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    Good morning!


    RR:  I had a very nice ten mile run on Saturday!  It was high forties and misty, which made for the perfect running weather.  Today I'm running with a friend, probably 6 miles.


    NRR:  This weekend was very nice.  Saturday we went for brunch, I went for a run, then we went and saw Safe Haven, which was super corny, but enjoyable.  Saturday night a friend came over and we watched some Downton Abbey.  Yesterday I went bridesmaids dress shopping and picked a color, it's a bright purple, and two of my bridesmaids picked out their dresses.  Today I have work, then I need to go grocery shoppinig, then I'll run and hang out with DF tonight.


    FR:  I'm planning on portobello caps and sweet potato fries for dinner.  Yum!


    Have a great day!  I'll try to make it back later for shouts!



      rtr-oh so jealous of a 40* run! that sounds amazing. that is great you got your colors figured out, bright purple will really pop in photos. DBf's sister was in a wedding with those colors recently.

      seattle-way to go on your run this weekend!!!

      RR: 15 miles on saturday, 7 on sunday on the treadmill bc it was snowing. 8 miles + elliptical this morning bc i am on cutback week.

      NRR: well we got another foot of snow yesterday. it is pretty out but man we shoveled a lot when the plow went by and to get our cars out of the driveway. supposed to get another storm wednedsday. we canceled on dbf's parents bc of the storm but they were not okay with it (apprently safety < their birthdays) and said they were disappointed in us and that we could have tried harder. dbf has still not talked to his mom, ugh. they are so ridiculous.

      FR: went to friends house for dinner on saturday night, was really fun. grocery shopped yesterday so i'm set for the week.


        Morning!  Another rainy, windy day here...


        RR - Had a great 15 miler on my favorite hilly trail over the weekend, and a nice 800M swim yesterday afternoon. Today is 4 mi lunch break run and then lifting w/DBF after work. We have decided that we are going to try out a rock climbing gym instead of lifting starting in about a week or so... should be fun!

        NRR - Nice weekend went by too quickly! DBF and I bought a bunch of gear on Saturday including rock climbing shoes, mountaineering boots, ice axe, etc so we will be well prepared for whatever hiking/climbing we want to do this spring/summer/fall! We had a pretty relaxing night just talking and hanging out and drinking whiskey, was fun. I got a ton of homework done yesterday and hoping to get a little more done tonight as well, and I'm sure work will continue to be busy for the next few days too. Whew!

        FR - Turkey meatloaf and mashed potatoes last night, stir fry chicken & veggies w/rice tonight.



        rtr - glad you had a nice long run over the weekend!  I lucked out with the weather on mine too, it was windy and raining every day except Saturday morning!  Awesome on the purple bridesmaid dresses, purple is definitely my favorite color!  Enjoy your sweet potato fries tonight, yum!


        sjp - your cutback week is more than I would dream of doing in a regular week...  so awesome!  Glad you had a fun weekend and got out of going to DBF's parents - I can't believe they were "disappointed" that you didn't want to risk driving in a crazy snowstorm...  WTF??  it makes me angry just reading about them, let alone dealing with them.  Is your DBF really close with them or something?  I'm surprised he hasn't just said "eff it" yet!


          Hi all!


          RR-just a touch over 2 miles. Soooo mad I had to start over, but at least it was almost all running today. Followed it up with 50 body weight squats, 25 push ups,50 jumpin jacks, 25 mountain climbers, and wp V-ups. Debated puking, but kept it in. Throwing the extra cardio in to jumpstart this train wreck.


          NRR- Friday tonight at work. Filming a commercial at my store tomorrow, so everyone will be trippin. Oh, also,since i keep forgetting.to check in, the biggest NRR is my wife is pregnant again. Found out on Valentines/anmiversary.


          FR-uphill battle still, but it's slowly going the right.way.


          WR-Down 2 lbs. Have a bet with my BIL that whoever loses 40 lbs first has to pay for nice dinner. Course, 40 is where he wants to stop, and i'm gping for 100 again


            Hi all,


            RR: Well, I ran around our yard in the snow yesterday several laps with the dogs to shake my brain clear. Just thought I'd check in with you all even though I've really dropped mileage lately. Can't wait to ramp back up again.


            NRR: Closing in on the last few days of thesis work. It's going well and will be soooo incredibly terrific to have it done.


            RTR: Great color choice for bridesmaid dresses! Will be gorgeous in photos. The previews of Safe Haven looked good. Bunch of movies I haven't seen.


            SJP: Wow, your DBF's folks are something. Not even sure what to say. It's good that you have running to help relieve stress!


            Seattle: 15 miles on hills ... terrific! Rock climbing sounds great. I would be horrible at it,but my niece loves it. She is in tremendous shape because of it.


            Rerun: Good going to get started again! I've been slacking the last couple of weeks because of too many other things crushing down, but am looking forward to getting back to it.


              Hello Monday.

              RR:  did stairs on Saturday to start preparing for stairclimb  Sunday my calves and quads were a little sore. Feeling better today. Took Sunday ofbrand not sure what today holds, maybe just a walk to the store the long route.

              NRR: hung out with TLC on Saturday afternoon, night - we went to the home show, worked on a puzzle and went out for dinner and a drink. Sunday we slept in then went out for bagels and coffee and took long drive.  In the afternoon he had stuff to do so I headed home then younger dd texted me and reminded me she had a recital so I headed the hour  and a half to her school. I ended up staying over in the dorm and having a late blast with her today. Driving home was a bit scary sue to lots of snow, wind NAND big trucks going thru the mountains.

              FRR: I feel like I've been eating out toMuch between going to TLC's and then to visit my daughter.


              RTR:  glad your bridesmaid dress shopping was successful. Purple sounds gorgeous.

              sjp:  Sounds like dbf's mom is being ridiculous. She must think very highly of herself.

              Seattle:  the rock climbing sounds fun. Does dbf get a pretty nice discount from REI?

              reru :  congrats on the future addition. Have you told your girls yet.

              MC: will you do anything to celebrate completion of your thesis?