listening to music.  I went for a walk and he went for a bike ride.  He got me a bike rack for my car.

              FR: Not great but not horrible either - it was my birthday after all.





                RR- 6 nice and easy miles yesterday. Rest day from running today, but a good walk with the dog soon.


                FR- Nothing exciting here.


                NRR- Slept in today until the dog couldn't take it anymore. And now I am holding my eyes open until my coffee is ready. Work has been fairly busy/hectic and I am ready for my weekend. Hope I get both days off this week,


                sjp- Wow, you're really racking up the mileage again! That must feel so good to get back at it. You're weekend sounds like it was tons of fun!


                OU- I agree that you deserve a running break. You seem really busy with life and you're doing cross fit.


                rtr- any plans over the summer? ... other than your wedding of courseSmile Where is your honey moon going to be?


                Java- That is expensive. But I would say to go back once more, to at least see the x-rays since they were already taken. Don't want to waste that radiation on nothing. Then you can go from there. I feel a lot of chiros make it so you keep coming back, which for some people works. But I also wish they could just adjust and send you on your way.


                  sjp - I did get to spend most of Saturday/Saturday night w/DBF, it was nice!  I am helping as much as I can, aka doing some stuff in the yard and cleaning up after they've knocked walls down and whatnot.  A lot of the stuff I am just not physically strong enough to be a big help with, at least at this point anyways.  way to go with your long run and all the exercise over the weekend!  I wish that I could get more into biking but I just don't really enjoy it!  And I suck at it, haha.  Glad you had a nice weekend despite the allergies... hope they clear up soon!


                  ou - your body definitely deserves a post-marathon break, especially since you're doing crossfit now too.  My legs have been feeling kind of tired lately, I don't want to stop running altogether but I am easing back into it for sure.  Want to make sure I give them proper amount of time to recover all the way this time (instead of, you know, running another marathon a month later... hah).  Glad you had a lovely weekend!


                  rtr - so lucky that you have the summer break to look forward to!  do you have lots of plans to keep you busy?  I love being on vacation but I feel like after a few weeks I start getting restless and wanting some sort of routine or traveling or something to keep me going!