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    whew, busy weekend.

    RR: half marathon saturday, was 10* out and let me tell you, that was cold. we ran a 1:48 so 8:15ish, we were happy with that considering some parts were really congested/couldn't pass due to the busy road and we started too far back and it was COLD. the course was pretty nice and after we could warm up inside a big country club. they had hot chocolate/soup which was awesome. yesterday we went to the gym and then did abs later in the day. 8 miles + elliptical this morning.

    NRR: party friday night, half marathon saturday morning and then party saturday night. parties were fun this weekend, but busy. we also got 12" of snow overnight into sunday so we shoveled enough to get to the gym. then more shoveling and just relaxed the rest of the day. my company party is tonight, we go bowling.

    FR: doing fairly well with all the parties. i actually think i've gone down about 5lbs, which is good bc my pants were getting tight in the waist. just trying to make good choices.

      SJP, an 8:15 pace for 13 miles seems awesome to me!  I be estatic if I could do an 8:15 pace for 3 miles!


      WR, Lost 3 pounds this week.  Must be that running on snow!


      FR, Cub Scout Christmas party last night, and I did not over eat.  I stayed away from all pastas and breads.  Ate meatballs, which has some bread in them, but tried to stay with the whatever meat they had.  Some BBQ pork, some green beans, broccoli, a small carrot (I don't like carrots).  And that's it.  No soda.  No cookies, no cake, no brownies, none of that stuff that the kids were getting plenty of!


      RR, Didn't run yesterday, but cleared snow, and went out to cut a Christmas tree.  Just a busy day.  Too busy to run?  Too busy for calisthenics?  I don't know.  After my 5k race this coming Saturday the 21st, I'm going to step up my calisthenics, do them on more days, if even on days I slog through the snow in something called a run.


        Good Morning!

        RR: I actually got out and ran/walked with my DD this weekend.  Felt good to get out and move.

        NRR: Had a nice, fairly relaxing weekend.  Went to DBF's on Friday night, not crazy about driving up there after work but once I got there it was fine.  He took me out for dinner for fish and chips.  Saturday we had a lazy morning got coffee and a bagel, then I did some school work, while he did some things around the house.  He took his brother to the bike shop and got him  a mountain bike for his retirement.  I headed to Target and did some Christmas shopping.  Stayed in on Sat night and started to watch some movie that was really bad.  Yesterday picked up DD in Seattle and then just got ready for the work week.  Younger DD came home last night also.

        FR: The fish and chips on Friday upset our stomaches a bit so we'll be avoiding that place from now on.  Too greasy.  We has salmon on Sat. which was good because we made it.  Last night made spaghetti squash with sauce and more veggies.


        SJP: nice job on the half in such cold conditions.  Do you and DBF stick with each other running races?  Have fun at your party.

        OFS: You are doing fantastic with the weight loss.  I bet you are feeling good.  When do you get in your workouts?  After work in the dark or before work?



          Hi all,


          NRR: Starting with this because it's been a bigger part of my life: travel, travel, travel. I think RTR asked: I work for the marketing division of a publishing company, and I travel to support salespeople (write and present proposals), and sometimes meetings/opportunities come up unexpectedly, so I never know exactly what the travel schedule will be. As it turned out, many people wanted to cram revenue into the last month of 2013, so that translated into lots of road trips post-Thanksgiving. Now I have one week of work here in the office, picking up DS from airport this afternoon (home from college for Christmas - yay!), then a couple of weeks off for holidays (I have a bunch of vacation time to use up).


          RR: So the travel kept me out of swimming for two weeks. I have found it easier to run on the road, so I'm back to running when I can, although I've been mainly sticking to 3-milers. Trying to take advantage of the treadmill and do some speed training. I also discovered that one of the old Jillian Michael's 30 Day shred DVDs -- level 3 -- has most of the core/strength exercises I need for my back, and it's only 20 minutes, so I've been doing that.


