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    Good morning!


    RR:  I think I'm going to take another rest day today.  'll get back into the running tomorrow.  I did end up walking around quite a bit yesterday, which was nice.


    NRR:  Busy day at work today, then not much going on tonight.  I was supposed to run with running club, but I think I'm going to pass today.  So it'll be work, then maybe I'll take some grading to starbucks as the amount of grading I have to do right now is a bit ridiculous, then DF and I are hanging out tonight.


    FR:  Nothing too exciting.



    Seattle:  Nice job on the great race with less than ideal conditions!  A day on the lake sounds like the perfect recovery time!


    Snowden:  I hope you’re having a great trip at home!

      hey everyone- I'm back after my whirlwind trip to my marathon!


      rr: I've got a race report written up, just waiting to stick some pictures in it then I'll post to my blog.  I had a fantastic race day - I really didn't think I was going to have a good race because of my training but I was just flying through the course.  I still had a huge smile on my face and was pumping up the crowd at mile 17, and I really didn't start feeling it till about mile 22 or 23.  I ran a 4:22 (10 min pace), and seeing that I was hoping to hit a 4:30 as a pipe dream, I was ecstatic!  conditions were perfect mid 50s and cloudy, had some showers here and there.  Course and course support was amazing.  Had the best time.  Still not sold on being an all the time marathoner, but maybe one every 18 months or so.  and definitely big destination style races that make running the marathon a big deal/ event.


      nrr: had a good visit with family while I was in Ohio.  Didn't have ideal pre-race conditions where I got to bed early and knew everything that was going on, but I made it work.  I definitely have a new appreciation for the sign "toenails are for sissys"  pretty sure almost everything single one is bruised.  And I definitely underachieved on my last marathon because I was not this level of sore.  Everything aches - getting better now but yesterday was brutal!


      fr: back on the wagon. Now that I'm not training to race I need to head back to my standard food.  Trying to do some more cleanse style of eats right now - small portions and really healthy stuff.

        mc: great job on the half.  I remember chasing that 2:05 - i think I chased it for 3 years before I blew through it.  Such a big barrier for some reason.  You will get there with steady training.  Score on getting some shoes you like on clearance! Enjoy your travels!  I totally hit the massage booth post race, and surprisingly there really wasn't a line at all. they had 6 booths and like a total of 30 people giving massage.


        rtr: congrats on a great time for your 10 miler!  Sometimes when I'm sick I race better because it takes my mind off standard race issues.  good luck with the grading tonight.  good thought on house hunting and taking into account being able to run from home.  It makes a huge difference to be able to fall out the door to run versus having to drive somewhere to feel safe.


        seattle: great job on the race - that temp was brutal! I can't imagine running great in that high of temps and no shade.  My last 3 miles went on forever as well, especially since the rest of my race flew by.  I couldn't believe I was at mile 20 when I got there because I felt so good.  I didn't look at my watch much either during the race (excepts for the stare down the last 3 miles), and I was surprised when these amazing splits would come up.  I went the other way of you, the 4:30 pace group ran off without me at the start and I never figured I would catch them, but at mile 7 I did, ran with them for a few minutes and thought they were running so slow so blew past them.  I kept thinking eventually they would catch up to me but they never did!



          I am back! We moved successfully last week and have a minute to catch up. I was so busy at work that I didn't get here and then was without internet until last night when we got it installed at home.

          rtr-must be tough time of year at school. you feel like it should be almost done, but there aren't any more vacations til summer. hope you get lots of grading done!

          ou-WAY TO GO!!!! i followed on fb and am so proud of you. enjoy the post marathon, even if it hurts a little bit. can't wait to read your RR. recover well.

          seattle-congrats to you too!!! that is some tough weather to deal with, and you totally blew away your pr. awesome awesome job.

          RR: still babying my foot. its feeling better but can tell its not completely healed.

          NRR: we moved! it went smoothly and we didn't have to move stuff at midnight. we are all settled in, couches are being delivered today and then just have to get a dryer from my parents in a couple weeks. and buy a washing machine. otherwise, we had most of the stuff we needed. still busy at work.

          FR: feeling good about this. trying to be conscious and as i've been super busy with stuff, haven't done a lot of nighttime snacking.


            Good morning!


            RR: Yoga tonight


            NRR: Nothing exciting.


            FR: Doing really well in this area for the past few weeks. Hopefully I keep it up!



            B: 1 egg, sliced tomato, grapefruit, coffee w/ skim milk and truvia

            S: quinoa energy bite

            L: smoothie probably

            D: will either have a sandwich and some veggies or pick something up on my way home from yoga



            rtr - hope you get your grading done! When is school out?


            OU - welcome back! You totally killed it at your race! Great job lady.


            sjp - we missed you! Glad you got moved in and that your foot is feeling better. Good idea to baby it for a little while longer - better than starting back too soon and really hurting yourself.


              Question for rtr - I started using MFP today. I put a goal amount of calories at 1200 and it allotted 24 grams of sugar. After just entering my breakfast and snacks, I am almost out of my sugar allottment for the day, although all of my sugar intake was from natural sources like the grapefruit and tomato I had at breakfast.  Do you know of a way I can have MFP differentiate between natural sugars and added sugar? I would like to know what my intake of added sugar is, but I am not at all concerned with natural sugars.


