Weight Loss Dailies


Friday, Friday, Fridailies!!!! (Read 10 times)


    Good morning!


    RR:  I'm going to go to the gym after work for a swim, probably 1200 yards.  Also this weekend, I want to hike the hilly loop at the state park near our house, which is around 4.5 miles.


    NRR:  After hurrying home yesterday, the cable guy didn't even show up.  Boo, but at least we got a $20 credit.  I'm super excited for the weekend, just because its the weekend.  We're going to look for some furniture and get some work done around the house.


    FR:  DH remembered to plug in the crock pot yesterday, so we had the chilli, which was delicious as always.  Not sure what we'll do tonight.



    MIA: Shadowing someone for a day sounds like a great learning experience! Plus, I would want to save my days, so I could use all five at the same time. Yes, so many changes, but they are the best!


    Seattle: Good luck with the apartment! Are month-to-month apartments hard to find out there?


    OFS: How old is your DS? Maybe he can go running with you sometime.


    SJP: Hmm, concrete sounds more complex than I imagined. Nice job on the ab ripper!



      mia-race this saturday is a half and its going to be absolutely freezing. i think we are looking at 13*ish around race time. job shadowing seems like it'll be tough to not be 'busy' but is good to see what you'll be doing.

      oldfatslow-yeah, i like to avg about 1.5 hours of cardio per day but i have built my volume VERY slowly and over a few years. i used to run 2-3 miles a day but just really like high mileage running.

      seattle-sorry about the house situation. month to month sounds great. i know you said dbf makes super slow decisions, but does timing work out better to move in now? when does your current lease end?

      rtr-your weekend sounds great. do you guys have a lot of holiday parties to attend? and yes concrete design is pretty involved--specifically when its used for beams/floors/columns and not just a foundation wall.

      RR: 5 easy miles and 45 of elliptical this morning. race tomorrow is going to be frigid, its a half. dbf and i will get in some bad a$$ miles i guess. haha.

      NRR: busy weekend. tongiht is dbf's work party, tomorrow morning race in nh, back for my boss' personal holiday party and then snowstorm on sunday apparently may kill our football plans. followed with our holiday party on monday. fun, but busy.

      FR: need food badly, i am out of almost everything.

        RTR, my DS is 8.  He will run the Dec 5k with us.  He has to, because both DW and I are doing it, plus our sitter who in on the HS XC team.  I've tested DS on a 3 mile run and he was fine, lots of run ahead then walk, then run ahead, but I think he can keep up with my slow pace that way fine.


        SJP, you are light years ahead of me!  30 minutes of cardio is a lot, from my current perspective.


        RR, tonight I will do calisthenics.  Ran past 2 nights.  And will try to run both sat and sun, even though a snow storm is coming.


        FR, DW made pork roast last night.  I ate too much.  Was fine with just my plate, but then DW went out.  I walked into kitchen and the roast was still on the stove, so me and DS started cutting pieces off it and chowing down, until I finally bagged it up and put it in the fridge.  No idea what DW has planned for it for leftovers.  Something good, I'm sure Smile