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    ou-how many VO2 tests do you have to do?

    mia-Glad you got to see DBF during the week. 12k will be fun, is it trails?

    seattle-ugh, i hate boring days at work. it goes so slowly. swimming pool sounds amazing, is it expensive to use?

    MC-enjoy your vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RR: 10 miles yesterday! back to back days and felt totally normal. 8 this morning and elliptical. we are getting remnants of hurricane andrea in the form of 1-2" of rain tonight and tomorrow so not sure if i'll run outside long or not...

    NRR: was out inspecting bridges yesterday. it was a nice day but it killed my allergies. and my coworker had a tick when we got done. have to be careful about checking since we are in high grass and climbing down steep banks to get under bridge to take photos etc.

    FR: picked up luna bars and trail mix this morning--we are hiking sunday i think


      Happy Friday!

      SJP: Allergies have been really bad here this year.  So much stuff floating around in the air.  It's great you are back up to the 10 mile runs again and you're feeling fine.  The 12K is a big race they have here each year.  It's through a park and has some really big hills but it's not on trails.



      RR: Probably just an easy run this morning.

      NRR: Had a very nice evening with DBF last night.  It's always nice to start the day with him also.

      FR: I have been avoiding having sweets in the house lately and it's really helping.  I've been having cravings on occasion but it's too much of a pain to go out and get something, so I ignore them.



        OU: These were on facebook this morning, thought you might be interested.






          Good morning!


          RR - Ended up not doing anything yesterday, was super tired from Wednesday's adventures with DBF.  I feel all refreshed after going to bed super early!  Running 3 mi over lunch today, and then one of my coworkers is coming with me to the women's climbing class tonight!  She's never climbed before so it should be fun - last time I went everyone else was in groups and I was the only one who went by myself, haha.  Probably going to do another run (maybe 4-5 mi?) over the winter, and check out the swimming pool!


          NRR- Did not really do much at all last night except read, have dinner, and go to bed really early.  Sometimes I just need a day like that every now and then!  Hoping to have a productive weekend - DBF is going back to his hometown to climb that mountain we were thinking of climbing with his buddy.  I just don't feel like I am ready for that intense of a climb at this point, need more practice.  So trying to keep busy with errands, chores, and hopefully some relaxing so that I don't worry about him all weekend.  I'm a bit of a worrier Smile  Not much tonight except the climbing class, it goes from 7-9 so that's a big chunk of the night.


          FR- Brought a sandwich and sopu to eat before the class... better than going out to dinner!  On both my bank account and my belt!


          Back in a bit for shouts!


            Hi all,


            RR: Not today, crazy busy. But planning to run lots on vacation. So I hope to report some decent mileage when I get back.


            SJP: Boo to allergies!


            Mia: Terrific that you had a great night/morning with DBF. I am really trying to limit sugar--it sure makes me feel better if I can do that.


            Seattle: Sounds like a much-needed rest! BTW your lake swim sounded fantastic -- and the whiskey with friends. :-) Have fun running today--I know you're raring to get back into it post-marathon.


            Have a great week, everyone! Will check back in about a week from now.


              RR- I WILL run today! I'm feeling really fluffy and not prepared for my marathon at all. Running was going really great for a few months and I think it still would be if life didn't get in the way. I was just getting back into things from my week in CO when I got sick. I managed to run 3.1 a few days ago. Then I had to work my days off because the "new" airplane came back from the paint shop and needs a lot of work before it heads off to the avionics shop. And I got 4 hours of sleep Wednesday night due to EMT calls.


              FR- To top it off DBF and I had ice cream last night.


              NRR- Well I guess I said every thing in my RR. The mosquitoes are all in full force for the summer and are driving my nuts!


              sjp- What do you do for work?


              Mia- I need to avoid sweet in the house too.


              Seattle- I love just spending an evening reading a book! I haven't been able to do it much for a number on months, just feeling so busy. But when I got sick I got the newest book from Jodi Picoult, an author I really like and read 80% of it. Now I just need to find the few hours to ready the end!


              MC- Have a great trip!


                Woohoo, got my first post marathon run in over lunch and it was definitely easier than the last one.  Maybe the extra day off I gave myself this time helped...


                sjp - the swimming pool is actually pretty comparable to other pools around here, and definitely cheaper than keeping a gym membership just for the pool.  only downside is that it's seasonal (mid-June - Sept)!  yuck on all the crazy rain coming your way, hopefully there won't be any floods or anything too bad.  Boo on the allergies and ticks... neither of those sound fun!


                Mia - great work on avoiding the sweets!  I like waking up with my DBF too, something so comforting about it.  Have fun at Sound to Narrows!  I've never run it before but heard it's a lot of fun.


                MC - have a fantastic time on vacation!!  it sounds so nice and relaxing!


                snowden - eww on the mosquitoes... that sounds really obnoxious!  hopefully you can get back into the swing of running soon - it must be tough with all you have to juggle and not often knowing what your schedule is going to be like, I think you are doing great!  I love reading too - some people watch TV or play video games or whatnot but reading is definitely my downtime.  I love Jodi Picoult too, which one are you reading?