          FR: Really focused on cutting calories as I came back from T-giving pretty heavy. I've dropped 6 lbs since then. I've tried to cut calories to about 1400 - 1500 but might cut lower to get another 5 lbs off before Christmas. Depends on how much time I'll have for exercise. But so far I'm making steady progress.


          SJP: Your half time is so impressive -- especially in 10-degree weather! Good for you to be so disciplined during the holidays. Do you ever count calories, or just go by feel?


          OFS: Welcome! I have read up on your progress the last couple of weeks: You are making some impressive strides! And an amazing job at resisting the holiday treats. I find it's better to not even go there: Just pretend the cookies/candy aren't there. I have a hard time stopping once I start, so better to ignore all that. CONGRATS on your weight loss!


          RTR: How was the weekend of furniture shopping and general house work? Sounds productive. How was your swim Friday? I'm really trying to get into swimming.


          Seattle: How was the apartment shopping? Sounds like you had a great 10K run last weekend, especially in cold temps.




            Mia: Good to have your DDs home!! I can't wait to pick DS up this afternoon. Home-cooked salmon sounds better to me! Spaghetti squash sounds delicious, too. Sounds like the job is going well: or I guess it's still training at this point. Seems like a good company, and what a great opportunity to be in on the new expansion!

              Mia, my routine is something vaguely like this:

              Mon soccer game at night

              Tues rest

              Wed run 3 mi in dark after dinner

              Thur calisthenics after dinner

              Fri either calisthenics or run in dark (but not both), after dinner

              Sat long run in daylight (ha, like about 4 or 5 miles)

              Sun run 3 mi (if not doing something else, such as yesterday being busy)


              After my 5k race on the 21st, I'd like to increase to something such as this (if I can):

              Mon soccer game at night

              Tues rest

              Wed calisthenics in morning, and run 3 mi in dark after dinner

              Thur calisthenics in morning, and run 3 mi in dark after dinner

              Fri calisthenics in morning, and run 3 mi, in dark after dinner

              Sat long run in daylight, 5 miles

              Sun run in daylight 3 mi


              Might be dreaming.

                MC, with regard to food, I can't stop once I start.


                For me, personally, I can't have 1 soda.  I can't have 1 cookie.  I can't have 1 potato chip.  Best for me is to avoid or ignore those foods completely.  I haven't had a soda (even not a diet soda, especially not a diet soda!), haven't had one in 6 months.  I really am afraid if I had one, the addiction would be back.  Just one taste of that cold fizzy, sweet, refreshing nectar of the devil.  Just one shot of that caffiene high, that explosive sharp focused brain power.  Just one, it won't hurt.  Just to clear your mind and focus on this task at work.  Just as an after dinner treat.  Just to socialize with friends.  Just one drink of soda.  You know you want to.  No, I can't.


                That means at so many social gatherings I have to just say no to those treats.  Sorry, no offense to the host.  I know they look great and smell great and probably taste great, but no thank you.  Strange how that almost seems to offend people.  Giving out food to guests is just such a huge part of our culture. People seem happier when you eat what they provide, comment on how good it was, and even ask for more!


                For me, I have to eat foods that won't destroy me and become addictive.  My choices are water, lean meats, veggies (minus corn, potatoes, rice, and beans), and whole fruits.  Occasional nuts are ok, but need to be unsalted or they become addicting.  Ok to cook all those whole foods in a way that is tasty, add spice or put in a sauce, fine.  But only those basic kinds of foods, or else there is a strong danger of me over eating and putting the weight back on.  Have to limit my milk to 1 glass, drank in the morning.  Cheese to 1 slice at lunch.  Bread to 1 sandwich roll at lunch.  See how I have to careful about even milk, cheese, and bread?  No soda, chips, or candy at all!


                I know, this is my problem.  This is how I'm trying to deal with it.  Other have different strategies.  Thanks for listening.


                Running is great because it is instead all about being positive.  Doing more, being better, doing as much as you can!  Going as far as your body will take you!  The perfect counterpart to a diet Smile