                Good morning!


                RR- another rest day today, maybe some light climbing on Weds and an easy run on Thurs.  Quads are a little more sore today but everything else is feeling better!  Forgot to mention yesterday that I learned net downhill does not mean flat/easy and I should have looked at the elevation map more closely... hah.  Miles 1-13 were pretty much a lot of uphill.  Luckily there was a nice big downhill (and shade!) from mi 14-19, I must have run that section really fast b/c even with the struggling in the last few miles I only ran a 3 min positive split!  Aside from that, I'm thinking of doing the fall half/spring marathon again next year, and probably some speedwork/shorter races/trail races over the summer!


                NRR- Planning on taking a few hours after work today to get some cleaning, laundry, organizing done and getting everything back together, and then planning on taking a bubble bath and drinking some champagne.  Smile  sounds like a nice way to relax!


                FR- probably stir fry chicken & veggies w/roasted potatoes.  I am looking forward to getting more into the lower carb, higher fat/higher protein type diet again now that the marathon is over with.


                I will try to be back in a bit for shouts!


                  Hi all,


                  RR: Nothing today because of work craziness ... unless I hope on the treadmill for a mile or two tonight.


                  NRR: Going to Cleveland Indians baseball game tonight with coworkers, so it's probably not very realistic that I will get on the treadmill tonight. But we'll see!


                  RTR: I'm with you on another rest day. Starbucks will hopefully take the sting out of the pile of grading!


                  OU: Wow, you did so great on your marathon--that is an amazing time! Sounds as if your weather was perfect and the whole experience was good. Especially getting the massage! Yes, I am now on a mission for at least a 2:05 but I'm secretly craving a sub-2:00 on the half. We'll see how training goes this summer. I definitely have some things I need to do differently.


                  SJP: Welcome back! Glad that move went smoothly -- that's a big deal getting all that done. Are you all unpacked and arranged, or is all that yet to come? Kinda fun to buy a new washing machine. Sorry your foot is still on the mend, but it's good that you're taking it easy.


                  Java: Your meal plans are looking really terrific. Have a great yoga session .. I'm bummed that I"ll be away from yoga for many days until I get back home. Will have to do a yoga streak when I get back ... every day for 10 days or something like that.


                  Seattle: I certainly have a thing or two to learn about running downhill. In fact, I need to run more hills in general and actually do some hill drills this summer. I've been contemplating my food choices lately as well ... still trying to find the magical mix of protein and carbs for me. I just naturally drift away from meat when I don't think about it, so I think I'm going to work on having more plant-based protein around. Otherwise, the next thing I know I'm eating all carbs again. Bubble bath with champagne sounds like an excellent plan!


                    I am sleepy already and it's barely even noon...  I hope this afternoon goes by quickly!


                    rtr - enjoy the rest day!  It's hard for me to take them but I'm sure after the months of marathon training, climbing etc my body can use an extra day or two of rest as a nice break!  Good luck getting through all that grading quickly!


                    ou - too funny that not only were we marathon twins, but we both had big PRs and we both had whirlwind trips to Cincinnati a week apart!  I also felt like the first 20 mi or so went by so fast, I told DBF it felt almost more like a 6-7 mi "race".  I actually said "what??" out loud when we hit the first mile marker because it came so quickly, haha!  so glad you had good race conditions and a great PR!  I am already thinking about my next one!  It probably won't be until next spring.  I wish I could do them more often but I have so much other stuff that I enjoy doing (climbing, hiking, backpacking, etc) over the summer that they may be sort of a once or twice a year kinda thing for now!  I felt better reading interviews of the people who won the race saying how much the heat drained them at the end...  I finished a good 2 hours after them so I'm sure it was at least 5-10 degrees warmer when I finished!


                    sjp - welcome back!  glad you guys got moved smoothly and didn't have to do any crazy middle of the night ninja stuff!  How are you liking the new place so far?  Way to go being food conscious despite being so busy... that is definitely when I am the worst about eating healthy.


                    MC - yeah, I think I was pretty well trained for hills so they didn't bother me as much as they probably did some others.  Hill training is just so great for building strength!  I usually try to structure my meals with some sort of veggie, some sort of meat/protein, some healthy fats, and a small amount of carbs on the side.  I just feel a lot better when I'm not eating tons of carbs all the time.  Although, I am thinking maybe some chocolate fudge brownie will go well with the champagne tonight... haha!


                      Hi again!

                      java-oh the mayan riviera sounds amazing. if that isn't motivation for good clean eating/exercising, i don't know what is! you must be so excited.

                      seattle-hope your afternoon goes quickly. you sound like you are recovering really well. enjoy that champagne, you deserve it.

                      MC-We are all unpacked and organized too. even the basement. we really purged and got rid of duplicates as we either packed up or unpacked old boxes. We made several trips to goodwill. enjoy the game tonight!

                      snowed-hope you are enjoying time at home.